Takatsuki-Ouji 0.1

Translated & edited by: Scar

The early April wind that hits my cheeks still feels just a little bit cold. A new school year has started, a new class to get used to, skirts flutter in the breeze and everyone uneasily fidgets.

Of course I am one of those people, but fortunately, I am in the same class with my friends from my first year. I stroke my shoulders in relief.

On lunch break, we arranged our desks and ate our lunch together and talked about a variety show we watched last night. Flowers were in full-bloom, and a girl with a sweet-smelling perfume came and stood next to me.

“Manaka-kun, may I talk to you for a bit?”

The girl looked sweet like her perfume, and she turned to me with a sweet smile.

“What… is it?”

“Um, talking here about it is a bit…”

My friends and classmates were looking at our interaction with curious eyes, which made her feel a bit restless.

“I understand. I’ll finish my lunch first, could you wait for me at the courtyard for a bit?”

She gave a small nod and left the classroom with slight embarrassment.

“Oi, just now, wasn’t that Akasaki Yui-chan?”

“She’s ranked second in the first-year’s prettiest girls ranking.”

“She’s really cute, huh~. You guys are keeping a relationship together~!”

Maeda-kun trembles with a ‘Kuu~’ and I giggle at him.

“We who look like simple men, we can only do our best and can’t beat you!”

That’s right. Even if we have brains, it’s common for high school boys to possess only ordinary things, whether it be physical abilities or appearances.

“I don’t understand it though?Right now, it was Akasaki-san that called Manaka.”

“Is that so? By any chance, any, any, any chance you might be confessed to by Akasaki-san, I don’t know anything else anymore.”

“No way, no way, no way. Because don’t you also know the reason I was called out? It’s absolutely not it.”

I absolutely denied it, and Maeda-kun closed the lunch box that has been finished.

“You’re right… Manaka is going to be late, throwing away your virginity huh…”

His lips curved into a grin.

“What is that. So rude.”

I did a light chop on Maeda-kun’s head, and the other two joined in the laughter, and we started talking about who’s going to be the first to lose their virginity.

I arrived at the courtyard, benches filled with couples and on the lawn were students goofing around with a ‘chira-hora’ could be seen. I searched for Akasaki-san’s figure, but she was nowhere to be seen. I walked further into the courtyard. There was a small building at a blind spot with cherry blossoms and the school building in the back. Akasaki-san’s eyes met mine as she leaned on the entrance door.

“Sorry to keep you waiting.”

“Un. I also apologize for suddenly calling you out like this.”

Akasaki-san stepped closer to me.

I knew it, she’s really cute.

Like a marshmallow, the air around us feels soft. It makes me want to look after her.

“Manaka-kun, how do I say this…”

Even though Akasaki-san’s face was (sfx: mojimoji) red, the people before weren’t my friends from before, so they would think that this was a normal confession. But I know. And my friends also know. And I’m sure that the students from my grade also know. It’s why Akasaki-san came to me.

“Manaka-kun, you see, I like…”

Don’t get the wrong idea. Akasaki-san’s word continued;

“I like, I love Yamaguchi-kun.”

… Who the heck is Yamaguchi-kun.

I almost said unintentionally, but my mouth cleverly didn’t open even a milimeter. Good job.

“Yamaguchi-kun is…?”

“Aah, you know, that class 2’s Yamaguchi-kun. He’s in the Basketball club… he’s tall…”

Aah, Basketball Club’s, tall, from the neighbouring class, I seem to have an impression on him. It is intense, but if he smiles with his eyes drooping down, he’ll look cute and the girls from the class will become noisy.

“Aah, yes. I remember, Yamaguchi-kun.”

Akasaki-san placed her hand against her chest as I nodded.

“Un, you see, I, towards that Yamaguchi-kun, I like him、and um、I want to confess my feelings to him, but, what I mean to ask is、will it be okay, I’m worried…”

Feeling uneasy and embarrassed, she looked at me with sparkling eyes.

“I see… un.”

