Takatsuki-Ouji 1.2

“Hm? You knew what?”

Takatsuki-kun asked me strangely. I felt as if I had flown far, far away.

“N-no-I-I-I knew it that Takatsuki-kun’s body is pretty good… is what I thought…”

“Is that so? I don’t really think that much about it myself…”

That was dangerous, very dangerous. I knew it Takatsuki-kun’s brain is just strange. I can’t do this anymore. I cannot keep up with his brain. What do I do. Can I ask the teacher to change my partner? No, there is no reason for me to change my partner. It’s not that I dislike Takatsuki-kun, so what do you say the reason is in class. Uun, I’ll probably be scorned by the whole school if I said that. Un, I’d rather avoid that outcome.

As I was thinking about it, Takatsuki-kun got up and pat the soil off his pants.

“Now then, how about I push Manaka-kun’s back this time?”

I refuse. I want to strongly refuse him.

Takatsuki-kun gradually comes nearer to me. That face is the usual smiling face of a prince. I gradually try to get away. But Takatsuki-kun’s strides are larger, so he came close in no time. And as the distance between us shrank, Takatsuki-kun’s expression changed. Step by step, the distance is shortened further.

Takatsuki-kun. Your breathing is rough. I wonder if he noticed it? I can hear you panting. My eyes darted everywhere. You’re not a perfect prince. You’re a pervert. Remember, I can still hear you panting.

Finally, Takatsuki-kun captured my arm, his throat bobs up and down as he gulped back his saliva.


Takatsuki-kun settled me on the ground and walked around me, a hand on my back from behind me.

“I’ll push slowly, okay? (Haa haa Manaka’s back haa haa this is bad)”

I couldn’t run away without seemingly unnatural, so I had no choice but to endure.

I can’t hear it I can’t hear anything aaaaaaaaah—I can’t hear anything aaaaaaaah.

Takatsuki-kun pushed my back gently, slowly, but his fingers were moving in a suspicious manner. It’s as if they were stroking my back, the feeling is slightly ticklish.

“(Aah, not enough, I wanna touch it directly. I wonder how soft he’ll be. Even if he hates it I wanna hold down Manaka, push him down forcibly and suck on his skin, lick him up everywhere)”

I didn’t hear anything, I can’t hear anything.

As Takatsuki-kun got more and more excited, his gentle push became stronger.

“… T-Takatsuki-kun… you’re… pushing me… too hard, it hurts…”


Listening to my complaint, Takatsuki-kun’s eyes widened. I thought he’d lighten up the pressure, but he didn’t let it up.

“…Un. But you see, pain is good when stretching. (This is bad this is bad Manaka’s eyes looking lost and still bearing the pain is bad shit Manaka’s too cute cute I can’t bear it any longer I’m getting an erection, it’s going up, up, up)”

Erection huh. I beg of you please don’t get erect. Take it somewhere else.

After that, Takatsuki-kun and I did a few more stretches, I managed to endure up until halfway through. While we were stretching, while holding my legs, Takatsuki-kun’s brain went, “Just a bit…. Harder… Ah, a bit more, I want it in the back…. Takatsuki-kun more, in the back… ah…” and I told the Physical Education teacher that I wasn’t feeling too well. I ran to the health care room to escape, not listening to the doctor’s words. I buried myself in a bed and, with a blanket on top of me, I trembled.

Takatsuki-kun and Stretching


T/N: Why is it that warming up during PE need partners? I wouldn’t know, I’m usually the loner who end up not getting a warm-up partner and end up warming up by myself. :3

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