Confusion (part 1)

I had known since a few nights ago, that when I sleep, someone will come, and stand near the window, watching me. I’m a prince, so I thought, ‘Is he an assassin?’ After a few hours of waiting, he’d go over the window and disappear.

That continued on for months, until my dad, the King, hosted a party, celebrating his fourty-something birthday. I didn’t get to see me dad much, because I was almost never in the castle. My mother isn’t a queen, though.

Sure, she works for the king, as a pleasure plaything. That’s how she got me. But as an unofficial prince, I still got education, fit for a prince. That includes knightly stuff and academics too.

I didn’t exactly suffer, but seeing my dad for the first time up close somehow disgusted me. Every woman he called over to talk with, his hand would be touching her everywhere. It would be better if he were a handsome, young and princely guy.

In my eyes, he’s just a fat old man who’s actually a perv, making me wonder wether or not the king election beteween princes were fair. Not just that, the words he used, the kind of gaze he used, the kind of voice tone he used to converse with my siblings were nothing but disgusting.

Especially to me. “So, you’re my son from that bitch, huh?” he said in a mocking tone and with a mocking smile. If it weren’t for the prince who quickly caught me from behind, I might’ve just punched him right in the face.

“Excuse me, your Highness,” the prince said. “Yes, yes-excuse YOU.” I winced at his tone. “May I have a word with him?”

“Yeah- do whatever,” he said and left me and him. “Umm, thanks….” I said, looking at him in the eyes. “Yeah, good, I’m Luke, prince Luke of Oaks kingdom.”


“No need to introduce yourself. I’ve had enough of names of princes of this country… You’d be… Either Perseus, Gothams, Harry, or even Gary.”

I looked at him with a questioning gaze. “I’m Clayne.” The prince’s eyes widened, and it caught the light in his eyes. It was surprising, seeing a prince with heterochromia eyes.

One was orange-ish, the other was hazel. No wonder I didn’t notice them before. “That’s absurd! According to traditions, princes should have a naming sequence!” I only laughed.

“I’m not an official prince, though. Does that count?” His expression relaxed and he only said, “Is that so?”

Most guests in the party would be surprised, and then back away, as if I were something they shouldn’t even get close to. I was surprised when he only said that.

“Hey, if you’re an unofficial prince, where do you live?”

“I don’t really wanna tell you where, but I can show you.” He gave me a smile that I couldn’t decipher its meaning. “Hey, how about when you wanna go home? Just tell me when you want to.”

“O-okay??” I didn’t really understand why he’d want to see my house so much… Then, I had that weird feeling. It reminded me of my night-time room visitor.

What would he say about him? I wondered for a second. “Would you like some drinks?” a waiter offered, breaking the silence. “Yes, thank you,” Luke said without hesitation. He motioned me to take one too, so I did.

The drink tasted weird, and I reflexively spat it out. “What’s wrong?” Luke asked and I just stared at him as he drank it all in one gulp. “… Nothing…”

Eyeing him suspiciously, I carefully drank the mysterious drink and everything suddeny started spinning. “Wait… Don’t tell me that you’ve never drank wine before?”

“W-wine?!” I asked. I never lived in luxury, and I’m still underage, so why should I have wine? I thought to myself. I wobbled to him and he caught me almost falling.

“And I take it that you’re a light drinker,” he said, smirking. I frowned, but let it slide. He chuckled at my reaction. “Want me to take you home?”

I nodded and he led me outside. I felt a weird tickle when he touched my waist, to help me stand. He wrapped his hand around my waist and his other hand held my arm around his shoulders.

I directed him to where I live, and he followed. When we got there, he carried me to my room. Carried as in a princess carry. I didn’t feel offended by his gesture, I rather felt the need to be carried, because my house was such a mess.

He put me onto my bed and hovered over me, both of his hands on either side of me. “Do you know what kind of face you have right now?”

I shook my head, feeling light headed and fuzzy. He trailed a finged along my jaw, which made me shudder. “I’ll give you a hint: it turns me on a hell lot,” he said and trailed his fingers along my neck.

“Nnh…” I tried to keep back the ticklish feeling, but instead of stopping, he continued touching my neck, until I shuddered again. It felt really ticklish.

“Here’s your sensitive spot, huh?” he said and leaned down, our faces were so close, if he moved even a little bit, we would be kissing. I felt cold air on my chest, and a warm hand that trailed over it ever so lightly.

My eyes widened up. “Wh-what’re you doing…?”

“Hmm… I guess I’m just gonna take you… If you know what I mean,” he said and nibbled on my lower lip. I couldn’t move. I didn’t exactly get what he meant, but I got the gist of it.

He massaged my chest and the place he touched burned. I thought that it was because of the wine that with every touch, my head spun even more.

He licked my nipples and his hands explored me. It surprised me when he reached my butt. I didn’t notice that he’d taken my pants off. His fingers poked my entrance, probing it, and eventually, got in.

It was a very weird sensation, getting something into my butt. I wanted to say something, but the spinning in my head made it really hard to conjure up the right words. His tongue lapped my neck, the sensitive part.

I gasped, and he took the chance to claim my mouth, exploring it with his tongue. His finger rubbed some part inside me that made me feel weak and each time that happened, I’d make some weird noises.

I moved my hand to take my erection and let it find release, but Luke quicky took my hands and pinned it above me. Some thing hard poked my erection, but I couldn’t look down to look.

He smirked at my reaction when he scissored me. My hands clawed at the bed sheets, pulling them. He said something, but I couldn’t make out what he said.

He closed his eyes and then whispered, “I’m sorry,” and something poked at my entrance. It went in slowly, as if giving me the chance to get used to it.

I felt like I was about to rip, and he put my hands around him, making me claw at him while hugging him. He then stopped. He stopped to caress my cheek, and kissed me lightly on my forehead.

I breathed heavily, feeling the heat inside me. “You really don’t look like a noble, like this…” he gave away a soft chuckle. “Be-because… I techni… cally am… Not…” I said, between pants.

“Mmhm…” he hummed in agreement as he slowly pulled out of me, and pushed it back in. My eyes rolled to the back of my head as he quickened the pace.

His free hand teased my tip and it sent electrifying pleasurable jolts throughout my body. I came in his touch and he thrusted into me so suddenly.

I realized later that he had come into me. I laid helplessly under him, giving him the chance to kiss my lips tenderly.

“I’ll be back,” he whispered, covering me in my blanket and went out of the room.


My mom came in to wake me up, like always. Everything felt like a dream. Or maybe it was..? I got up and she left. My legs wobbled and I fell on my second step. Sure, I was dressed properly, like I always did, slept in the way I usually did…

But my weak legs and the unnoticable pain in my rear hole made it obvious that it wasn’t a dream. I snapped into realization.

Someone- a prince, Luke- had just taken away my virginity. I blushed and paled at the realization which was both exciting, yet scary. Everything swirled and I sat up, a palm on my forehead.

I guess he cleaned up for me, seeing that not even my mom suspected. I got up again, ignoring the pain up my spine.

The nights after, I slept like a log, despite having the thought of my first time being a rape floating in my head all the time when I’m awake.

I didn’t really thought about Luke’s parting words, “I’ll be back…”


Huooo hi peeps. I’m making this 3-part short yaoi story because I feel like it. I’m in San Diego btw, and this is such a weird feeling because I slept like a log for more than 12 hours lol that was so bad.

I am just having a jet lag right now, and I’m, like, 1 day younger than my friends lol. Anyways, the second part of this story should be coming up soon. Hopefully, this is just gonna be a 3-part one-shot…

See ya soon(?).


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