Prince Takatsuki Arc 1&2

Hey hey, so since Arc 1 is like, 2 chapters long and Arc 2 is, like, 5 chapters long, I'll be putting this up together. :3 If the Next button is red and has a hyperlink attached to it, then go ahead and click on it. Hehe. Enjoy~ Gateway to Arc 2 By the way,... Continue Reading →


Takatsuki-Ouji Prologue

Omg \(>w<)/ chapter 1! Prologue part one! Omg! I did it! I swear it seemed shorter back when I was translating this... OwO; huehehe... Also, something to note, I'm posting the whole prologue arc? But the link below goes to the first out of three parts of the prologue so :3:3:3 ehehehe Enjoy! Note: I'll... Continue Reading →

[Progress] Prince Takatsuki

Hello~ so I was just messing around and got up to Arc 3 owo; On translations. This story isn't suited for many people (mainly because it's yaoi lel, and also one or two chapters somewhere in the middle :3) and I've skimmed it via MTL. So trust me hauhau. I'm starting fresh from ch 0.1... Continue Reading →


Whoa. It has been so long since I've last seen this site. Like. Whoa. It's been years omg XD so I'll just make this announcement short and straight to the point. I'll be trying my hands on translating stuff, yeay. Mainly BL tho (ofc what else am I gonna--) ehm, anyways, for now I'll be... Continue Reading →

Confusion (part 3)

This is gonna be the last part, hope you enjoy it... ^w^ ---- This is why they hate wars. Wearing heavy armor, saying that, "This is the lightest," or, "This is the best in stock," or even, "This is for your safety" is not their thing. Clayne sighed as he heard his dad assign their... Continue Reading →

Confusion (part 2)

Ehm... Let's continue... ---- I've been coming in on nights when my parents invited my relatives over. At first, I only went there occasionally, but when I knew who he really was-other than a cutie on top of being a prince-I had this weird kind of feeling in my heart. Maybe it had always been... Continue Reading →

Confusion (part 1)

I had known since a few nights ago, that when I sleep, someone will come, and stand near the window, watching me. I'm a prince, so I thought, 'Is he an assassin?' After a few hours of waiting, he'd go over the window and disappear. That continued on for months, until my dad, the King,... Continue Reading →

I Want You (supposedly) chapter 8

Hello people. I didn't want to change the rating in from T+ to M just because of this chapter, so I'm just gonna publish it here! Yay, happy me. Anyways, enjoy! If you're curious about the story, you can just search it in and type I Want You by Scaranpannoir! ^o^ Arigatou! ----... Continue Reading →

Hatsu’s Little Brother

The history of the World War 1 lost it's documents in the World War 2. Although not all of them were lost, but most of them didn't survive. Some points that you need to take note of about these are the facts that it all started with theĀ assassinationĀ of Franz Ferdidand and his wife, Sophie. But... Continue Reading →

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