[Review] Land of Stories: An Author’s Odyssey

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I AM BACK and here’s a Land of Stories review!! (Have I made one before? I have no recollection of it, if I have.)

Land of Stories is a series made by Chris Colfer, if you don’t know yet. I’ve been pretty much hooked since the first book came out! I mean, having to interact with some of your favorite childhood fairytale characters is a concept that I’ve always imagined myself in, whenever I feel sad or lonely.

Reading about it from another person’s imagination is sorta interesting, y’know? It’s like, an AU of our own AU! ^v^ (I feel like I’ve been reading far too much fanfics right now, ugh…)

But really, I think it’s cool. There’s also the relationship buildings and plot twists… I nearly cried reading one of the books, at some point… Who would’ve thought? It’s not only adventure and action and romance and comedy. It’s everything and somewhere in between the mix of everything… if that makes sense… XD

An Author’s Odyssey is one of the most thrilling books I’ve ever read, especially when I include the after-effects!… Which was me imagining myself in my own stories… which was horrifying.

Exciting, sure, but visiting a world where those with power are crazy, and the sanest ones are the weakest ones? Yeah, I’d like to stay insane, if that’s so…

But that’s beside the point. I like this series because it… how should I word it? It’s like… exploring your own imagination through other’s stories. Not that it’s the first time I’ve experienced it, but it’s the first time that I stayed with my own thoughts separated from the story’s story plot, so that’s an improvement, right?

Argh, I’m rambling again… Sorry for the vague review, but I think I left my brain somewhere in my bedroom.

See ya~!


Confusion (part 3)

This is gonna be the last part, hope you enjoy it… ^w^


This is why they hate wars. Wearing heavy armor, saying that, “This is the lightest,” or, “This is the best in stock,” or even, “This is for your safety” is not their thing. Clayne sighed as he heard his dad assign their positions.

“… Peter, you take the defence over section 14 and 15, Harold, you take offensive right here over…”

As for him, he got the front lines. Mostly because he’s the fittest of them all. He got out, straddled his horse, and rode off somewhere.

Luke spared his time to meet him, as promised on the day Harry declared war. “Sorry, for getting you into this kind of trouble…” Clayne said, just as he got off of his horse. “It’s fine… More importantly, I came here to say I’m sorry…”

“Huh? Why? Shouldn’t I be the one who’s sorry?”

“No, the war declaration is all my fault.”

“But you saved me, right?” Luke looked shocked when he said that. “No, I was… I… I just didnt want to see you hurt, that’s all…”

“So? You still saved me. You not wanting to see me hurt just…” he blushed a little, “…proves your feelings for me… Right?”

Luke smiled and hugged him. “But, what do you mean ‘proves your feelings for me’…?”

“Well, I-” A bell rang in the distance, cutting Clayne off of his words. “Sorry, I have to go…”

“Don’t die, okay?”

“I won’t, because you’ll protect me again, right?” he smiled and went away. Luke was still a little bit bothered by his cut words. What did he wanna say…?


Everything was silent. The two armies faced each other reluctantly. They’d had such good relationship, no one really wanted a war. The only one who was fired up about the war was the king, and nobody defies the king.


Everyone moved forward, but only a few started swinging their swords. Clayne deflected an attack and charged in some more. He has to stop everyone from fighting. His dad said somethings, probably to flare up their spirit.

It did.

The battle suddenly became intense, and Clayne grit his teeth to hold back his cries of pain, because swords here and there hit his armor, making him fairly dizzy.

Without anyone’s notice, night fell. The fight proceeded to the castle, with Clayne’s troop losing. His dad ordered him to go to the throne room.

Being in such a chaos, something he’s not used to, he obeyed without a second thought.

The room was empty, he realized. The place looked dim and eerie at night, and he hated that.

Someone, from the other’s troop, walked in. They both stared at each other in silence, before the armor clad knight ran towards him, sword in hand. Clayne tried to pry his sword from his hand with his sword.

An intense sword fight started. Clayne deflected and swung his sword from above, getting another miss and he turned again to his side to defend himself from an impending attack… And so on.

Until another soldier suddenly came and caught him off guard, tearing his helmet off of his head. Just as the newcomer was about to slash his head off, the other deflected it. Clayne was so shocked that he froze in place.

Everything went by so fast, when he realized it, the newcomer was at the tip of the others’ sword. “I win,” he said in an extremely familiar voice.

