Hatsu’s Little Brother

The history of the World War 1 lost it’s documents in the World War 2. Although not all of them were lost, but most of them didn’t survive. Some points that you need to take note of about these are the facts that it all started with the assassination of Franz Ferdidand and his wife, Sophie. But what ignited his assassination?

In the next few pages, you’ll learn the reason of his assassination, which led into a chain of events……

Hatsu closed the book and put it back into the library shelf. He looked at his watch and sighed. ‘Ao-kun should be back in a few more minutes…’ he took his bike home and saw Aoi, his little brother walk home with his friend, Mia.

“Ao-kun!” Hatsu called. “Onii-chan! Erm…” he started fidgeting, Mia was grinning, and Hatsu knew she was playing some game with Aoi, again. Hatsu was a college student, age 20, while Aoi and Mia were 4 years below him. Ever since their parents settled in America, Hatsu had always wanted to go to college in Japan.

His parents let him, but on the condition that he took Aoi with him. Hatsu was only 17 then,but he accepted it. Aoi, on the other hand, couldn’t speak Japanese, so he had troubles the first time they moved.

Mia, their neighbor, was the first to befriend him, and now they always go everywhere together. “Why don’t the two of you become a couple?” Hatsu asked on an occasion and she gave him a dirty look and fiercely refused. Aoi also said they were better off as ‘just friends’.

It’s very confusing, really. They both looked very good together. Not to mention, really close. Hatsu wondered whatever those two were thinking, but then he said, “Well, whatever. Let’s get inside then.” He unlocked the door and they entered.

Hatsu went into his room while the other two got into Aoi’s. He sat on his bed and opened his text book. It was messy as hell, but at least he can still read it.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. “O…. Onii-chan…?” Aoi slowly opened the door, Mia was behind him and said, “Hatsu-nii! I’m staying over tonight in Aoi’s room, okay?” And with that, she giggled and closed the door, leaving the two siblings alone.

“O… Onii-chan… Um… I… kinda need your help….”

“What kind of help?” Hatsu asked. “Uh… Um… I… I…” Aoi stuttered, turning bright red. Hatsu placed his hands on Aoi’s shoulders. “Calm down. Take a deep breath and tell me what you need.” Aoi did just that. Then, he asked, “Onii-chan! Teach me how to… k-k-kiss!”

This stunned him. After staring at Aoi for a good few minutes, Hatsu shook himself out of his shocked state of mind. “Well, you just have to put your lips onto the other person’s lips…”

“N-no, not that kind of k-kiss…” he then looked straight into Hatsu’s eyes. “T-the adult version of kissing!” It took moments until Hatsu realized what his little brother’s request was.

“Oh… Uh….” Hatsu looked away. “Well, you just gotta put your tongue when you’re kissing.. And, uh…. move it around in the other person’s mouth….”

“Wh- but how do I know if it’s the right way?” he turned red and clenched his hands into fists. “W-well, the other party will feel good…?” he answered. “Like this..?” Aoi suddenly tackled Hatsu and started french kissing him, although clumsily. “Whoa, whoa, whoa! Ao-kun?!” Hatsu pushed him away. “What’s gotten into you?!” Suddenly, Aoi burst into tears.

“M-my friends said that I’m so innocent, I wouldn’t know how to do an adult’s kiss!” he hugged Hatsu and continued, “And the annoying thing is… Is that… That it’s true!” Hatsu wrapped his hands around the weeping younger brother. “Shhh…. It’s okay Ao-kun… Rather, it’s good that you wanna try kissing in an advanced way, but why kiss me?”



“And… And to think that I risked my first kiss too….” Hatsu went pale and speechless. “You didn’t need to give me your first!” Hatsu said, a little bit panicked. “B… But…”

“No ‘buts’!” Hatsu pushed Aoi away, but looking at his face, his resolve crumbled away, like cookie crumbs. Hatsu sighed and got up to get a whole box of tissues from the toilet. He then went over to Aoi and gave him the tissues. “Here, clean up your face.” He started wiping his snot and wiped his tears away. “It’s a mess.” He then gave Aoi a gentle smile and pulled the younger so that he sat on his lap.

“Why don’t you find yourself a girlfriend and do these kinds of things to her instead of me?”

“We-well…” He started stuttering again and said something in a really low voice that even Hatsu couldn’t hear it. “What’s with your mumblings?”

 Aoi shook his head and smiled. “Thanks, onii-chan.”


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