Stufa (1st edition)

— Game —

I’m a gamer, although because of my circumstances, I can’t recommend you any MMORPGs, but I can give you RPGs recommendations.

Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea

Created by Mogeko (Deep-sea Prisoner)

Translated by vgperson

It’s about a sea witch whom faces a big trouble in her home, the sea. I’d say that it’s a really good game, but Mogeko rated the game as “Ages 15 and up”, mostly because some graphics later in the game.

— Stories —

I’ve been working on some, but I don’t think I’ll be posting it soon. I’m very busy these days and just can’t find enough time to do it. Maybe some minor parts, or a few error fixes, but almost no progress in the story.

If I post it, I’ll be posting it in here or Depends on the genre.

— Videos —

Why did I even make this section when I don’t plan on making any?

— Manga —

Recommendations (this month):

Ten Count (yaoi)

Kamisama no Iutoori (Moegi Yuu) (yaoi)

Owari no Seraph (shounen)

Kuroshitsuji (shounen)

Love so Life (shoujo)

Pandora Hearts (shounen, supernatural)

Obsolete Dream (supernatural)

—- That’s all for now. All recommendation depends on my feelings and what I’m thinking, and all based on my own thoughts. If you have any problem, deal with it. This may continue for some time….


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