“L-Luke??!” Clayne shouted in surprise. Luke smiled behind his helmet, and he opened the newcomers’ helmet. “D-dad…?!”

He had a sour expression as his hands were tied with chains by Luke. “Hi Clayne…”

“Wh… What are you doing here?! And why did you attack me?!”

“I didn’t attack you, you did…” Clayne blushed as the truth settled in. “You told me that I’ll protect you, so I did.”

“So if I didn’t say that you’ll protect me, you wouldn’t do it?”

“I’d do it whether or not you told me to,” he smiled and cupped his face in his armor-clad hands, and kissed him. “Ngh…” Clayne moaned as Luke slipped his tongue in, stroking every nook and cranny he had inside his warm mouth.

They broke their kiss for air and smiled to each other.


“… By the way, Clayne,” Luke started when everything had calmed down between the two kingdoms, “What was it that you wanted to say back then?”

“Which one?”

“You know, that time before the war started…”

“Oh…” Clayne averted his eyes from him. “Well, I… At first, I was skeptical for your feelings when you said you loved me before the r-r-r… Rape… But then, I guess I kinda started having this weird feeling that you were the one who came into my room every night and… Maybe you were… And when I heard that your parents didn’t let their children go visit the neighboring countries, and the mysterious guy disappeared as well… I became suspicious…

“And when you kept your promise one year later, I realized that you were true to your words, and then I knew people who kept their promises always stay true to their words, in addition that you’re a prince, I realized that you said the truth…”

Luke hugged him tight with a satisfied smile. “I love you.” Clayne returned the hug willingly.


Thanks for reading! Don’t kill me for no-smut in this chapter =¤=

Confusion (part 2)

Ehm… Let’s continue…


I’ve been coming in on nights when my parents invited my relatives over. At first, I only went there occasionally, but when I knew who he really was-other than a cutie on top of being a prince-I had this weird kind of feeling in my heart.

Maybe it had always been there, all this time, but I had just realized it now. A feeling I never noticed. That intimate night made me wanna come back to his place, again, and again, but after finding out about it, my parents decided to keep a keen watch over that house, specifically Clayne.

I’ve always made clear of what I wanted, but it almost never got any approval, this one was no exception. A year of torturous waiting passed, until King Harry, Clayne’s -ugh- dad invited us for another one of his boring parties.

I came, but didn’t really care for the party, though, I only wanted a chance to see the cute form who’d been in my dreams for one whole year; Clayne.

He was there, and he almost didn’t change at all. Well, he did mention about still being underage, so maybe his growth sprouts hadn’t kicked in yet.

Suddenly, some people came up to me and talked. I made my already-perfected smile and said some stuff to them, and we carried on. I looked back to where Clayne was, but he wasn’t there.

The music changed, and some women asked me for a dance. I declined and went to search for him.

I found him with his dad. Clayne was just standing there, uncomfortable, and his dad laughing while boasting about something no one would even care about, had he not been the king.

I watched for a while, and saw the two go into a door, I followed. It led to a very long, and very well-lit hallway. Doors on each side of the hallway were closed shut, except for one.

I saw the two of them enter, and I sneaked in. For a moment, I was stunned. The beautiful body which I once cherished, was now full of scars and burns. In the room were two other women.

I couldn’t care less about them though, all I saw was Clayne. Scarred, hurt, tortured. I could tell from the look in his eyes that he was scared, but he put on a facade as if something like that would never change him.

The sound of whip and blood trailing down across his chest and stomach made me snap back to reality. Another followed, making a bruise on his arm.

The women laughed, pleased by the show of torture, while king Harry spat out hurtful words, like “You’re the reason she died,” and “You’re a bitch yourself”.

Rage filled my entire body, heart, and soul, and I lunged at the king, taking away his whip, and whipped him across his face, making that fat face bleed.

The women gasped and paled. It only needed a deadly glance, and they were sent flying, running for their lives as if they had seen the worst kind of demon. But doing this to Clayne, and actually LAUGHING about it… Doesn’t that make them the real demons?

“What the fuck did you just DO?!” Harry (he’s not considered king by me anymore) lunged at me and tried to take his whip back, resulting in me hitting him a bit too hard on the back of his neck, making him faint.

I ran to Clayne’s side. I lifted his head and he looked at me in horror. “Wh-what do you think…”

“Shh… You’re safe with me, now, Clayne… I’ll protect you…” His tears stream down his face and he leaned into my touch. I kisses him, and lifted him up.

