Takatsuki-Ouji 2.1

Prince Takatsuki and the Love Letter

In the morning, when I arrived at school, there was a white envelope in my shoe box. Thinking of something, I look at the envelope that my hand picked up. On it, “Manaka Yu-sama” was written, and on the back, a little heart seal is affixed to the envelope’s mouth opening. Although I’m dense in various things, I knew at a glance that this was a love letter.

Thank you very much, dear Lord. In my 16th year of life, spring has apparently come to me, who has always been cheering for others’ love.

I moved to the staircase, standing under it and confirming that there was no one nearby, I opened the envelope. Taking the paper inside out, I unfolded it slowly.

“To my Angel”

Reading the first words of the letter, I immediately closed it again.

Un. I didn’t see this. There was no envelope from the start.

When I tried to put the paper back into the envelope, I felt a gaze from behind me. When I turned back, Takatsuki-kun was there. He was watching from behind a pillar of the landing. He was totally watching me. He’s watching whether I’m reading his letter properly.

Haa, I sighed and took out the paper again.

“To my Angel. Manaka Yu-sama, please come to the second science room after school today. Takatsuki Ryo.”

Takatsuki-kun. He can’t really hide his feelings from me. Surely, the first one to call me was you. The one writing the manly version of ‘I’. Also, I wonder if I can really handle the ‘Angel’ remarks. And also, the words Manaka Yu has some weird clumpy things around it, I wonder what happened there. Maybe you were over-excited, even though it was just a name. Un, I’ll stop thinking about it because I don’t want to know.

I let out a great sigh, putting the letter back into the envelope. I walked to class, feeling Takatsuki-kun’s gaze on me the whole time.

The classes in the day flash by quickly, school was over in a blink of an eye. Once homeroom ends, Takatsuki-kun jumped out of the classroom, ignoring the girls and his friend who called out to him. Maybe he went to the second science room.

What should I do. I don’t wanna go. I honestly want to go home and ignore his call. Why, because Takatsuki-kun is the owner of the dangerous thoughts of abducting me and confining me somewhere. But if I ignore him and went back immediately, I might just get kidnapped forcibly. Uun, what to do, what to do.

“Heey Manaka, not going home yet?”

Maeda-kun invited me to go home together.

Aah, that’s right!

“Maeda-kun, I have a favor to ask of you.”

“Hm? What is it?”

“I, uh, have to go to the second science room now, could you wait for me?”

“Ooh it’s not a problem? I’ll wait, I’ll wait.”

“Thank you!”

“Ooh buy me a crepe on the way home.”

“Un, let’s go, let’s go!”

I told Maeda-kun that I’m leaving, and he waved his hand at me.

With this, once Takatsuki-kun starts to act suspiciously, I could just tell him, “Maeda-kun is waiting for me” and walk away with a reasonable reason.

Yosh, now on to the second science room.

T/N: I couldn’t figure out what HR meant, like, what, how come there’s Human Resources when they’re still in School? Like, what? Attending HR??? Then I realised that they have this subject called Homeroom and I was like -_- HR = HomeRoom.

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