Takatsuki-Ouji 3.5

“You’re trembling. Am I scary?”

When he asked that, his fingers gently entwines my hair, and he brought his lips close to kiss it.

I shook my head to his question.

“I want to escape but, since my Manaka-kun is here so escaping is not an option.”

Takatsuki-kun took my hand and placed it on top of the tent in his pants.

…i-it’s big… n-no, that’s not it, this is considered molesting! This person is a pervert! Someone! There’s a molester in here! Aah, but because I’m the one touching Takatsuki-kun’s then doesn’t that mean the molester will be me? Eeh?!

I tried to retrieve my hand, but Takatsuki-kun was unmoved, on the other hand, he put his hand under my armpit and pulled me up, forcing me to stand.

The distance between us was reduced. And then he ground against my hand on his crotch, pushing my hand harder against it.

“Takatsuki-kun… I don’t want it, please leave…”

“Hm? Nope. (Ah this is bad… I could come with just this…)”

Don’t come. No, not come. Excellent people shouldn’t be able to come that easily.

“Please, stop….”

I pleaded once more, and Takatsuki-kun gave me a smile, and he put my hand away.

Thank god… It’s over….

Unexpectedly, he let go of me rather easily.


He stroke my cheeks with the back of his hand.

“Let’s kiss.”


He said such a horrible thing with gentle eyes that could melt anyone.

“If you kiss me, I won’t do anything more to you, Manaka-kun. I’ll let you go.”

No no no no no no. It’s impossible impossible impossible. It’s impossible I tell you, impossible. Because the kiss you meant is that kiss, right? It’s the kind of kiss that you’ll do to someone you like. I don’t mean to boast but, from the moment I was born, I have never kissed anyone before. I’ve never even dated anyone before, so naturally I would have never done that kind of thing before.

Don’t you understand? And you want to kiss in such a place.

First kiss partner: Classmate (male)

First kiss location: Toilet

It’ll look like that. It’s impossible, right? If anyone were to ask, Manaka-kun rejected is the correct answer! You agree with me right?

“Takatsuki-kun…. I’m sorry, I can’t do it.”

I refused properly, but Takatsuki-kun still has a smile on his face.

“I see. Well, it can’t be helped, huh. (Yes well I’ll have to fuck Manaka in the toilet and shoot 5 consecutive times until he drips from my emission)”


Don’t joke about it! That’s impossible, I refuse! In short:

First Kiss Partner: Classmate (Male)

First Kiss Location: Toilet


First Time Experience Partner (Side Penetrated): Classmate (Male)

First Time Experience Location (Side Penetrated): Toilet

It’ll look like that! No no no nonononono! If my future partner heard of my first sexual experience then I wouldn’t be able to explain that erotic-doujinshi-like situation!!

I-it can’t be helped then… It’s better than getting fucked in the toilet.

In my distress, I made a decision;

“L-l-let’s kiss, let’s just kiss.”

I put my hand on Takatsuki-kun’s shoulder, I can’t focus with my face feeling so hot.

“That’s why… Takatsuki-kun, your eyes… Close your eyes please…!”

I stood on my tiptoes to get closer to Takatsuki-kun’s face.

“…! (A blushing Manaka is really an angel!!! H-he’s so cute, I’m gonna die!!!)”

T/N: This chapter sounded so weird to me, I’m not sure which part makes me feel like it’s weird? Also, Takatsuki-kun dying of cuteness overload :v sounds very possible.

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  1. Sometimes I can’t take takatsuki kun seriously cuz even though he’s super Pervy in mind he also shows these innocent reactions to simple kiss or blush > <
    Thank you for the chapters!!

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