My Personal Neko

My Personal Neko

I’m actually dedicating this story to my friend (who’s birthday is today). So happy birthday Annie

He woke up earlier than usual, feeling a little bit off. “Good morning” he muttered to himself, opening his bedroom window, letting the cool morning breeze hit him. Then, he saw a mirror lying on his desk. It was his sisters’ mirror. “Really now…. She-“ he looked into the mirror in shock. Then, he screamed. It was a peaceful morning, although different from other mornings.

“Oi~ Kazu! What’s with that hat?”

“None of your business, Aki.” He replied to his friend, obviously cranky. Kazuhisa Mayoi, 17 years old this fall. The weirdest morning came to him earlier on. “Aww…. Come on…. Is it a secret? Something weird and embarrassing? What’s wrong?” Aki pushed him for an answer after they arrived at the rooftop. “I told you it’s nothing! Now stop pestering me. You’re being annoying.”

Suddenly, Kazu was pinned to the wall by Aki. Akihisa Jun, 17 years old this winter. Playful and curious. Even though annoying at times, is Kazuhisa’s best friend. Kazu struggled, but his struggles became futile when Aki started tickling him.

“Okay, okay! I surrender! I’ll tell you!” Kazu said, squatting as he tried to stop laughing. “But you won’t believe me even if I tell you!” he pouted. “You won’t know until you tell me.” He smirked.

Then, with a sigh, he took off his hat, revealing his reddish-brown hair. Slowly, from his fluffy hair, stood two cat ears of the same colour. Aki was dumbstruck. “Cosplay?” he asked with a bright smile. “No! Baka! It’s real!” Kazu gestured his to touch it himself if he didn’t believe his words.

At first he poked it slightly, then he gently pinched it and started rubbing it, making Kazu purr a little. “Okay, okay! That’s enough!” Kazu slapped Aki’s hand away. “I’m still not convinced that it’s not cosplay!” he said and pulled Kazu’s head down so that he could see the base of the cat ears. He traced his fingers along the base and Kazu whimpered. He couldn’t believe what was happening to him.

“What’s wrong, Kazu?” he asked him. Kazu’s face turned bright red and he shhok his head. “It’s nothing” he looked away. “You’re lying”

“I told you it’s nothing!” he said, slapping Aki’s hand away and running to the bathroom. He went into one of the stalls and took out his sister’s mirror. “Please disappear…” he pleaded, but what happened was the opposite.

He felt something weird under his pants and opened it.

*knock knock* “Kazu! You in there?” Aki knocked some more. Getting no response from Kazu, he climbed over the stall door and landed right beside a stone Kazu. His pants were pulled down to his knees, showing his underwear, but that’s not the case.

On where his tailbone should end was a long, reddish-brown tail. His left hand was clutching a mirror. “Hey Kazu?” Aki waved his hand in front of Kazu, snapping him out of his trance. “A… Aki…..” he said tearfully.

“What if I can’t make the ears and tail disappear?” he whined. “Just calm down first…” Aki told him. Kazu sobbed for a while before calming down. They went outside the bathroom, hiding his ears and tail. “Now, tell me how it started.”

“Well, I don’t remember much, but this morning when I found my sister’s mirror, I was already like this, except the tail appeared just now in the bathroom stall….. then… then….” He started tearing up again.

“There, there….” Aki scratched Kazu’s head in between his cat ears, and he purred. His ears faced downwards, indicating that he’s really down. “Don’t be so down Kazu! At least you’re cute with these!” he pulled the tip of the cat ears upward. “Thanks Aki….” Kazu managed a smile, but cat ears never lie.

Aki let out a sigh. “Shall we get back to class?” Kazu’s face went pale. “Y-you mean with this appearance?!” Aki nodded and, without thinking, dragged him to class. When he opened the classroom door, Kazu hid himself behind him. “Where have you been?!” the teacher screamed.

“We had a bit of trouble..”

“We?” the teacher asked, confused. Aki pulled Kazu from behind as he trembled in fear and embarrassment. “O..oi… Aki…” Kaz whispered to him, his ears so down it camouflaged into his hair. “What’s wrong with him?” the teacher stepped to the side for a better look.

Aki traced his fingers to the part of Kazu’s back where he knows is most sensitive, which made his cat ears perk up. “Don’t you do that!” he hissed, but his ears were now visible to the whole class. Everyone gasped, even the teacher. Aki then pulled Kazu close by the shoulder and struck a pose of a boyfriend getting his photo taken with his girlfriend, saying, “he’s my personal neko”

Kazu, beet red, pushed him away and screamed, “AKI YOU BAKA!!!” and ran away. Aki just smiled at his behavior and nearly ran after him had it not been because of the teacher’s words: “Just ONE step out of the class, and you’ll be doomed, Akihisa-san.”

But as the teacher taught without care in the world, Aki looked out through the window, watching Kazu climb a tree from some squealing girls. He climbed so high the girls lost sight of him. After the group of girls left, Kazu became too scared to jump back down so he stayed there, trembling.

School was long over and almost all of the club activities ended. Kazu wished Aki would find him. The later it got, the closer he was to tears. He tried climbing down, but it was harder to do so than climbing up. So, as low as he could go, he stayed on a branch, trembling and unable to jump down.

“Aki… Help me…” he whined. Just then, he lost his balance and fell. He expected to get hurt, but he was caught by Aki, whom has been sitting there for a long time, but Kazu just didn’t notice. “Miss me?” he grinned, holding Kazu in a way that positioned him to lean on him.

“Where have you been?! BAKA!”