His clothes were no where in sight, so I brought him to where he led me to. Turn right, then left, then go straight, then the 7th door to the right.

There was a maid, preparing a warm bath, complete with flower petals and stuff. She was surprised when she saw me carrying Clayne in my hands, covered only by my outer suit. She bowed and quickly went away.

I washed him first, to avoid infection to his wounds, and then applied some ointments before bandaging him and putting his clothes on.

I then put him to bed and I laid next to him, an arm over him protectively. He smiled and closed his eyes. “You really came back…” he said with a sigh.

“I would never take back my words, let alone a promise,” I said before asking in annoyance, “Why were you treated like that?”

He was silent for a good while. “My mom died,” he said without expression. “And dad blames me for it, not that I really care..” he added.

“Then, why was he torturing you?”

“No,” he shook his head. “He was auctioning me, he had always wanted to,” his voice cracked and he broke into tears again. I stroked his hair and hugged him.

I shushed him just so that he could calm down. He fell asleep after a while. I couldn’t leave him here, he’d get tortured again… But if I take him home, no matter where it is, I’d be accused for kidnapping him…

Just then, the door opened, revealing a very angry Harry. He was literally fuming. I got up and shielded the sleeping form of Clayne. “HOW DARE YOU HIT ME..!!!! THIS IS WAAAAAAAR!” he declared and stomped out of the room.

Uh-oh… Did he just… Declared war..? I braced myself when I got back home.


So, what do you think? I know, I know, I just wanna try putting in some teensy bit of war, so yeah…

Confusion (part 1)

I had known since a few nights ago, that when I sleep, someone will come, and stand near the window, watching me. I’m a prince, so I thought, ‘Is he an assassin?’ After a few hours of waiting, he’d go over the window and disappear.

That continued on for months, until my dad, the King, hosted a party, celebrating his fourty-something birthday. I didn’t get to see me dad much, because I was almost never in the castle. My mother isn’t a queen, though.

Sure, she works for the king, as a pleasure plaything. That’s how she got me. But as an unofficial prince, I still got education, fit for a prince. That includes knightly stuff and academics too.

I didn’t exactly suffer, but seeing my dad for the first time up close somehow disgusted me. Every woman he called over to talk with, his hand would be touching her everywhere. It would be better if he were a handsome, young and princely guy.

In my eyes, he’s just a fat old man who’s actually a perv, making me wonder wether or not the king election beteween princes were fair. Not just that, the words he used, the kind of gaze he used, the kind of voice tone he used to converse with my siblings were nothing but disgusting.

Especially to me. “So, you’re my son from that bitch, huh?” he said in a mocking tone and with a mocking smile. If it weren’t for the prince who quickly caught me from behind, I might’ve just punched him right in the face.

“Excuse me, your Highness,” the prince said. “Yes, yes-excuse YOU.” I winced at his tone. “May I have a word with him?”

“Yeah- do whatever,” he said and left me and him. “Umm, thanks….” I said, looking at him in the eyes. “Yeah, good, I’m Luke, prince Luke of Oaks kingdom.”


“No need to introduce yourself. I’ve had enough of names of princes of this country… You’d be… Either Perseus, Gothams, Harry, or even Gary.”

I looked at him with a questioning gaze. “I’m Clayne.” The prince’s eyes widened, and it caught the light in his eyes. It was surprising, seeing a prince with heterochromia eyes.

One was orange-ish, the other was hazel. No wonder I didn’t notice them before. “That’s absurd! According to traditions, princes should have a naming sequence!” I only laughed.

“I’m not an official prince, though. Does that count?” His expression relaxed and he only said, “Is that so?”

Most guests in the party would be surprised, and then back away, as if I were something they shouldn’t even get close to. I was surprised when he only said that.

“Hey, if you’re an unofficial prince, where do you live?”

“I don’t really wanna tell you where, but I can show you.” He gave me a smile that I couldn’t decipher its meaning. “Hey, how about when you wanna go home? Just tell me when you want to.”

“O-okay??” I didn’t really understand why he’d want to see my house so much… Then, I had that weird feeling. It reminded me of my night-time room visitor.

What would he say about him? I wondered for a second. “Would you like some drinks?” a waiter offered, breaking the silence. “Yes, thank you,” Luke said without hesitation. He motioned me to take one too, so I did.

