Takatsuki-Ouji 3.2

Why am I here, I wonder. I should be at home, watching anime right now, then why am I here.

I don’t understand why the woman in the TV monitor was sitting on a wooden chair, unnaturally placed on a cliff wall, staring at the twilight sky. Then a man came and hugged the woman from behind. I don’t understand. So I take a sip of the drink in my hand. At the bottom is the subtitle-lyrics, and at the top was a melody guide for measuring ‘pitch’, ‘stability’, and ‘expressive power’. I’ve been watching for a while now, and you can see from the melody guide, there was almost no deviation from the one singing.

That’s right. Takatsuki-kun and I are in a Karaoke place.

If I remember correctly, we were walking home together, with me walking behind the smiling Takatsuki-kun. Neither of us started a conversation, and we somehow arrived safely at the station. The irregular thing that happened would be that there was a distribution of free tickets for a downtown karaoke place five stations away, and they stopped me to give me one.

Why were they advertising a karaoke place in a downtown 5 stations away here, I have no idea. Why were they giving free tickets instead of a discount ticket for that place, I also have no idea. I know they were just doing their work, but why would the guy giving away coupon tickets give it to me and yet seemed to be deathly afraid of Takatsuki-kun? Why did I, after Takatsuki-kun said, “Since we already got it, then why don’t we go? (Angel’s glare),” get dragged here in this karaoke place without a chance to struggle?

Why, why did we, why? I’ve questioned myself over 30 times, and naturally there wasn’t any answer to those questions. By now, I’m listening to Takatsuki-kun’s 6thlove ballad.

This is useless. I absolutely can’t look him in the eye. Despite that, I could feel his gaze on me sitting next to him, as if his gaze could strip me naked and lick me all over, and still singing perfectly despite not looking at the TV monitor’s lyrics.

I kept on sucking uselessly on my drink’s straw, my eyes never straying from the TV monitor. Even if I run out of drinks, I will never take my gaze away from the TV monitor. Ever.

The staff that served us fried potatoes earlier saw what I was doing and didn’t mind. If I did mind it then I’ve lost.

♪Even if you break my heart~ I will continue on~ Protecting you~♪

Takatsuki-kun ends the song with a low, seductive voice, and put the mic away. He keeps on watching me without caring for what the grading results was. I gave him a small round of applause.

The grading result gave him 99 points. From the start, the points he’d get would be around 98-99.

This person, I don’t think he should stay in a place like this. It’s such a waste for only one person to hear his voice, it should be delivered to the whole world instead. Someone, please take a video of this person singing and upload it for the whole world to hear. Thank you for your consideration.

“I want to hear Manaka-kun singing. Why don’t you sing something?”

Did you just say that you want me to die? I’ll sing after your ultra-perfect voice becomes like that British band vocalist who is said to be alone for decades in the US.(???) Between us, our singing has such a wide gap that if I start singing, the karaoke equipment might explode.

“N-no, I, I’m not good at singing…”

“But I wanna listen, no matter what.”

Takatsuki-kun placed his hand on my thighs.

“Is it no good? (Well, even if you refuse to sing, I can always force you to sing a song called the panting song*.)”

“Aah, now I am very tempted to sing. Alright, let’s sing.”

T/N: The panting song, anyone know a better word for this? If you don’t understand what that means, then basically Takatsuki-kun is suggesting Manaka-kun that he’ll make him scream. In what way, you all can imagine. 😉

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