Takatsuki-Ouji 3.3

“Takatsuki-kun, it’s a bit too dazzling, I wonder if you’d let me stop?”

I’d like to avoid singing the panting song as much as I can, so I chose the most popular anime song with the remote control just to be safe. Takatsuki-kun made an affirmative sound and took out his smartphone and called someone. “Please excuse us.” In a few minutes, strong-looking men came in, carrying a variety of equipment.

When the song was starting, Takatsuki-kun pushed the stop button to stop it. Then Takatsuki-kun gave the men instructions, and said men moved according to his instructions.

The men set up lighting equipment that seems to be usually used for end-of-year performances, one of them confirmed the position of high-end performance acoustic microphone which could even record the sound of a small insect, and another was adjusting a camera that looked like the latest cameras used to shoot Hollywood movies. Standing at the door to this room were men who were guarding against suspicious-looking people to not approach. These were professional working earnestly.

Well, now I understand why Takatsuki-kun ordered a party room instead of an ordinary private one. This number of people and equipment wouldn’t be able to fit in an ordinary private room. Yeah, well, whether it’s a party room, and ordinary room, or a toilet, it doesn’t matter. What matters is just who the hell are you. My head is spinning uselessly, if you do a little bit of research, these people will appear in a few pages in Wikipedia, you’ll know who these professionals are.

Aah, I wanna go home. I wanna go home already..

When I was just about to feel overwhelmed, a beautiful lady came over to me and took out a make-up kit, gave an ‘Excuse me’ and started to put make up on my face. Wait, make-up?! In my surprise I refused. To my “Stop!” the lady halted her movements and looked towards Takatsuki-kun.

Takatsuki-kun called up the make-up lady, and she hastily went over to him, and they started to converse with serious faces. Due to the noises from the various equipments being set up, I couldn’t hear what they were saying. Words like “An angel… natural look… no meaning…” in Takatsuki-kun’s voice and “That’s wonderful… I’m moved” the sound of the lady feeling moved is all I could hear.

I wanna go home. I wanna go back home.

All the settings has been completed, the staff moved so that they wouldn’t be captured in the viewfinder in any way. In the middle of all the staffs, Takatsuki-kun was sitting like a movie director. The lights lit up, the acoustic microphone couldn’t shop up in the camera, and was put in a position just right near me. I said something but I couldn’t open my eyes due to the lights, so Takatsuki-kun instructed the people to dim down the illumination, and with the lights dimmed down, I opened my eyes. Then, with a “Alright, start!” from Takatsuki-kun, the paused song started.

I wanna go home. I really want to go back home right now.

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