Prince Takatsuki Arc 5

Arc 5!!! Part 1. It’s like, my fav arc in this story XD Mainly because of… eh, that’ll sorta spoil it. πŸ˜€ It’s the cutest, sweetest arc imo XD Well, except for Arc 6 and 7? But those are, like, cute and sweet mixed with wtf-ness XD Also, I couldn’t really decide on which pov I should use, first person or third person, so I just alternated between them whenever it sounds right.(…???) XD


Also, this arc is sorta sad, but it’s overruled by the cuteness like XDXDXD my heart melts ❀ Another thing, my internship starts today so I’m gonna take a one-week (or two if necessary) break, so that I could figure out a routine to alternate between translating and internship (and other college stuff that they just stuff you with, I swear–). The rest of the Arc should be posted around this week-break! I just won’t announce it until arc 6 part 1 is out :v

//Things have been hectic sorry ;w;

Arc 6 will have 4 releases, in which 3 has 4 chapters and one has 5. Worst case scenario, each release would have two chapters, but let’s not hope for that :v


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