The drink tasted weird, and I reflexively spat it out. “What’s wrong?” Luke asked and I just stared at him as he drank it all in one gulp. “… Nothing…”

Eyeing him suspiciously, I carefully drank the mysterious drink and everything suddeny started spinning. “Wait… Don’t tell me that you’ve never drank wine before?”

“W-wine?!” I asked. I never lived in luxury, and I’m still underage, so why should I have wine? I thought to myself. I wobbled to him and he caught me almost falling.

“And I take it that you’re a light drinker,” he said, smirking. I frowned, but let it slide. He chuckled at my reaction. “Want me to take you home?”

I nodded and he led me outside. I felt a weird tickle when he touched my waist, to help me stand. He wrapped his hand around my waist and his other hand held my arm around his shoulders.

I directed him to where I live, and he followed. When we got there, he carried me to my room. Carried as in a princess carry. I didn’t feel offended by his gesture, I rather felt the need to be carried, because my house was such a mess.

He put me onto my bed and hovered over me, both of his hands on either side of me. “Do you know what kind of face you have right now?”

I shook my head, feeling light headed and fuzzy. He trailed a finged along my jaw, which made me shudder. “I’ll give you a hint: it turns me on a hell lot,” he said and trailed his fingers along my neck.

“Nnh…” I tried to keep back the ticklish feeling, but instead of stopping, he continued touching my neck, until I shuddered again. It felt really ticklish.

“Here’s your sensitive spot, huh?” he said and leaned down, our faces were so close, if he moved even a little bit, we would be kissing. I felt cold air on my chest, and a warm hand that trailed over it ever so lightly.

My eyes widened up. “Wh-what’re you doing…?”

“Hmm… I guess I’m just gonna take you… If you know what I mean,” he said and nibbled on my lower lip. I couldn’t move. I didn’t exactly get what he meant, but I got the gist of it.

He massaged my chest and the place he touched burned. I thought that it was because of the wine that with every touch, my head spun even more.

He licked my nipples and his hands explored me. It surprised me when he reached my butt. I didn’t notice that he’d taken my pants off. His fingers poked my entrance, probing it, and eventually, got in.

It was a very weird sensation, getting something into my butt. I wanted to say something, but the spinning in my head made it really hard to conjure up the right words. His tongue lapped my neck, the sensitive part.

I gasped, and he took the chance to claim my mouth, exploring it with his tongue. His finger rubbed some part inside me that made me feel weak and each time that happened, I’d make some weird noises.

I moved my hand to take my erection and let it find release, but Luke quicky took my hands and pinned it above me. Some thing hard poked my erection, but I couldn’t look down to look.

He smirked at my reaction when he scissored me. My hands clawed at the bed sheets, pulling them. He said something, but I couldn’t make out what he said.

He closed his eyes and then whispered, “I’m sorry,” and something poked at my entrance. It went in slowly, as if giving me the chance to get used to it.

I felt like I was about to rip, and he put my hands around him, making me claw at him while hugging him. He then stopped. He stopped to caress my cheek, and kissed me lightly on my forehead.

I breathed heavily, feeling the heat inside me. “You really don’t look like a noble, like this…” he gave away a soft chuckle. “Be-because… I techni… cally am… Not…” I said, between pants.

“Mmhm…” he hummed in agreement as he slowly pulled out of me, and pushed it back in. My eyes rolled to the back of my head as he quickened the pace.

His free hand teased my tip and it sent electrifying pleasurable jolts throughout my body. I came in his touch and he thrusted into me so suddenly.

I realized later that he had come into me. I laid helplessly under him, giving him the chance to kiss my lips tenderly.

“I’ll be back,” he whispered, covering me in my blanket and went out of the room.


My mom came in to wake me up, like always. Everything felt like a dream. Or maybe it was..? I got up and she left. My legs wobbled and I fell on my second step. Sure, I was dressed properly, like I always did, slept in the way I usually did…

But my weak legs and the unnoticable pain in my rear hole made it obvious that it wasn’t a dream. I snapped into realization.

Someone- a prince, Luke- had just taken away my virginity. I blushed and paled at the realization which was both exciting, yet scary. Everything swirled and I sat up, a palm on my forehead.

I guess he cleaned up for me, seeing that not even my mom suspected. I got up again, ignoring the pain up my spine.

The nights after, I slept like a log, despite having the thought of my first time being a rape floating in my head all the time when I’m awake.

