Did you know? I made this story for a story-telling competition… And I thought, ‘why not publish it here?’ so I did. Do, enjoy!

Once upon a time, there were two brothers. On one occasion, the two got into a fight over a game, and these two close brothers became distant in an instant. Since then, whenever they met, the little brother would stick out his tongue, and the older brother would ignore him.

“Why’re you avoiding your older brother?” the teacher asked him one day. “Because he hates me.” The little brother pouted. “Why would you say that?”

“Because he ignores me when I want to talk to him.”

“Do you hate your brother?” the teacher asked. “I hate him a lot!” he said and she chuckled. “Do you want your older brother to disappear?” His eyes went wide and he shouted, “No! I don’t want him to disappear! I don’t want him to!”

“Then you don’t hate your brother.” The teacher pet his head and gently said, “It’s that you care for your brother, but you don’t know how to show it, so you’re trying to make him notice you first…”

“I don’t understand.”

“Not now, but one day you will. Just know that he actually cares for you too…”

But, still, the little brother didn’t understand what she meant. A few days later, their parents decided to go skiing somewhere and they all went together. “You both are going to share a room, so don’t fight or go out at nighttime, okay?”

The little brother was still angry, and hated being in a room together with his brother. So, that night, he went out, disobeying his parents’ advice. The older brother was still washing the dishes, helping their mom.

The little brother, after a few hours of walking became tired and wanted to go back, but, being the little kid he was, he couldn’t remember the way back. The night was dark and scary, and so he became scared.

After a while, he stumble upon a hut, rotten and cold, ‘but maybe someone lives there?’ he thought. He knocked once, twice, but no answer, so he opened the door and entered. Finding the hut empty, he decided to leave, but then a blizzard came and he was forced to stay.

Meanwhile, the older brother searched frantically for him. Their parents were already asleep and so, he took two thick coats and went out to search for the little one. When the blizzard came, he fell and sprained his leg. He couldn’t move for a while, due to the pain, but after a while, he regained his strength and started searching again.

Not so long after, he heard a sob. Then, another. He searched the source of the sound and found a small hut. He opened the door and found his little brother crying beside the door. “Why did you get out at night?!” he screamed at his little brother.

He then noticed that his little brothers’ nose and ears were red from cold. “How long have you been here?” he asked, putting the smaller, thick coat unto him. “Brother, why’re you here?”

“I was searching for you! You weren’t in the bedroom and I got so worried that I had to go out to search for you!” The older brother sat in front of him and rubbed his hands and then he touched his little brother’s face, warming it up.

“We should wait here until the blizzard dies down.” He said gently as he pinched his little brother’s nose. But he slapped his big brother’s hand away. “Why did you search for me?! Don’t you hate me?!” he cried.

“No, I don’t hate you, I’m worried about you.” The little brother was stunned. Why did he care for him? All this time, he loathed him for ignoring him but now, he had just understood what his teacher meant. “I’m sorry…” he said and then, he hugged him.

They both waited until the blizzard dies down and when it finally did, they went back together. And because of that, they went back to being close brothers, only now closer than ever…

-The End

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