I Want You (supposedly) chapter 8

Hello people. I didn’t want to change the rating in fanfiction.net from T+ to M just because of this chapter, so I’m just gonna publish it here! Yay, happy me. Anyways, enjoy! If you’re curious about the story, you can just search it in fanfiction.net and type I Want You by Scaranpannoir! ^o^ Arigatou!


“… Why does this coffee taste… weird..?” I asked. It did smell fishy… Tepes only hummed as she looked through a clothing catalogue and Yuu only picked on his bacon absent-mindedly. “Has your taste buds gone all bad?” Felid asked with a smug smirk on his face.

I glared at him. “No…” I said slowly, and eyed on him. He looked cheerful, for someone who had never been a morning person. “… But it kinda taste like… blood?” Yuu suddenly got up and said, “I’m late! I should get going now, bye!” and rushed out of the house.

It wasn’t even 8 yet, and his lectures start in 4 hours, plenty of time to waste before going to college. “Hey, Mika…” Tepes eyed me from behind the catalogue, “Ever since the two of you started dating, hasn’t Yuichiro become… more distant?”

I thought about it. “Not really… well, maybe…”

“Have the two of you done ‘it’ yet?”

“E-eehh…” I felt my face go red. I tried to gather my composure before muttering a no. It wasn’t my fault that he wants it so bad but the situation’s not yet… ready… “Are you holding back?”

“N-no…” Not that I’m holding back though… I do wanna do it, but I still haven’t got the basics right yet… “Are you thinking that Yuichiro isn’t ready?”

“No!” Yuu has been teasing me about it every single night and I could tell that he was ready, even before we even started sleeping in the same bed. But the one with problems is me. Yes, me. I wasn’t ready. I was scared, which was very rare, since I usually have the solution to everything and know how to finish everything, but for me to be doing this and that with Yuu… My heart and mind aren’t ready yet.

“You should do it soon, before you actually lose his love and all that.” Felid said airily and grabbed himself a coffee. “You’re such a coward, Mika…” I whipped my head to find the source of that voice just now. It can’t be him… Right?

“… I’m gonna go catch up to Yuu-chan now…” I said, still trying to find the Asuramaru-like voice, and got up.

I found Yuu in the park, later that noon. I planned on calling out to him, but he was with Glen… whose arm was around my Yuu. “Oi.” The two of them turned to me. “Yo, Mika!”

“Don’t ‘Yo, Mika!’ me! Get your filthy hand off of my Yuu-chan!” I said and pulled Yuu into my arms. “Besides, you’re taken. If you take Yuu-chan, then I’ll take your Mahiru and el—“

“What are you saying, Mika? Don’t you know how dark our relationship is..?” His sudden change of tone had this weird and dark implication behind it, and it made me shiver. “It’s not like you to threaten people, Mika…” Yuu suddenly said and wriggled free from my embrace. He hung his head until he reached an angle where I wouldn’t be able to see his expression at all.

He quickly went back inside the building and I stood there dumb founded. “Well, I saw that you both hasn’t done it yet, despite all that waiting Yuu-kun had to endure…” Glen muttered and walked away, as if nothing really happened.

I scratched my head in both confusion and frustration. And I didn’t even know why. The day dragged on as Yuu kept on avoiding me.

“Lookin’ gloomy, Mika…” Tepes said, smirking whilst brewing tea for me. “Of course I would be. Yuu-chan kept on avoiding me the whole day, and now I’m kinda… sad…”

“Ohhoooo this is really turning into a gay story.”

“Shut up, it already is since Yuu-chan and I started dating anyway…”

“Hmm…” she said, as if there was something that I didn’t catch on. I furrowed my eyebrows, but she only put my tea in front of me. I drank it and stuffed my mouth with cookies. It was futile anyways, seeing how I’m still a half-vampire. I wouldn’t get full unless it was Yuu who made the tea and the cookies.

Suddenly, I had this weird feeling that something was wrong. The first thing I noticed was the fact that Tepes was looking at me expectantly as I drank my tea. “… What?”

“Ehheee….” She said, which made me even more suspicious. “What did you do…?”

“I’m just giving you a lil push, Mika. Don’t be so angry…” What ‘lil push’ did she mean? I felt a little bit uncomfortable, so I stood up and excused myself to my room. Yuu was sitting on the sofa, in front of the TV while reading a manga. I peeked over to see that he was reading a yaoi manga.

“Hey,” I said and he jumped right out of the sofa, literally. “M-M-Mika! Don’t scare me like that!”

“Sorry,” I shrugged, not exactly feeling sorry for what I’ve done. “W-well, if you wanna go take a bath, you can go ahead. I already bathed.”

I nodded. I took my time in the bathroom, not really knowing why. When I got out, I realized that I’d been bathing for almost 3 hours. No wonder I kinda felt light headed… Yuu was already in his PJs and Tepes was there.

“What’re you doing here?”

“Oh!” she said and suddenly cuffed my hands to the bed. “Whaa…?”

“Tonight’s a very special night for vampires,” she whispered and winked. I didn’t get it at all. “Well, this is for precautions, anyway, so that you wouldn’t hurt Yuichiro in your sleep…” I nodded. I don’t ever wanna hurt Yuu, even in my dreams. Even if it was extremely necessary.

As always, we laid in the bed together and talked a little bit before finally drifting off to sleep.


My head felt dizzy for no reason. I woke up to find myself having a hard time breathing. My vision was blurry, and I vaguely saw Yuu, his head on my chest. I felt like reaching out to him and touch him all over, even if my mind said no.

