Prince Takatsuki Arc 5

Arc 5!!! Part 1. It's like, my fav arc in this story XD Mainly because of... eh, that'll sorta spoil it. 😀 It's the cutest, sweetest arc imo XD Well, except for Arc 6 and 7? But those are, like, cute and sweet mixed with wtf-ness XD Also, I couldn't really decide on which pov... Continue Reading →


Prince Takatsuki Arc 4 part 3

So I drank coffee. Like, uh, a few more than I usually would? Uhh. Hehe. Yeah basically my head hurts because I sorta overdosed on caffeine. :v I think I'll go get some chamomile tea next time I do these late-nights (I only translate at night, day time is for sleeping, hehe). I'm not supposed... Continue Reading →

Prince Takatsuki Arc4 Part 2

Wanna sleep... I thought it's midnight, so I can have my 12 hours+ sleep XD And I look at the clock; 4:06 AM. Like. How. QAQ. Again, more warnings of mentions of rape, bestiality, and incest. -__-" These people I swear... Enjoy~ Btw have anyone noticed? I schedule the new chapters around Thursday, Friday, and... Continue Reading →

Prince Takatsuki Arc4 part1

Imma split this arc into 3 parts /w\ First part will have 4 chapters, the second and third will have 5. I'm sorta losing my interest in college tbh :v I mean like I'm still gonna continue, just that I'm starting to think that it's boring. Did I choose an easy major? I think so,... Continue Reading →

Prince Takatsuki Arc3 part 2

So the rest of the arc is here! Which means around 5 chapters for you guys 😉 I'm hoping I could do, like 3-5 chapters per update, since each chapter is rather consistent in terms of length (more or less) for this story, but a peek into chapter 4 made me go, "Bye world." It's... Continue Reading →

Prince Takatsuki Arc 1&2

Hey hey, so since Arc 1 is like, 2 chapters long and Arc 2 is, like, 5 chapters long, I'll be putting this up together. :3 If the Next button is red and has a hyperlink attached to it, then go ahead and click on it. Hehe. Enjoy~ Gateway to Arc 2 By the way,... Continue Reading →

Takatsuki-Ouji Prologue

Omg \(>w<)/ chapter 1! Prologue part one! Omg! I did it! I swear it seemed shorter back when I was translating this... OwO; huehehe... Also, something to note, I'm posting the whole prologue arc? But the link below goes to the first out of three parts of the prologue so :3:3:3 ehehehe Enjoy! Note: I'll... Continue Reading →

[Progress] Prince Takatsuki

Hello~ so I was just messing around and got up to Arc 3 owo; On translations. This story isn't suited for many people (mainly because it's yaoi lel, and also one or two chapters somewhere in the middle :3) and I've skimmed it via MTL. So trust me hauhau. I'm starting fresh from ch 0.1... Continue Reading →

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