Takatsuki-Ouji 0.2

Translated & edited by: Scar

I wonder why, but when Takatsuki-kun sits next to me, the air feels clearer. Maybe it’s just my imagination, but even birds are gathering around Takatsuki-kun. Some of them landed on Takatsuki-kun’s shoulder in a line, stopping there and scratching themselves, it might even be more suitable if Takatsuki-kun started singing along with the little birds. That would certainly be a perfect fantasy world. I’m sure that at that time, I’m just a tree branch, minding my own business, I might become the sole audience to the prince and the birds’ wonderful musical.

“You’re not with Maeda-kun and the others today?”

“Aah, yeah, I just had to do something alone.”

It’s not like I wanted to have a long talk with Akasaki-san. I just wanted to see her show of sincere love. At my words, Takatsuki-kun tilted his head, the corner of his eyes dropped, flashing with a hint of something.

“Is it that, Love God?”

I didn’t know that Takatsuki-kun knew about me. I didn’t think that he’d be interested in stuff like love stories and such.

Takatsuki-kun’s interest was piqued, because that’d mean that I knew who dated whom in the past. But I don’t know if it’s because their love was too weak or what, but none of the girls who got together with the person they liked lasted long. I feel like I’d prefer being in a smart relationship, where I’m confessed to and I accept the other party, instead of this carnivorous system where the future couldn’t be seen clearly.

“You know about that? I see, well, it’s more like a consultation though.”

With that, Takatsuki-kun seems to be convinced and gave me a gentle smile.

“I think I understand the girls’ feelings of wanting to consult with Manaka-kun.”

“Eeh? Why’s that?”

“Hmm, how do I say it. Manaka-kun has this healing vibes, some sort of healing aura maybe? There is something about you. It’s like a gentle sense of security, like you’d never betray anyone.”

I returned his words with his own words. I’ll even return it with 120% gentler aura and a sense of security.

“I’m not that kind of person.”

I wanted to see the cute and sparkling expression of a girl, it felt a bit like a kind uncle watching over his niece.

“Mhmm. Manaka-kun sure is kind.”

Said Takatsuki-kun with a smile that could melt anyone.

I swear, he’s too princely. I never knew that there was such a wonderful prince. He’s the most wonderful person in this world. I haven’t given up on this world yet.

“Thank you, Takatsuki-kun.”

If such a wonderful person says so, then I won’t deny it anymore. I’ll acknowledge it. This must be some sort of reward. For what, I don’t know.

“Love, huh. Sounds nice.”

Takatsuki-kun murmured, his eyes following a nearby bird.

I wonder if Takatsuki-kun has someone he likes? I wonder if I’ve misunderstood him somehow, if he’s got a girlfriend. But Takatsuki-kun must’ve had so many confessions, he must’ve found someone good. Aah, but what if Takatsuki-kun doesn’t know who he likes, so he’s searching for love like me? I thought so much about Takatsuki-kun’s love situation. He’s such a wonderful person, how about I use my power to help him? Takatsuki-kun has always helped me with my studies and sports whenever I needed help. I was studying together with Maeda-kun and the others, and we had problems that we couldn’t understand, and he stayed behind to help us. Mhmm, I also want to help Takatsuki-kun. How else would I help him if not by using my abilities?


I slowly inch my knee towards Takatsuki-kun’s until mine touched his.



I hurriedly retract my knees.

“What is it?”

Due to my sudden movement, Takatsuki-kun looked at me with a questioning look.

Hm? That’s odd. I thought that Takatsuki-kun is someone who is absolutely unlikely to say such Top-3 Ranking words, it seems like there is a mistake? It can’t be that Takatsuki-kun is the kind of person to have humanitarian acts ideas. Also, it’s odd, the voice in his mind isn’t some wispy voice with a fleeting feeling, but a bass voice that pounds into the brain and crawls to the ground. There must be some sort of mistake. Yes, there must be.

“U-um, n-nothing. It’s nothing.”

I shook my head and appealed to him that it truly is nothing.

O-okay, okay, okay. That must’ve been some sort of mistake, let’s try again. I touched Takatsuki-kun’s knee again.

“(Manaka is too dangerously cute he’s an angel. Aah seriously this is too much I wanna bury my gun inside him and impregnate him by shooting inside 8 consecutive times, cover him completely in my body fluids.)”

I’m screwed. This guy is a completely dangerous person.

T/N: Yosh means something like ‘Okay, let’s just do it.’ in a brace-yourself manner. And again, I took liberties to just make up a few sentences that I have no idea what it meant. Anyone got any ideas for the uncle satisfaction part? It’s confusing. D:

Thank you for Charlène Tenen for the uncle satisfaction text! That makes so much more sense. 🙂

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  1. The uncle satisfaction part, it’s probably “watching over the girl with the feeling of being an uncle watching over his cute niece”
    You could translate the whole sentence as: “I wanted to see the cute and sparkling expression of a girl, it felt a bit like a kind uncle watching over his niece”

    or something like this

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