I didn’t really thought about Luke’s parting words, “I’ll be back…”


Huooo hi peeps. I’m making this 3-part short yaoi story because I feel like it. I’m in San Diego btw, and this is such a weird feeling because I slept like a log for more than 12 hours lol that was so bad.

I am just having a jet lag right now, and I’m, like, 1 day younger than my friends lol. Anyways, the second part of this story should be coming up soon. Hopefully, this is just gonna be a 3-part one-shot…

See ya soon(?).

I Want You (supposedly) chapter 8

Hello people. I didn’t want to change the rating in fanfiction.net from T+ to M just because of this chapter, so I’m just gonna publish it here! Yay, happy me. Anyways, enjoy! If you’re curious about the story, you can just search it in fanfiction.net and type I Want You by Scaranpannoir! ^o^ Arigatou!


“… Why does this coffee taste… weird..?” I asked. It did smell fishy… Tepes only hummed as she looked through a clothing catalogue and Yuu only picked on his bacon absent-mindedly. “Has your taste buds gone all bad?” Felid asked with a smug smirk on his face.

I glared at him. “No…” I said slowly, and eyed on him. He looked cheerful, for someone who had never been a morning person. “… But it kinda taste like… blood?” Yuu suddenly got up and said, “I’m late! I should get going now, bye!” and rushed out of the house.

It wasn’t even 8 yet, and his lectures start in 4 hours, plenty of time to waste before going to college. “Hey, Mika…” Tepes eyed me from behind the catalogue, “Ever since the two of you started dating, hasn’t Yuichiro become… more distant?”

I thought about it. “Not really… well, maybe…”

“Have the two of you done ‘it’ yet?”

“E-eehh…” I felt my face go red. I tried to gather my composure before muttering a no. It wasn’t my fault that he wants it so bad but the situation’s not yet… ready… “Are you holding back?”

“N-no…” Not that I’m holding back though… I do wanna do it, but I still haven’t got the basics right yet… “Are you thinking that Yuichiro isn’t ready?”

“No!” Yuu has been teasing me about it every single night and I could tell that he was ready, even before we even started sleeping in the same bed. But the one with problems is me. Yes, me. I wasn’t ready. I was scared, which was very rare, since I usually have the solution to everything and know how to finish everything, but for me to be doing this and that with Yuu… My heart and mind aren’t ready yet.

“You should do it soon, before you actually lose his love and all that.” Felid said airily and grabbed himself a coffee. “You’re such a coward, Mika…” I whipped my head to find the source of that voice just now. It can’t be him… Right?

“… I’m gonna go catch up to Yuu-chan now…” I said, still trying to find the Asuramaru-like voice, and got up.

I found Yuu in the park, later that noon. I planned on calling out to him, but he was with Glen… whose arm was around my Yuu. “Oi.” The two of them turned to me. “Yo, Mika!”

“Don’t ‘Yo, Mika!’ me! Get your filthy hand off of my Yuu-chan!” I said and pulled Yuu into my arms. “Besides, you’re taken. If you take Yuu-chan, then I’ll take your Mahiru and el—“

“What are you saying, Mika? Don’t you know how dark our relationship is..?” His sudden change of tone had this weird and dark implication behind it, and it made me shiver. “It’s not like you to threaten people, Mika…” Yuu suddenly said and wriggled free from my embrace. He hung his head until he reached an angle where I wouldn’t be able to see his expression at all.

He quickly went back inside the building and I stood there dumb founded. “Well, I saw that you both hasn’t done it yet, despite all that waiting Yuu-kun had to endure…” Glen muttered and walked away, as if nothing really happened.

I scratched my head in both confusion and frustration. And I didn’t even know why. The day dragged on as Yuu kept on avoiding me.

“Lookin’ gloomy, Mika…” Tepes said, smirking whilst brewing tea for me. “Of course I would be. Yuu-chan kept on avoiding me the whole day, and now I’m kinda… sad…”

“Ohhoooo this is really turning into a gay story.”

“Shut up, it already is since Yuu-chan and I started dating anyway…”

“Hmm…” she said, as if there was something that I didn’t catch on. I furrowed my eyebrows, but she only put my tea in front of me. I drank it and stuffed my mouth with cookies. It was futile anyways, seeing how I’m still a half-vampire. I wouldn’t get full unless it was Yuu who made the tea and the cookies.