The handcuffs helped. Although, it did make a lot of noises and it made Yuu wake up. No, he has been awake since before I woke up, I realized. I knew because he was grinning like scary. “Mika…” he said and kissed my lips tenderly.

It somehow felt so good that I forced my tongue into his mouth and explored it. Yuu made weird noises, in which made me feel dizzier. Yuu pulled away, and I tried to capture his lips again, but the handcuffs prevented that from happening. Yuu opened my shirt, unbuttoning them one by one.

As the cold air touched my body, Yuu continued his hands down, to my lower abdomen, and eventually I felt him unzip my pants. Yuu put his face very close to my chest, his every breath made me shiver, and he then placed butterfly kisses all over my body, trailing from my chest, down to my stomach, lower to my lower abdomen, and finally, I realized that I had an erection.

He pulled it out of my restraining underwear, which made me shiver as it came into contact with cold, cold air. “Wow, Mika…” he said and trailed a finger over the tip of my member. I shivered by the touch and he smiled a devious smile. “You know what, Mika? I’ve been waiting for this…”

“S-since when did you became so… lewd..?”

“Since I knew my feelings for you,” he said and played his fingers on my member, teasing me everywhere and made me come. Yuu looked at his hand, all covered by my come. “You haven’t been doing this for a while, huh?”

“I-I did! Well… last spring…” I said in honesty. Ever since spring that year, I never did got the urge to masturbate, not even once. “So you’re all pent-up now?” Yuu asked innocently, making me wonder where he got his vocabulary on sexual intercourse lessons. Oh right, yaoi manga.

If that’s so, who’ll be the top? Considering the handcuffs, I wouldn’t be able to pin him down, so maybe I’m the bottom… Who’ll be the once receiving? I sure as hell don’t wanna get fucked… But in my current position… I may be the one who receives Yuu into me…

I felt blood drain from my body. I snapped back into reality as Yuu whispered right into my ear; “Watch and learn, Mika.”

I was speechless as Yuu sat on my stomach, his legs spread. He poured the lube Asuramaru gave me on the night we became a couple. He wet his fingers with it and I watched as he put 2 of his fingers into his rear hole. He moaned sexily and I gulped. Maybe I’m not on the receiving end after all…

He looked impossibly delicious, seeing him prepare himself from a VIP seat. “Oi, Yuu-chan…” I said, eyeing his erect member. “Can I… help you?” I asked, and he gave me a look of disbelief. “Y-you know… a b-blow job…” I stuttered. Man, saying it was even more embarrassing than anything else I’ve ever done.

He nodded (somewhat) happily and squatted over my face, his erection right in front of me. I started by licking the tip. It somehow made me ever hornier than ever, and I felt my member twitch in anticipation. His smell felt concentrated on his member, and it made me dizzy.

“M-Mika… Please pull out…” Yuu said and pushed my head away, but I kept on sucking on him, harder and harder as he tried to free his member from me. “M-Mika! Please stop it! I’m… I’m really close, so please—“ He held back his moan as he came into my mouth.

This is bad… I feel like I wanna do it some more… But he pulled away faster before I could claim his now limp member with my mouth. I groaned in disapproval. “Don’t worry, Mika… That was just the start of everything…” he said and pulled his fingers out of his rear hole, seeing how it now had 3 in it.

He placed my tip onto his entrance, and the feeling of pleasure went throughout my body, sending shivers down my spine, quickening my breath as he clamped down on me. It took all of my will power not to buck my hips into Yuu’s tight hole.

It was very warm inside and very soft too. When I was lodged completely inside of him, he said, “Please wait for a while Mika… I need to get myself used to your… size…” I nodded in understanding. It must’ve hurt, putting me in him all the way.

Suddenly, he started moving his hips, slowly, making me groan in disapproval. “Bu-but if you thrust into me so suddenly, you might just hurt me…” Damn, he knows all of my weak points. All of my energy were used to prevent myself from forcefully thrusting into him.

After a while, Yuu quickened up his pace and with one last thrust, we both came. He moaned in pleasure as I came into him. His whole body shivered in pleasure as he laid onto my chest. Then, a thought came onto me.

“Hey, uh, Yuu-chan…”

“Hmm?” he replied sleepily on my chest. “Did you… put a condom on my… um, member before you started putting me in you?” It was an embarrassing question, but I was a little bit worried. “No, why?”

“HUH?!” I panicked. “But-but what if… what happens if I have a weird illness and… I might have just passed it on to you!”

“It’s okay, Mika… I won’t get sick from having sex with you…” he said and drifted off to sleep. “OI, Yuu-chan! You’ll catch a cold like that! Dammit… these handcuffs are seriously annoying…” I tried to move but then I also realized… that I haven’t pulled out of Yuu.

And now I wouldn’t be able to pull out of him, now that he’s already fast asleep. I could feel my come inside him, plugged inside by my member, lodged inside of him. I sighed and thought, “Maybe I should just let it be…” and drifted off to sleep myself.

I woke up with Yuu on top of me. He was sitting, looking a little bit sleepy. Did he just wake up? “Hey, Yuu-chan…” I started, but he only smiled the cutest smile ever at me. “What?” I felt like the whole world just made the air around Yuu sparkle, and the sun was shining even brighter than usual outside.

“I… Um, I haven’t pulled out of you since last night, so… do you mind..?” I asked. He seemed blank for a moment, as if he was thinking really hard. “No.”


“No, it feels way comfortable with you inside me, and I’m feeling too lazy to move away.” He laid onto my chest again and hugged me tight. I couldn’t believe that he’d just said that. I blushed at it. A few hours later, Tepes came into the room and we finally separated.



I’m having a really bad headache… AAAARGH.

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