Confusion (part 2)

Ehm… Let’s continue…


I’ve been coming in on nights when my parents invited my relatives over. At first, I only went there occasionally, but when I knew who he really was-other than a cutie on top of being a prince-I had this weird kind of feeling in my heart.

Maybe it had always been there, all this time, but I had just realized it now. A feeling I never noticed. That intimate night made me wanna come back to his place, again, and again, but after finding out about it, my parents decided to keep a keen watch over that house, specifically Clayne.

I’ve always made clear of what I wanted, but it almost never got any approval, this one was no exception. A year of torturous waiting passed, until King Harry, Clayne’s -ugh- dad invited us for another one of his boring parties.

I came, but didn’t really care for the party, though, I only wanted a chance to see the cute form who’d been in my dreams for one whole year; Clayne.

He was there, and he almost didn’t change at all. Well, he did mention about still being underage, so maybe his growth sprouts hadn’t kicked in yet.

Suddenly, some people came up to me and talked. I made my already-perfected smile and said some stuff to them, and we carried on. I looked back to where Clayne was, but he wasn’t there.

The music changed, and some women asked me for a dance. I declined and went to search for him.

I found him with his dad. Clayne was just standing there, uncomfortable, and his dad laughing while boasting about something no one would even care about, had he not been the king.

I watched for a while, and saw the two go into a door, I followed. It led to a very long, and very well-lit hallway. Doors on each side of the hallway were closed shut, except for one.

I saw the two of them enter, and I sneaked in. For a moment, I was stunned. The beautiful body which I once cherished, was now full of scars and burns. In the room were two other women.

I couldn’t care less about them though, all I saw was Clayne. Scarred, hurt, tortured. I could tell from the look in his eyes that he was scared, but he put on a facade as if something like that would never change him.

The sound of whip and blood trailing down across his chest and stomach made me snap back to reality. Another followed, making a bruise on his arm.

The women laughed, pleased by the show of torture, while king Harry spat out hurtful words, like “You’re the reason she died,” and “You’re a bitch yourself”.

Rage filled my entire body, heart, and soul, and I lunged at the king, taking away his whip, and whipped him across his face, making that fat face bleed.

The women gasped and paled. It only needed a deadly glance, and they were sent flying, running for their lives as if they had seen the worst kind of demon. But doing this to Clayne, and actually LAUGHING about it… Doesn’t that make them the real demons?

“What the fuck did you just DO?!” Harry (he’s not considered king by me anymore) lunged at me and tried to take his whip back, resulting in me hitting him a bit too hard on the back of his neck, making him faint.

I ran to Clayne’s side. I lifted his head and he looked at me in horror. “Wh-what do you think…”

“Shh… You’re safe with me, now, Clayne… I’ll protect you…” His tears stream down his face and he leaned into my touch. I kisses him, and lifted him up.

His clothes were no where in sight, so I brought him to where he led me to. Turn right, then left, then go straight, then the 7th door to the right.

There was a maid, preparing a warm bath, complete with flower petals and stuff. She was surprised when she saw me carrying Clayne in my hands, covered only by my outer suit. She bowed and quickly went away.

I washed him first, to avoid infection to his wounds, and then applied some ointments before bandaging him and putting his clothes on.

I then put him to bed and I laid next to him, an arm over him protectively. He smiled and closed his eyes. “You really came back…” he said with a sigh.

“I would never take back my words, let alone a promise,” I said before asking in annoyance, “Why were you treated like that?”

He was silent for a good while. “My mom died,” he said without expression. “And dad blames me for it, not that I really care..” he added.

“Then, why was he torturing you?”

“No,” he shook his head. “He was auctioning me, he had always wanted to,” his voice cracked and he broke into tears again. I stroked his hair and hugged him.

I shushed him just so that he could calm down. He fell asleep after a while. I couldn’t leave him here, he’d get tortured again… But if I take him home, no matter where it is, I’d be accused for kidnapping him…

Just then, the door opened, revealing a very angry Harry. He was literally fuming. I got up and shielded the sleeping form of Clayne. “HOW DARE YOU HIT ME..!!!! THIS IS WAAAAAAAR!” he declared and stomped out of the room.

Uh-oh… Did he just… Declared war..? I braced myself when I got back home.


So, what do you think? I know, I know, I just wanna try putting in some teensy bit of war, so yeah…

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