Takatsuki-Ouji 4.1

Prince Takatsuki and the Manaka Recapturing Operation

My morning routine consists of walking my beloved dog, Tamasaburo. Tamasaburo is a Shiba Inu who is friendly and has strong loyalty towards me. I take care of him often. I really love Tamasaburo, and in my family, he’s like my number one friend.

Leaving the house, we went to our usual walk course for this morning’s walk. En route in the park, we took a brief break time.

“Ah, Good morning, Ryu-san.”

“Yuu-kun, good morning.”

Ryu-san and I often meet in this park, and end up being walking companions for our morning walks. Ryu-san’s beloved dogs were two Doberman dogs, Kojirou and Yuujirou. I first met both Kojirou and Yuujirou about half a year ago. I was impressed by the bearing of the two. It’s the reason why I approached the sitting Ryu-san, taking the chance to talk to him. “They’re very cool!!!” was what I said. Because the names of our dogs were very Japanese, I remembered that flowers bloomed in our conversation.

Ryu-san is a gentleman in his late 20s, his bearing and manliness did not lose to his two dogs. I secretly admire him, and aspire to be a masculine adult like Ryu-san in the future.

“Looks like today’s weather is going to be good.”

“Seems so. Ah, but, this morning’s weather news anchor said that the good weather won’t last once afternoon comes.”

I sat down next to Ryu-san on the bench. Tamasaburo, Kojirou, and Yuujirou were playing friendlily with each other.

“Today you’re not in your uniform.”

“Today is a visitation holiday.”

“I see. So, it’s a leisure day today.”

“Yep, my plan for today is to just laze around.”

“Hey now. You’re still young, go play something more exciting.”

“Ahaha, then I’ll play something exciting while lazing around, how about that?”


Ryu-san gave my head a noogie. I feel at ease when I’m with Ryu-san, without any sense of caution nor hesitance. If I had an elder brother, I guess this is how it’d feel like. As an only child, I enjoy playing make-belief, pseudo brothers with Ryu-san.

“Then, since you’re free right now, why not come to my house?”

“Eh, will it be okay if I go to your house and play?”

“Of course it’s alright, come, come.”

“What about your work?”

“I’ll be out in the morning, but I can spare some time in the afternoon.”

“Will that really be alright?”

“It wouldn’t matter if I took half a day off.”

“I’ll go! I wanna go! It’s been a while since I’ve seen Daigoro, I’d like to see him!”

This Daigoro I mentioned, is Ryu-san’s huge, hugeTosa-inu. He’s so huge that whenever he’s taken out for a walk, he’d scare and surprise passers-by. He couldn’t get a peaceful walk on this street that it seems like he could only walk in places with less people, like a beach or a bigger park or something. Before, Ryu-san brought out the Tosa-Inu out once for me, because I’ve never seen it before. I heard from Ryu-san before, that it was mischievous, but once I saw him, he was completely different from what he said. He was very obedient and quiet, and I greeted him, “Hello,” and he enthusiastically greeted me back by licking my cheeks and mouth. Ryu-san had to forcibly pull him off of me, it was a near-impossible feat to do. Ryu-san’s face at that time truly surprised me.

“Well then, let’s meet again later, at 1 PM, right here.”

“Yes! OK!”

With my face full of smiles, I turned towards Ryu-san. “Well then, please take care of me later!” I bowed my head and continued on walking Tamasaburo, leaving the park.

“Young master. At last….”

“Yeah. Finally.”


“Not yet. Say that after I properly have him in my hands.”


“He’s finally walking into my hands. My Yuu…”

Ryu-san stroked Kojirou’s head while the other man, who called him young master, stood next to him. Those eyes stared at me with pregnant desire. “If we don’t hurry home, we’ll be late for breakfast~ Come on, hurry up!” I was having fun walking with Tamasaburo in a hurried manner that I didn’t notice the gaze. This is an omen for what will happen in the near future. I did not even notice that the dark clouds were already appearing, signifying the end of the clear-sky afternoon.

T/N: So. Many. Long. Paragraphs? Sentences? No, I’m sure it’s called paragraphs. Orz.

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  1. Oh god manaka is a magnet for thug pervs. How did he not read his scheming mind? Come collect your boi, No. 1 Pervy Prince (I’m surprised takatsuki isn’t stalking him in the mornings)

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