[Progress] Prince Takatsuki

Hello~ so I was just messing around and got up to Arc 3 owo; On translations. This story isn’t suited for many people (mainly because it’s yaoi lel, and also one or two chapters somewhere in the middle :3) and I’ve skimmed it via MTL. So trust me hauhau. I’m starting fresh from ch 0.1 (prologue) so yeah. :3 If anyone else wants to read it too, link’s right here: https://novel18.syosetu.com/n7036dg/ (fair warning, it’s in Japanese.) and the NovelUpdates page right here: https://www.novelupdates.com/series/prince-takatsukis-mind-is-coloured-pink/ as you can see some people has translated it up to chapter 14. If you’re rather read there then go ahead. /w\ I’ll need to figure things out before I actually post chapter 0.1. Like, setting up the stuffs in NU and the stuff in WordPress and yeah. Until then, Imma gonna add up the backlog ehe. ^o^)/


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