Suddenly, I had this weird feeling that something was wrong. The first thing I noticed was the fact that Tepes was looking at me expectantly as I drank my tea. “… What?”

“Ehheee….” She said, which made me even more suspicious. “What did you do…?”

“I’m just giving you a lil push, Mika. Don’t be so angry…” What ‘lil push’ did she mean? I felt a little bit uncomfortable, so I stood up and excused myself to my room. Yuu was sitting on the sofa, in front of the TV while reading a manga. I peeked over to see that he was reading a yaoi manga.

“Hey,” I said and he jumped right out of the sofa, literally. “M-M-Mika! Don’t scare me like that!”

“Sorry,” I shrugged, not exactly feeling sorry for what I’ve done. “W-well, if you wanna go take a bath, you can go ahead. I already bathed.”

I nodded. I took my time in the bathroom, not really knowing why. When I got out, I realized that I’d been bathing for almost 3 hours. No wonder I kinda felt light headed… Yuu was already in his PJs and Tepes was there.

“What’re you doing here?”

“Oh!” she said and suddenly cuffed my hands to the bed. “Whaa…?”

“Tonight’s a very special night for vampires,” she whispered and winked. I didn’t get it at all. “Well, this is for precautions, anyway, so that you wouldn’t hurt Yuichiro in your sleep…” I nodded. I don’t ever wanna hurt Yuu, even in my dreams. Even if it was extremely necessary.

As always, we laid in the bed together and talked a little bit before finally drifting off to sleep.


My head felt dizzy for no reason. I woke up to find myself having a hard time breathing. My vision was blurry, and I vaguely saw Yuu, his head on my chest. I felt like reaching out to him and touch him all over, even if my mind said no.

The handcuffs helped. Although, it did make a lot of noises and it made Yuu wake up. No, he has been awake since before I woke up, I realized. I knew because he was grinning like scary. “Mika…” he said and kissed my lips tenderly.

It somehow felt so good that I forced my tongue into his mouth and explored it. Yuu made weird noises, in which made me feel dizzier. Yuu pulled away, and I tried to capture his lips again, but the handcuffs prevented that from happening. Yuu opened my shirt, unbuttoning them one by one.

As the cold air touched my body, Yuu continued his hands down, to my lower abdomen, and eventually I felt him unzip my pants. Yuu put his face very close to my chest, his every breath made me shiver, and he then placed butterfly kisses all over my body, trailing from my chest, down to my stomach, lower to my lower abdomen, and finally, I realized that I had an erection.

He pulled it out of my restraining underwear, which made me shiver as it came into contact with cold, cold air. “Wow, Mika…” he said and trailed a finger over the tip of my member. I shivered by the touch and he smiled a devious smile. “You know what, Mika? I’ve been waiting for this…”

“S-since when did you became so… lewd..?”

“Since I knew my feelings for you,” he said and played his fingers on my member, teasing me everywhere and made me come. Yuu looked at his hand, all covered by my come. “You haven’t been doing this for a while, huh?”

“I-I did! Well… last spring…” I said in honesty. Ever since spring that year, I never did got the urge to masturbate, not even once. “So you’re all pent-up now?” Yuu asked innocently, making me wonder where he got his vocabulary on sexual intercourse lessons. Oh right, yaoi manga.

If that’s so, who’ll be the top? Considering the handcuffs, I wouldn’t be able to pin him down, so maybe I’m the bottom… Who’ll be the once receiving? I sure as hell don’t wanna get fucked… But in my current position… I may be the one who receives Yuu into me…

I felt blood drain from my body. I snapped back into reality as Yuu whispered right into my ear; “Watch and learn, Mika.”

I was speechless as Yuu sat on my stomach, his legs spread. He poured the lube Asuramaru gave me on the night we became a couple. He wet his fingers with it and I watched as he put 2 of his fingers into his rear hole. He moaned sexily and I gulped. Maybe I’m not on the receiving end after all…

He looked impossibly delicious, seeing him prepare himself from a VIP seat. “Oi, Yuu-chan…” I said, eyeing his erect member. “Can I… help you?” I asked, and he gave me a look of disbelief. “Y-you know… a b-blow job…” I stuttered. Man, saying it was even more embarrassing than anything else I’ve ever done.

He nodded (somewhat) happily and squatted over my face, his erection right in front of me. I started by licking the tip. It somehow made me ever hornier than ever, and I felt my member twitch in anticipation. His smell felt concentrated on his member, and it made me dizzy.

