Confusion (part 3)

This is gonna be the last part, hope you enjoy it… ^w^


This is why they hate wars. Wearing heavy armor, saying that, “This is the lightest,” or, “This is the best in stock,” or even, “This is for your safety” is not their thing. Clayne sighed as he heard his dad assign their positions.

“… Peter, you take the defence over section 14 and 15, Harold, you take offensive right here over…”

As for him, he got the front lines. Mostly because he’s the fittest of them all. He got out, straddled his horse, and rode off somewhere.

Luke spared his time to meet him, as promised on the day Harry declared war. “Sorry, for getting you into this kind of trouble…” Clayne said, just as he got off of his horse. “It’s fine… More importantly, I came here to say I’m sorry…”

“Huh? Why? Shouldn’t I be the one who’s sorry?”

“No, the war declaration is all my fault.”

“But you saved me, right?” Luke looked shocked when he said that. “No, I was… I… I just didnt want to see you hurt, that’s all…”

“So? You still saved me. You not wanting to see me hurt just…” he blushed a little, “…proves your feelings for me… Right?”

Luke smiled and hugged him. “But, what do you mean ‘proves your feelings for me’…?”

“Well, I-” A bell rang in the distance, cutting Clayne off of his words. “Sorry, I have to go…”

“Don’t die, okay?”

“I won’t, because you’ll protect me again, right?” he smiled and went away. Luke was still a little bit bothered by his cut words. What did he wanna say…?


Everything was silent. The two armies faced each other reluctantly. They’d had such good relationship, no one really wanted a war. The only one who was fired up about the war was the king, and nobody defies the king.


Everyone moved forward, but only a few started swinging their swords. Clayne deflected an attack and charged in some more. He has to stop everyone from fighting. His dad said somethings, probably to flare up their spirit.

It did.

The battle suddenly became intense, and Clayne grit his teeth to hold back his cries of pain, because swords here and there hit his armor, making him fairly dizzy.

Without anyone’s notice, night fell. The fight proceeded to the castle, with Clayne’s troop losing. His dad ordered him to go to the throne room.

Being in such a chaos, something he’s not used to, he obeyed without a second thought.

The room was empty, he realized. The place looked dim and eerie at night, and he hated that.

Someone, from the other’s troop, walked in. They both stared at each other in silence, before the armor clad knight ran towards him, sword in hand. Clayne tried to pry his sword from his hand with his sword.

An intense sword fight started. Clayne deflected and swung his sword from above, getting another miss and he turned again to his side to defend himself from an impending attack… And so on.

Until another soldier suddenly came and caught him off guard, tearing his helmet off of his head. Just as the newcomer was about to slash his head off, the other deflected it. Clayne was so shocked that he froze in place.

Everything went by so fast, when he realized it, the newcomer was at the tip of the others’ sword. “I win,” he said in an extremely familiar voice.

“L-Luke??!” Clayne shouted in surprise. Luke smiled behind his helmet, and he opened the newcomers’ helmet. “D-dad…?!”

He had a sour expression as his hands were tied with chains by Luke. “Hi Clayne…”

“Wh… What are you doing here?! And why did you attack me?!”

“I didn’t attack you, you did…” Clayne blushed as the truth settled in. “You told me that I’ll protect you, so I did.”

“So if I didn’t say that you’ll protect me, you wouldn’t do it?”

“I’d do it whether or not you told me to,” he smiled and cupped his face in his armor-clad hands, and kissed him. “Ngh…” Clayne moaned as Luke slipped his tongue in, stroking every nook and cranny he had inside his warm mouth.

They broke their kiss for air and smiled to each other.


“… By the way, Clayne,” Luke started when everything had calmed down between the two kingdoms, “What was it that you wanted to say back then?”

“Which one?”

“You know, that time before the war started…”

“Oh…” Clayne averted his eyes from him. “Well, I… At first, I was skeptical for your feelings when you said you loved me before the r-r-r… Rape… But then, I guess I kinda started having this weird feeling that you were the one who came into my room every night and… Maybe you were… And when I heard that your parents didn’t let their children go visit the neighboring countries, and the mysterious guy disappeared as well… I became suspicious…

“And when you kept your promise one year later, I realized that you were true to your words, and then I knew people who kept their promises always stay true to their words, in addition that you’re a prince, I realized that you said the truth…”

Luke hugged him tight with a satisfied smile. “I love you.” Clayne returned the hug willingly.


Thanks for reading! Don’t kill me for no-smut in this chapter =¤=

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