“You keep calling me baka, but you’re the actual idiot. You didn’t call for me, not even spotting me down here who’d been waiting for hours for your call!” he said, putting his chin on Kazu’s head. He just pouted in response.

On the way home, Aki asked, “hey, how’re you gonna explain about this to Mira-nee-chan?” Mira-nee-chan, her full name’s Mirasaki Mayoi, 25 years old and married, but lives separately from her husband for the moment. Kazuhhisa’s big sister.

Kazu gulped and said, “I’ll think about it…”

At home, Mira was cooking when Kazu and Aki came in. “We’re home!” the two said. “Welcome back. Hey Kazu, have you seen my mirror? I think I left it in your bedroom again…”

“Yeah, it’s right here” Aki handed her the mirror. “Kazu?” Mira said, taking a peek behind Aki. Kazu was clutching the back of Aki’s uniform tightly and peeked back at her. “W-what is it?” he spoke. “Why’re you hiding?”

“He grew cat ears and tail.” Aki said like it was no big deal. “Oh.” She said as if she’s used to it. “Wh-why are you acting so casually about this?!”

“Because that’s our/your family’s genetics” the two said in unison. “That’s the first I’ve heard of it!”

“I didn’t tell you because you’re a late-bloomer. For instance, you’ve never got a wet dream until last night, right?” she said.

“H-how’d you know?!” Kazu, although he forgot about it from shock, knew that she was right. “He must’ve forgotten about it…” she muttered. Aki just chuckled and whispered something into Mira’s ear. She just nodded, and by the time their whispering conversation ended, she slapped his back and said, “Good luck you two.”

“Why were you two whispering?” Kazu asked when they were in his room. “Some minor things.” Aki said, sitting in Kazu’s chair. “Oh, hey, I forgot to tell you…” he rummaged in his bag, searching for something. “What?”

“I was given this by your brother-in-law..” he pulled out something. At first, it looked like a notebook, but when he opened it, it was filled with AV DVDs. “Whoa…” Kazu whistled in awe. “Can I stay over tonight?”

“You mean to watch those?”

“It’s gonna be your first time watching an AV, right?” Aki grinned while Kazu enthusiastically nodded. All this time, Mira would know if Kazu bought, brought, or even rented an AV DVD and would always get caught, so he gave up eventually.

It’s gonna be my dream come true! Thank you Aki! He thought. “I asked for permission to watch this with you, and since she thought it was already time for you, she let me. But only if I watch it with you.” He shrugged.

“Thanks Aki!” Kazu pounced on him, toppling both of them over and they landed on a pile of dirty clothes. His ears were perked up and he was rubbing his cheeks on Aki’s cheeks. “Hey Kazu, I brought some tea and cake for you both. Want some?” Mira asked.

“What cake?” Kazu asked in reply. “Choco vani-“ Mira opened the door and after a long pause, she said, “Sorry for disturbing…” and closed the door. “You weren’t disturbing us one-chan.” Kazu said innocently.

“Kazu, I know that you’re very innocent, but to be this innocent is just…” Aki sighed and ruffled Kazu’s hair and stroked his head. Mira misunderstood the situation because at the time when she came in, Kazu was getting up and sat on Aki’s stomach, which looked like Kazu was getting ready to ride Aki. That much, Aki understood.

“It’s all your fault for being so innocent…” Aki got up and sat on Kazu’s bed. He leaned on to Kazu’s pillow, the way he always did since before. Kazu laid beside him. “Nee, nee~ Aki!” he tugged on Aki’s shirt. “When are we gonna watch it?” he asked eagerly.

“Well, after we take a bath and change our clothes…” Kazu immediately opened his wardrobe and took random clothes and undies, and then dashed to the bathroom. Aki just chuckled at his behavior and came to Mira for a change of clothes. “So…. That before… was just a misunderstanding…” she pouted after Aki told her the truth.

“Yep.” He said. “But what’s to come will be way more intense.” He winked, taking some clothes from Mira’s hands. “Okay, but don’t forget to eat dinner!” she said, pointing to Aki’s chest. “And just remember to be gentle… You know, he’s still innocent and all.” She added.

“Gothcha!” Aki gave her a thumbs-up and they high-fived.


“Whoo! I’m stuffed!” Kazu announced in his bedroom. “Shall we get started?” Aki turned on the computer and inserted a DVD while Kazu waited enthusiastically. The video started and after a while, Kazu hid behind Aki’s back. “W-won’t that hurt?! He trembled in horror, watching the video as the guy started entering and exiting the girl’s body. “Well, it-“

“Gyaa! No!!! I can’t watch it anymore!” Kazu clutched Aki’s back. “Y’know what? You’re killing the mood…” Aki said. “S-s-sorry, but… it’s just… I heard that it’dfeel great but… how come it’s so scary?!” he cried. “Shall I turn off the video then?” Aki offered. “W-won’t you… B-but… Aren’t you…”

“Nah, I’m not in the mood for watching anymore” he sighed. He turned off the computer and put the DVD back into the notebook-like CD holder. “S-s-sorry…” Kazu wiped his tears and looked at his knees. “Don’t worry… I guess I should’ve known, that such an innocent person would think like that…”

Aki sighed again and climbed onto Kazu’s bed. Kazu laid beside him, his back faced the wall. “It’s late, we should get to sleep…” Aki said, hugging Kazu close to him.

His ears perked towards Aki, signaling that Kazu’s unconsciously conscious of Aki’s presence, which made Aki happy. He nuzzled his nose into sleeping Kazu’s fluffy hair and sighed before drifting to sleep. “When will he notice, I wonder?” he muttered.


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