“M-Mika… Please pull out…” Yuu said and pushed my head away, but I kept on sucking on him, harder and harder as he tried to free his member from me. “M-Mika! Please stop it! I’m… I’m really close, so please—“ He held back his moan as he came into my mouth.

This is bad… I feel like I wanna do it some more… But he pulled away faster before I could claim his now limp member with my mouth. I groaned in disapproval. “Don’t worry, Mika… That was just the start of everything…” he said and pulled his fingers out of his rear hole, seeing how it now had 3 in it.

He placed my tip onto his entrance, and the feeling of pleasure went throughout my body, sending shivers down my spine, quickening my breath as he clamped down on me. It took all of my will power not to buck my hips into Yuu’s tight hole.

It was very warm inside and very soft too. When I was lodged completely inside of him, he said, “Please wait for a while Mika… I need to get myself used to your… size…” I nodded in understanding. It must’ve hurt, putting me in him all the way.

Suddenly, he started moving his hips, slowly, making me groan in disapproval. “Bu-but if you thrust into me so suddenly, you might just hurt me…” Damn, he knows all of my weak points. All of my energy were used to prevent myself from forcefully thrusting into him.

After a while, Yuu quickened up his pace and with one last thrust, we both came. He moaned in pleasure as I came into him. His whole body shivered in pleasure as he laid onto my chest. Then, a thought came onto me.

“Hey, uh, Yuu-chan…”

“Hmm?” he replied sleepily on my chest. “Did you… put a condom on my… um, member before you started putting me in you?” It was an embarrassing question, but I was a little bit worried. “No, why?”

“HUH?!” I panicked. “But-but what if… what happens if I have a weird illness and… I might have just passed it on to you!”

“It’s okay, Mika… I won’t get sick from having sex with you…” he said and drifted off to sleep. “OI, Yuu-chan! You’ll catch a cold like that! Dammit… these handcuffs are seriously annoying…” I tried to move but then I also realized… that I haven’t pulled out of Yuu.

And now I wouldn’t be able to pull out of him, now that he’s already fast asleep. I could feel my come inside him, plugged inside by my member, lodged inside of him. I sighed and thought, “Maybe I should just let it be…” and drifted off to sleep myself.

I woke up with Yuu on top of me. He was sitting, looking a little bit sleepy. Did he just wake up? “Hey, Yuu-chan…” I started, but he only smiled the cutest smile ever at me. “What?” I felt like the whole world just made the air around Yuu sparkle, and the sun was shining even brighter than usual outside.

“I… Um, I haven’t pulled out of you since last night, so… do you mind..?” I asked. He seemed blank for a moment, as if he was thinking really hard. “No.”


“No, it feels way comfortable with you inside me, and I’m feeling too lazy to move away.” He laid onto my chest again and hugged me tight. I couldn’t believe that he’d just said that. I blushed at it. A few hours later, Tepes came into the room and we finally separated.



I’m having a really bad headache… AAAARGH.

Stufa (1st edition)

— Game —

I’m a gamer, although because of my circumstances, I can’t recommend you any MMORPGs, but I can give you RPGs recommendations.

Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea

Created by Mogeko (Deep-sea Prisoner)

Translated by vgperson

It’s about a sea witch whom faces a big trouble in her home, the sea. I’d say that it’s a really good game, but Mogeko rated the game as “Ages 15 and up”, mostly because some graphics later in the game.

— Stories —

I’ve been working on some, but I don’t think I’ll be posting it soon. I’m very busy these days and just can’t find enough time to do it. Maybe some minor parts, or a few error fixes, but almost no progress in the story.

If I post it, I’ll be posting it in here or amaieroyaoi.wordpress.com. Depends on the genre.

— Videos —

Why did I even make this section when I don’t plan on making any?

— Manga —

Recommendations (this month):

Ten Count (yaoi)

Kamisama no Iutoori (Moegi Yuu) (yaoi)

Owari no Seraph (shounen)

Kuroshitsuji (shounen)

Love so Life (shoujo)

Pandora Hearts (shounen, supernatural)

Obsolete Dream (supernatural)

—- That’s all for now. All recommendation depends on my feelings and what I’m thinking, and all based on my own thoughts. If you have any problem, deal with it. This may continue for some time….

