Takatsuki-Ouji 0.3

Who is this person. The Takatsuki-kun I know isn’t such a person. The Takatsuki-kun I know would talk about gun-digging and shooting 8 consecutive times. The person covered in light and loved by spirits and small animals, spends his time calmly in a garden, that kind of person. Even if I made a mistake, he wouldn’t say something as impossible as impregnating me.

Manaka-kun? Are you sure you’re alright? You look pale… (Haa haa even if Manaka-kun looks pale I can’t stop. I wanna lick his sweat haa haa)”

My sweat, please stop pouring. I beg you please stop it.

I can’t. At this rate, I can’t stay any longer with Takatsuki-kun. There must be something wrong with Takatsuki-kun, doesn’t matter what it is. Just that right now, staying with Takatsuki-kun is too dangerous. I need to leave. I need to leave soon.

“I-I-I’m a-alright. Ah but, it’s time to get back to the classroom.”

I stood up and tried to get away from Takatsuki-kun. But then Takatsuki-kun placed his hand on my shoulder, preventing me from leaving.

“That’s no good. You look really pale, it’ll be dangerous for you to stand up. You might trip and fall. (My son is now standing fully upright…)”


“Maybe you caught a fever? (I won’t let you get away I wanna violatevioalteviolateviolate Manaka.)”

Takatsuki-kun placed his hand on my forehead to check my temperature. Takatsuki-kun’s eyes looked straight into mine, and I couldn’t look away. Takatsuki-kun’s eyes were like a wild beast’s, filled with desire, finding a prey to grind to dust.

This is bad, this is very bad.

“Ta-Ta-Ta-Takatsuki-kun. I-I’m okay so, hey wait please stay away for a bit.”

“Hm? Why, what’s wrong? Isn’t it natural to worry about a classmate’s well-being? (Haa haa shit this guy is too cute. Haa haa I haven’t done anything and yet he’s almost weeping haa haa is it okay to lick his tears that are welling up haa haa.)”

My tears please stop, don’t come out. I’m begging you please stop it, tears.

Takatsuki-kun’s hand left my forehead, travelling down to my cheek to stop me from turning away. He closed the distance between our faces and licked me with his tongue.

“Ta-Ta-Takatsuki-kun! Wai- wait, too close, you’re too close!”

“Haa haa it’s okay, this is treatment, haa haa, Manaka-kun doesn’t need to be afraid of anything haa haa because it’s okay, alright? Please rely on me haa haa Manaka, shit you’re too cute, you’re and angel, haa haa haa haa.

“Aaaaah! I’m too excited and breathless, I accidentally said what’s in my heart! I’m close, stop it, stop it!”

My desperate pleas fell flat, and Takatsuki-kun’s tongue gently licks the corner of my eyes, and proceeded to boldly lick my eyelids, eyelashes, the corner of my eyes, once, twice, thrice, as if treating it like a tongue.


I don’t know whether it’s Takatsuki-kun’s heart’s voice or his real voice, but I heard his next words, “I also want to suck on your runny nose,” and something came over me.

“It’s impossible aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!”

I shout with all my power, “Takatsuki-kun is an idioooooooooooot, iiiiiiiiidioooooooooooooooot!” and then ran away as far as I possibly could.

I went to the toilet to wash my face, to wipe away any moisture that I couldn’t wipe before, and hurried back to the classroom. I was catching my breath when Maeda-kun came to my side. “What’s wrong?” Maeda-kun asked worriedly. I tried to tell him about Takatsuki-kun’s oddity, fear and excitement jumbling up my words. But as expected, he reacted with a, “Haa, you’re joking, right. If you want to deceive me, you’d better think up of a better lie.” I was no match for it.

Yeah, that’s right. I understand. I understand Maeda-kun’s words. If it were me, listening to such absurd stories about Takatsuki-kun, would I believe it? What a joke, and I wouldn’t believe it either. From that saint-like prince, there is no reason to believe that he’d say, “I want to suck on your runny nose.” But it’s the truth. It’s an undeniable truth.

I couldn’t forget it, the feeling of Takatsuki-kun’s tongue rubbing the corner of my eye.

Fine, whatever. I understand, no one will believe it anyways, I understand. That’s why I won’t be involved with Takatsuki-kun from now on. If I don’t say anything, then it doesn’t concern me at all. That’s the only way.

The story I told Maeda-kun earlier was misinterpreted, and I returned to my seat.

“Mou, Takatsuki-kun, where did you go? We were looking for you.”

Takatsuki-kun entered the classroom with girls surrounding him.

“Hm? Sorry, sorry, I found a cute little puppy and played with it.”

“Eeeh~ that sounds nice, I also want to see the puppy…”

“I wanted to see Takatsuki-kun play with the puppy~”

“Me too~”

Kyaa kyya and the girls were excited. That’s right, Takatsuki-kun is always kind to girls, but his behaviour towards me was strange. I’m sure I’m lost or something (?). Regardless, if I keep my distance from Takatsuki-kun, it should be fine. Un, it should be alright. I won’t be able to hear his heart’s voice unless I touch him, so it’s alright.

When I thought like so, class was starting, and everyone was settling down to prepare for the next lesson. Next class is an old sentence (?), it was a grandpa teacher that taught it, so I could sleep for a while since I’m tired and I need healing(???).

Then I felt someone hit my shoulder with a ‘pon,’ hard. The person turned around and I saw a smiling Takatsuki-kun.

“It seems you’re feeling better now. (Manaka-kun cutecutecutecutecutecutecutecutecutecutecute haa haa it’s impossible haa haa I can’t hold back any more haa haa I wanna kidnap Manaka-kun on the way home haa haa haa haa)”

Impossible aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!

Somehow, everyone, please. After school, pray for me so that I could escape from Takatsuki-kun’s clutches, please pray for me. Please. Truly, truly, please.

T/N: another chapter, the last one for the prologue 😀 some sentences don’t make sense I swear, I’ll get to the bottom of it… When I have time. Eheh.

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