Takatsuki-Ouji 2.5

As the silence in the classroom stretches on, I could faintly hear people from the field, doing their club activities.

“For some reason, whenever I touch someone, I could hear that person’s thoughts on love-related things, something like an image would flow into my mind.”

Hearing my confession Takatsuki-kun stops talking and attentively listens to me.

“That’s why, I… I…”

I can’t say it… The fact that I could hear what Takatsuki-kun’s mind says… I can’t tell him properly.

Though I thought that way, I still looked straight into Takatsuki-kun’s eyes, how will those beautiful eyes change after hearing my confession? The scary words I imagined would be said didn’t come out.


“You’re saying that you know what goes on in my brain, is that right?”

Takatsuki-kun figured out what I wanted to say.

“Yes, that’s it… I’m sorry…”

I watched Takatsuki-kun’s face properly.

“I know.”

“… Eh?”

“Well, saying that I knew isn’t really true, more like I had a hunch.”

Lifting his head, Takatsuki-kun said without a hint of anger, but I still lowered my head as if I was in trouble.

“Geez, Manaka-kun is so easy to understand. The moment I touched Manaka-kun, your complexion turned pale, as if you’d heard my heart’s voice. I wondered whether you had telepathic abilities. I just don’t understand why is it only about love-related things?”

Chuckling, Takatsuki-kun said so with a smile.

“Eeh, then Takatsuki-kun knew about it this whole time?!”


“You’re kidding me, you knew?! Then what about you saying you like me?”

“Hehehe, I wonder…”


“It’s a secret.”

Like a naughty child, Takatsuki-kun chuckled and said, “Playing with a secret ability are you, Manaka-kun?”

Wait a second, this is going a bit too fast, I can’t keep up. Because, according to what Takatsuki-kun was saying, my ability to read minds is a bit pervert-ique, is what he thinks it is? And also, that thing about him liking me and calling me angel, I don’t understand whether he truly feels that way or not.

“Then… Takatsuki-kun, could I ask one more thing?”

“What is it?”

“Which one is the real Takatsuki-kun? Is it the princely Takatsuki-kun, or… that, confusing, violent one in your brain?”

To be honest, I really don’t understand.

“Hmm, I wonder, which one do you think it is?”

Takatsuki-kun grasped my chin and lifted my face so that it faces his.

“Want to try finding it out?”

“Takatsuki… kun…?”

“Which one is the real me.”

Hm? Even though I’m being touched by Takatsuki-kun, I can’t hear his thought’s voice. What? What’s happening?!

“You can’t hear it, can you? The voices in my head.”

I wanted to nod at his words, but with his hand gripping my chin, I could only make do with small, subtle nods.

Takatsuki-kun chuckled at my response, smilingly said, “Cute,” then proceeds to put his tongue in my ear, licking it.

“Wai… Sto…”

“It’s natural for you to not be able to hear it.”

His hand was grabbing my chin, and his other hand gripped the back of my head. I was trapped in a state where even if I wanted to escape, I wouldn’t be able to.

Takatsuki-kun’s tongue deftly moved, licking the outer shell of my ear, then sucking up my earlobe.

“…Tsk, stop… it… Takatsuki… kun…”

“Right now, what I’m thinking in my head, and what I’m showing Manaka-kun, are the same thing.”

“Aah, damn it…”

Being persistently attacked in the ear sent a sweet, stimulating feeling down my back, making my waist feel weak. As if anticipating that reaction, the hand that was gripping my chin went down to grab my waist tightly.

“Manaka-kun so cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute…”

“Stop, don’t… lick me…”

“Angel angel angel angel angel angel angel angel…”

“No… don’t… damn it, go away…”

“Feel me. Feel me even more.”


“Wanna violate violate violate violate violate violate violate violate violate.”

The voice that I usually hear in Takatsuki-kun’s mind, I now hear it right in my ear. Hot. Both my ears and body feels hot.

No, I can’t. At this rate I’ll be swept away. Just as I had such an impression…

“Ooi, Manakaaa, you still there?”

There was a knock on the door, and I could hear Maeda-kun’s voice from the other side.

I came back to my senses and pushed Takatsuki-kun away.

“Aah, Maeda-kun! I-I-I’m fine, I’ll be out soon!”

I quickly back away from Takatsuki-kun and went to the door.

“Aah, later, Takatsuki-kun! Next time, let’s talk about this thoroughly, okay? See you tomorrow!”

I forcefully open the door and headed towards Maeda-kun, squinting my eyes from the brightness outside of the dark classroom.

“Manaka, you took forever.”

“Sorry, sorry. Let’s go?”

“What were you two doing there?”

“Hm? Um, something, you know.”

“Ah, I get it. It’s about Hana-chan-sensei’s homework, right?”

“Ah, yeah, that, that’s it.”

I could still feel the sensation of my ears being licked, making me feel hot, while I reply to Maeda-kun’s misunderstanding. Even when, as promised, we arrive at the crepe guy’s shop.

Meanwhile, in the second science room.

“Kill Maeda kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill.”

Naturally, I wouldn’t be aware of Takatsuki-kun saying such horrific things.

Prince Takatsuki and the Love Letter


T/N: OwO

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