Prince Takatsuki Arc 7 Ch 4

Hi. 4 chapters left. Just a little bit more aaaaaa-- I'm thinking of moving from this site to another one, for future translations. I'm already eyeing a few works 👀 they look promising. I heard that site is customizable, as in you can code in the HTML and such there hehe. Maybe my web programming... Continue Reading →

Prince Takatsuki Arc 7 Ch 2&3

Oh gosh. Hi. Happy New Years. I've graduated. It was hectic. I learned a new and more effective way to expand my vocabulary. Here are the cursed new chapters. WordPress changed so drastically, I both like and hate it. Ah well. It's good to change and evolve. This year, I shall evolve even further. Into... Continue Reading →

Prince Takatsuki Arc 7 Ch 1

Hello. I'm still alive. And surviving. And feeling sorry for myself. XD But that's that, last arc for Prince Takatsuki. I was half-finished for months, then got busy with rl, hope you forgive me. uwu. And thank you for waiting... Enjoy~

Prince Takatsuki Arc 6 Part 5

I think I'll finish translating Arc 7 in advance as to not break my fast next month... somehow. qwq my brain melted somewhere in this arc, from trying to decipher what each sentence meant. XD I feel blessed because the way I speak on a daily basis (in my mother tongue) is more or less... Continue Reading →

Prince Takatsuki Arc 6 Part 4

R-18 warning! Kidnapping warning! Just a heads-up. :3 Enjoy~ Also, who knew coffee could cause a short-period hypertension? I never knew. _(:3//) someone cure my coffee addiction please. This arc should be done by next week (I hope so) and I missed last week's update because I was playing too much (and running away from... Continue Reading →

Prince Takatsuki Arc 6 Part 2

My tummy hurts ;w; Either I ate too much or the food I ate was bad. Uugh, note to self, once you feel suspicious stuff floating around a food place, do not eat there. ;w; Idek if I can go to work like this; I'll probably stay in the restroom most of the time at... Continue Reading →

[Progress] Prince Takatsuki

Hello~ so I was just messing around and got up to Arc 3 owo; On translations. This story isn't suited for many people (mainly because it's yaoi lel, and also one or two chapters somewhere in the middle :3) and I've skimmed it via MTL. So trust me hauhau. I'm starting fresh from ch 0.1... Continue Reading →


Whoa. It has been so long since I've last seen this site. Like. Whoa. It's been years omg XD so I'll just make this announcement short and straight to the point. I'll be trying my hands on translating stuff, yeay. Mainly BL tho (ofc what else am I gonna--) ehm, anyways, for now I'll be... Continue Reading →

Confusion (part 3)

This is gonna be the last part, hope you enjoy it... ^w^ ---- This is why they hate wars. Wearing heavy armor, saying that, "This is the lightest," or, "This is the best in stock," or even, "This is for your safety" is not their thing. Clayne sighed as he heard his dad assign their... Continue Reading →

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