Takatsuki-Ouji 2.4

In the vague lighting the candles give out, I could make out Takatsuki-kun’s face. If you think about those glittering eyes that had caught me, the ones that look sad and filled with suffering, I lowered my eyebrows(?).

“Manaka-kun… (I like you I like you I like you I like you I like you I like you Manaka so cute cute cute cute)”

Takatsuki-kun’s thoughts were transmitted to me. I could feel my face heating up, and my pounding heart wouldn’t slow down.

Takatsuki-kun’s hands that were holding me down lifted to slowly, gently stroke my cheeks, then proceeding to stroke my eyelids, again and again.

“Manaka-kun, Manaka-kun… (I like you I like you I like you I like you I like you I like you I like you I like you I like you)”

He called my name again and again. He kept on calling my name repeatedly as if trying to ascertain something.

Strangely enough, I didn’t sense any suspiciously indecent feelings from Takatsuki-kun like a while ago. He was very earnest and straightforward. I occasionally hear the words ‘like’ from Takatsuki-kun’s heart’s voice, and those feelings that I hear makes my heart sting. It makes me feel frustrated.

“Takatsuki… kun… I, I’m not that Lust Demon guy?”

“…. (I understand.)”

“Could you please let me go?”

“…. (To tell the truth, I truly do understand.)”

“Could you please get off of me?”

“…. (I won’t let you go.)”

“Takatsuki-kun. I, I will not run away?”

“Manaka-kun… (I like you I like you I like you I like you I like you I like you I like you I like you I like you)”

“Aah! Damnit! You’re so annoying! If you like me so much then just admit it already!”



…Eh? I, what did I just say?

I myself was surprised by the words that flew right out of my mouth without my consent, and I slapped it with both hands.

Because, because Takatsuki-kun’s feelings of like came through, he will keep on repeating how much he likes me in his heart, but in reality, without understanding the reason, until when, even if it’s passed, will it ever change? Why don’t you try facing me properly for once?

….Aah… I see… So that’s how it is…

All this time, the feelings of annoyance that I’ve been feeling… I felt as if my heart fell down to my stomach.

I see. I was definitely happy. I was happy to receive Takatsuki-kun’s favourable feelings. From the day I first touched Takatsuki-kun, without knowing what goes on in Takatsuki-kun’s brain, I might’ve been perplexed by his confession. I should have felt happy. I should’ve properly thought about Takatsuki-kun. If I didn’t understand Takatsuki-kun’s metaphoric feelings, I should’ve touched upon that more properly.

Aah, I see… If I think that way…

“Sorry, Takatsuki-kun…”

I’m the bad guy. It’s because of my weird powers that I peeked into his brain, and because of that, I tried to put some distance between us. While I feel like denying Takatsuki-kun, I won’t forsake that last half-way attitude. To think that the popular Takatsuki-kun who was loved by all, having strong feelings for me, and because of my curiosity I treated you like that. I’m the worst.

“Why are you apologizing, Manaka-kun?”


“Manaka-kun isn’t the bad guy. The bad guy is me. This kind of thing…”

“No. That’s not it…”

I even rejected him when he held out his hand to help me get up. I took that hand, and Takatsuki-kun pulled me up to stand.

“That’s not it?”

“Un. I’m a really mean person.”

“How so?”

“I have a secret that I have never told anyone before.”

“A secret…?”


I never thought that I’d tell Takatsuki-kun about my ability. I thought that I just had to explain it to Takatsuki-kun. Perhaps it might surprise him. Perhaps he might feel uncomfortable. Perhaps he might get angry and make his brain shut up. But it’s gotten this far, I have to say it. If I always take up a rude attitude towards Takatsuki-kun, I will never advance from the me before.

“You see, Takatsuki-kun. I, I can hear the thoughts of the people I touch.”

T/N: Didn’t expect Takatsuki-kun to go to occult, I swear.

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