Takatsuki-Ouji 2.3

What did he say? What is this person talking about? Does anyone understand what this Takatsuki-kun person is saying? Anyone who understands what Takatsuki-kun is saying, you’re welcome to explain it to me!

I cannot understand what Takatsuki-kun is implying, and my head goes blank. I couldn’t refute his words at all!

“Takatsuki-kun, Lu-Lust Demon? What’s that? I’m Manaka? I’m not that Lust Demon guy?”

“Don’t lie to me. How am I to know you’re not really a Lust Demon? If you’re not a Lust Demon, then why is it that whenever I think about Manaka-kun, I get excited all the time? I have to hide and shoot at least twice before I could calm down. No matter how you think about it, isn’t that strange?!”

Uun, it is strange, I’m not even this Lust Demon thing. Takatsuki-kun’s disposition is very weird.

“No matter how cute Manaka-kun’s appearance is, I will not be deceived. Manaka-kun, who is trapped inside the Lust Demon, wait for me. I’ll save you right now.”

Saying that, Takatsuki-kun took out a whip from a bag behind him.

Wait, whip???! Eh?? Ehh??! Don’t tell me, a physical attack?! Then what’s this magic square for?! Whips and magic squares aren’t related at all though?! It’s not something used to scare away magical beings. I can’t understand anything anymore. I give up.

Takatsuki-kun raised the hand that was holding the whip, bringing it down with a ‘pachin-pachin’ sound. Why do I get the feeling that he’s used to using it?

“Wa-wait a second, Takatsuki-kun! Let’s calm down first, okay? This isn’t good. The whip is useless. It’s dangerous!”

“That notion is useless. You cannot escape.”

“Eeh, wai-! No, stop! Don’t!”

My hips gave out and I couldn’t successfully escape. I backed away with my buttocks dragging on the floor.

Holding the whip, Takatsuki-kun walks towards me with impending doom, his eyes glaring at my feet condescendingly.

Scary… Right now, being looked down on by that sharp eyes, a ‘hii-‘ sound came out of my throat without my consent.

He raised the whip.

No I can’t stand it anymore. I can’t stand getting beaten by a whip. I thought so and closed my eyes, bracing myself.

But after that, there was no sound, nor pain that came. Slowly, I opened my eyes fearfully. I looked at Takatsuki-kun’s figure who was putting down the whip powerlessly.

“… It’s impossible. I can’t do it… Even if there is a Lust Demon residing inside him, Manaka-kun is still Manaka-kun. I can’t bear it if I hurt him.”

Takatsuki-kun bit his lip with a regretful look, letting go of the whip with a ‘thud’. Then he kneels on the floor, cursing.


I knew it, Takatsuki-kun is a good person. I’m a little bit impressed. His train of thought may be dangerous, but he does have proper reasoning somewhere in there. And that reasoning prevented him from hurting me. Thank you Takatsuki-kun.

I got up and crouched down next to Takatsuki-kun. Then I put my hands on his shoulders, saying, “Thank you for stopping,” while he knelt.

“(Wanna commit a crime wanna commit a crime wanna commit a crime wanna commit a crime)”


I released his shoulders but Takatsuki-kun immediately grabs my retreating hands.

“(I’ve thought it through, since the Lust Demon is in his body then it’s convenient. You can commit all the crimes you want to Manaka. This isn’t a chance that you want to miss.)”

Eeh?! Wha-what, Takatsuki-kun didn’t stop because he thought about me, but because leaving the Lust Demon’s magic fits with his plans? Also, what the hell is this Lust Demon?! What does it mean? What the hell is it?!

“Manaka-kun. Don’t worry…”

I’ll worry even more!!

After that, Takatsuki-kun pushed me down and straddled me, pressing my arms against the floor.

T/N: Ehehehehe

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