Hatsu’s Little Brother

The history of the World War 1 lost it’s documents in the World War 2. Although not all of them were lost, but most of them didn’t survive. Some points that you need to take note of about these are the facts that it all started with the assassination of Franz Ferdidand and his wife, Sophie. But what ignited his assassination?

In the next few pages, you’ll learn the reason of his assassination, which led into a chain of events……

Hatsu closed the book and put it back into the library shelf. He looked at his watch and sighed. ‘Ao-kun should be back in a few more minutes…’ he took his bike home and saw Aoi, his little brother walk home with his friend, Mia.

“Ao-kun!” Hatsu called. “Onii-chan! Erm…” he started fidgeting, Mia was grinning, and Hatsu knew she was playing some game with Aoi, again. Hatsu was a college student, age 20, while Aoi and Mia were 4 years below him. Ever since their parents settled in America, Hatsu had always wanted to go to college in Japan.

His parents let him, but on the condition that he took Aoi with him. Hatsu was only 17 then,but he accepted it. Aoi, on the other hand, couldn’t speak Japanese, so he had troubles the first time they moved.

Mia, their neighbor, was the first to befriend him, and now they always go everywhere together. “Why don’t the two of you become a couple?” Hatsu asked on an occasion and she gave him a dirty look and fiercely refused. Aoi also said they were better off as ‘just friends’.

It’s very confusing, really. They both looked very good together. Not to mention, really close. Hatsu wondered whatever those two were thinking, but then he said, “Well, whatever. Let’s get inside then.” He unlocked the door and they entered.

Hatsu went into his room while the other two got into Aoi’s. He sat on his bed and opened his text book. It was messy as hell, but at least he can still read it.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. “O…. Onii-chan…?” Aoi slowly opened the door, Mia was behind him and said, “Hatsu-nii! I’m staying over tonight in Aoi’s room, okay?” And with that, she giggled and closed the door, leaving the two siblings alone.

“O… Onii-chan… Um… I… kinda need your help….”

“What kind of help?” Hatsu asked. “Uh… Um… I… I…” Aoi stuttered, turning bright red. Hatsu placed his hands on Aoi’s shoulders. “Calm down. Take a deep breath and tell me what you need.” Aoi did just that. Then, he asked, “Onii-chan! Teach me how to… k-k-kiss!”

This stunned him. After staring at Aoi for a good few minutes, Hatsu shook himself out of his shocked state of mind. “Well, you just have to put your lips onto the other person’s lips…”

“N-no, not that kind of k-kiss…” he then looked straight into Hatsu’s eyes. “T-the adult version of kissing!” It took moments until Hatsu realized what his little brother’s request was.

“Oh… Uh….” Hatsu looked away. “Well, you just gotta put your tongue when you’re kissing.. And, uh…. move it around in the other person’s mouth….”

“Wh- but how do I know if it’s the right way?” he turned red and clenched his hands into fists. “W-well, the other party will feel good…?” he answered. “Like this..?” Aoi suddenly tackled Hatsu and started french kissing him, although clumsily. “Whoa, whoa, whoa! Ao-kun?!” Hatsu pushed him away. “What’s gotten into you?!” Suddenly, Aoi burst into tears.

“M-my friends said that I’m so innocent, I wouldn’t know how to do an adult’s kiss!” he hugged Hatsu and continued, “And the annoying thing is… Is that… That it’s true!” Hatsu wrapped his hands around the weeping younger brother. “Shhh…. It’s okay Ao-kun… Rather, it’s good that you wanna try kissing in an advanced way, but why kiss me?”



“And… And to think that I risked my first kiss too….” Hatsu went pale and speechless. “You didn’t need to give me your first!” Hatsu said, a little bit panicked. “B… But…”

“No ‘buts’!” Hatsu pushed Aoi away, but looking at his face, his resolve crumbled away, like cookie crumbs. Hatsu sighed and got up to get a whole box of tissues from the toilet. He then went over to Aoi and gave him the tissues. “Here, clean up your face.” He started wiping his snot and wiped his tears away. “It’s a mess.” He then gave Aoi a gentle smile and pulled the younger so that he sat on his lap.

“Why don’t you find yourself a girlfriend and do these kinds of things to her instead of me?”

“We-well…” He started stuttering again and said something in a really low voice that even Hatsu couldn’t hear it. “What’s with your mumblings?”

 Aoi shook his head and smiled. “Thanks, onii-chan.”