Takatsuki-Ouji 3.7

Both Takatsuki-kun and I left the karaoke shop once I managed to recover my mental and physical strength.

Takatsuki-kun walks beside me in the streets in a good mood, smiling all the way. And the people who were hit with Takatsuki-kun’s shininess couldn’t help but hold their hearts, dazzled.

“Manaka-kun, what should we do now? Wanna go find somewhere to eat, then go home?”

“Hmm, it’s getting dark so I should be getting home soon.”

“I see, then I’ll accompany you until you reach your house.”

“No, no, it’s alright! My house is in the opposite direction of your house, right? Besides, I’m a guy so I’ll be okay!”

I have a bad feeling if Takatsuki-kun knows where my house is, so we have to part here and go home separately!

“Really? But I’m worried…”

Takatsuki-kun wonders with a ‘hmm’.

“Ah, that’s right.”

Thinking of something, he told me, “Wait a sec,” and then entered a discount store filled with young people just a few meters away.

I don’t know what Takatsuki-kun might want to do, but I decided to wait for him quietly in the bicycle parking lot of the store.

As I was waiting for Takatsuki-kun, a few people came out from the store entrance. They had strange hairstyles with flashy colours, and several tattoos could be seen on their arms and neck.

“Damn it, is it that impossible to eat a girl then go home?”

“You’re still saying that?”

“No money, no girls, don’t mess with me!”

“There ain’t much you can do, kenji-san.”

“Damn it, I’ll kill you!”

They laughed loudly, smiles stretching their faces.

Rather than anything, the flashy guys gave off a scary feeling.

Step by step, they come closer, the fear in my heart magnified. There were bicycles in the parking lot, and apparently, these flashy bikes also belongs to them.

I erased my presence as much as possible and tried to become one with the bicycle parking lot’s wall. But then, my eyes met the eyes of the guy who has a dragon tattoo on his arm, and his attention zeroed in on me. The dragon tattoo guy grinned, looking like the cat who found a canary, and approached me.

“Ah, student-kun? What are doing in a place like this?”

Thanks to the dragon tattoo guy calling out to me, the other guys also noticed me and walked towards me.

“Eh… Umm, I’m waiting for a friend…”

“Hmm, is that so. Well, student-kun, I have a favour to ask of you.”

This is bad. This flow of events is like a manga’s event pattern.

“You see, we’re short on money.”

“Yeah, yeah. We’re practically broke.”

“Why don’t you help us/lend a hand?”

I am surrounded by these 3 men.

“Umm… I’m sorry. I don’t have any money on me…”

That was the truth. I stopped Takatsuki-kun from paying the whole bill back in the karaoke store, and paid half. Now there’s only an embarrassingly few hundred yen in my wallet.


“You take us as idiots?”

“No, no, that’s not it! I really don’t have any!”

I hurriedly took out my wallet, opening it and swinging it around, appealing to them that there really isn’t anything inside.

“Tch, it’s useless.”

One of the guys clicked his tongue.

Thank god. They understood. With this, they’ll give up, right? Or so I thought.

“Nope, although the wallet was useless, you’re still useful as a sandbag.”

The other men agreed to the dragon tattoo guy’s proposal.

Eh? Sandbag? What, that’s a lie, right? You decided to beat me up?

The dragon tattoo guy grabs my arm and tries to drag me to a secluded place.

“… tsk, please stop!”

My face scrunched up from the pain due to his grip  as I told them to stop, but the man would not let me go.

“Hey, what’re you doing?”

At that moment, Takatsuki-kun appeared with a shopping bag in his hand.

T/N: Takatsuki-kun to the rescue~

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