Takatsuki-Ouji 2.2

The second science room is the room situated at the far end of the East Building, 3rdfloor. Since there aren’t any grade classes around, this place isn’t visited much. Usually, this place is tightly locked and not many students could easily enter. Takatsuki-kun must be in the Science Club, which must be why he has the key to the room.

On the way to the second science room, I could see the people on the field preparing hurdles for club activities from the window.

When I see this familiar scene that would continue, even if I don’t go to where Takatsuki-kun was, then I think about Takatsuki-kun who was waiting in the second science room, I feel a slight unease and worry in my heart.

I’m definitely confused by Takatsuki-kun’s feelings. Of course, I’m more interested in girls, so I don’t think I’ll be able to answer Takatsuki-kun’s feelings.

Just that Takatsuki-kun’s feelings are troublesome, thus it is something I’d sincerely be troubled by. Takatsuki-kun’s brain may indeed be odd, but the usual Prince Takatsuki is a wonderful person. His appearance and behaviour matched, a gentle and reliable and truly lovely person.

Knowing Takatsuki-kun’s pink situation in the brain, it’s not his fault, but mine. If I didn’t have my ability, and I didn’t know of what’s happening in his head, then we might’ve become good friends. And if I get an odd feeling from Takatsuki-kun, I would be puzzled, but not feel bad. I think that Takatsuki-kun’s brain alone is not something that worthwhile to worry about.

That’s why, if Takatsuki-kun were to seriously confess to me, I would think about it properly, and even if I refuse, I still want to talk with a good/sincere attitude.

Standing in front of the second science room door, I knocked.


From inside, Takatsuki-kun’s voice could be heard. I slowly open the door.

I closed the door.

I closed the door to the second science room.

Eh, what’s this? Eeh? What is this??

The moment I open the door and try to get inside, the first thing I saw were black curtains, blocking the light from the windows in the classroom. In the darkness, the desks were put away, and some sort of magic square was in the middle, complete with candles surrounding it. And behind it, a robed person that looks like Takatsuki-kun stood, his face illuminated by the candles.

Eeeh what is this situation? That, in there, what is that?

I was starting to panic a little, when Takatsuki-kun opened the door, wearing a black robe.

“Step inside.”

No no no no no. That’s impossible, impossible, impossible. What are you trying to do? Isn’t that strange? The atmosphere in the room is completely odd.

Takatsuki-kun quickly walks towards me and forcibly pulled me into the room.

“Eeh, Takatsuki-kun, this, what’s the meaning of this?”

Takatsuki-kun dragged me into the magic square, and I immediately got out of it.

“Wa-wait, Takatsuki-kun.”

“Shut up, Lust Devil! I know that you’re the one possessing Manaka-kun’s body! ”

… Hah?

“Get out of there right now, Lust Demon! I understand why you’re targeting me! I don’t know how I somehow survive every day!! Today, you shall be defeated by me!”

… Haah???!

T/N: Wanted to say Succubus, but it really did translate as ‘Lust’ and ‘Demon’ so… Lust Devil. :3:3:3

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