Seeing Akasaki-san’s appearance, I couldn’t help but try to remember this Yamaguchi-kun guy.

Uum, Yamaguchi-kun, Yamaguchi-kun, Yamaguchi-kun is… Has he ever touched me?

I look back at my memories, searching for this Yamaguchi-kun guy.

…Ah, found it. If I’m not wrong, it was at last year’s Cultural Festival. Though the classes were different, it’s the same equipment staff she was talking about; a handsome, tall, and tough guy.

I try to remember more.

At that time… My hand touched his as he handed out the hand-outs. (drawing paper, poster? Business paper?)

“(Aah, Yui-chan is really cute. I’d like to get along well at this year’s Cultural Festival. I wonder if they’ll be a couple by then?)”

Memories of Yamaguchi-kun’s heart’s voice is coming back.

Hee~. Yamaguchi-kun also likes Akasaki-san, it seems like. Hee~ then it should be alright.

“Un. It’s alright I guess? Akatsuki-san’s feelings will certainly be returned by Yamaguchi-kin, so why not give it a try?”

I gave her a gentle smile to her relief. Akasaki-san smiled brightly like a flower blooming as she heard my words. (Sfx: Paaa~)

“Really? Really really??…I see. If the Love God himself says so. It’ll be alright! Thank you! I will confess to him with strong feelings! (confidence?)”

“Un, I too will root for your love, Akasaki-san.”

Akasaki-san’s smile was bright and sparkling when she said, “Love God, thank you!” and then walked away. I sat on a nearby bench as I watch her leave.

Hehe, girls in love are really cute, huh.

My nickname, “Love God”. My brains, physical fitness, and appearance, are all average. The thing is, when I touch someone, I’ll know their ‘pink’ thoughts. Stuff like the person someone likes, the type of people they like, their inclinations, the ability to understand things related to love only. I haven’t told anyone about this ability before, but I know the ‘pink’ circumstances in the brain, so I advise girls about romance, and they began to consult with me about things related to love. Hence why they call me Love God.

But I don’t give advice to everyone to avoid mischief. Only towards the people who are truly in love, who are prepared, I’ll give advice to. For those who are not serious or dangerous, I’ll say, ”I’m sorry, I don’t have powers” and refuse them. Still, I was told that some people worked well with each other, and every month, there will be people who’d come to depend on me like this. As for me, I like a girl in love’s sparkling smile, so I’d respond to them as much as I can.

Sitting on the bench, a nearby couple entered my field of vision. That’s right, I don’t want to just support other people’s love, I also want to fall in love myself. Someday, I’ll meet that someone. If it’s possible, a girl with big chests would be good. I fantasized about a girl whose face I have yet to see, when someone from my class gave a little wave and walked towards me.

Takatsuki Ryo. His existence is known by everyone in the school. It wouldn’t be surprising if someone is told that he was a prince that came out of a fantasy novel, with his pale brown hair and light-coloured skin, and his pointed nose.

“It’s such a nice weather, isn’t it…”

The voice has a sense of clarity, it was a fleeting feeling.

“It is. It was colder earlier, but now it’s warmer…”

“You’re alone? May I sit next to you?”

Takatsuki-kun is someone with a perfect appearance, but even without it, he would still speak to everyone in a friendly manner. He has even helped many people with superior brains and physical abilities. And so, Takatsuki-kun is well liked by both girls and boys. I’m sure, right now, it’s because I looked lonely, sitting on the bench alone.

“Yeah, I’m alone. Go ahead.”

Go ahead, I tapped the empty space beside me. Takatsuki-kun smiled and sat down next to me.

Notes: Un means something like hm and mmhm and those other humming noises, it could mean anything, agreement, thinking sounds, or xxx stuff sounds. :3

T/N: This is just the prologue arc. If there are stuff that could use some improvements, please, do tell. 😉 I also sorta mended a few sentences so that it’d make sense in English because, let’s face it, sometimes some sentences will make perfect sense in Japanese but makes zero sense in English. //it happens for all languages though.

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