Takatsuki-Ouji 4.11

Takatsuki-kun had the weak-kneed me sit on the sofa, and then went to the kitchen to get a drink.

I looked around and saw, black and white based furniture, unified by the simple miscellaneous items placed here and there, and a few fashionable miscellaneous goods from overseas seemed to pop out. As expected, I feel like Takatsuki-kun has a good sense of style when choosing things.

The indirect lighting hits Takatsuki-kun, who was standing in the kitchen, and it looked as if he’s in a movie scene.

“You’ll drill a hole if you stare so much.”

I was a little bit embarrassed for getting caught staring by Takatsuki-kun.


Flustered, I turned away, and looked at the TV, then I hear Takatsuki-kun’s smiling, chuckling voice.

I noticed, and stole a glance at Takatsuki-kun again, and I saw his sweet smile, and he poured hot water into the cup in his hand. (T/N: Don’t do this, it’s dangerous. You should put the cup on the table first.)

Aah, damn, I like him. I like him a lot. I like everything about him.

“Here you go.”

“Thank you.”

Takatsuki-kun gave me a cup and sat right next to me. There was a nice smell coming from the cup that he passed.

“You like black tea, right?”

“Mmhm, I like it. How did you know?”

“Yeah. Manaka-kun, you’d buy black tea at the school’s vending machine, at that karaoke store we went to before, you’d order milk tea, the milk tea is also the one bought from the convenience store you frequent to, Manaka-kun, and even when going out shopping with your family, your mother gave me some black tea teabags while she stocked on some more.”

“Oh… huh.”

Uh, wait a second, Takatsuki-kun. Of course you had a conversation with Sarah like it’s an obvious thing to do, and I do understand that episodes with the vending machine and the karaoke shop. But you know, how did you know about me buying the tea bags in the convenience store, Takatsuki-kun? It’s odd, isn’t it? Hm I guess it’s better to ask him about this, huh. And the security buzzer earlier, the one that Ryu-san squeezed, it had a transmitter and a listening device in it, I guess it’s better to ask about those, huh. (T/N: No, wait, who’s Sarah, Manaka’s mom???)



Takatsuki-kun naturally places his hand on my shoulders, and touches my bangs with his other hand, and slightly increased the force in which he’s using to hold it, and with a sweet, sweet, princely smile, he faced me, “What is it?”

Aah, damnit, I like him. I really, really like him. Even the listening device doesn’t matter, I still like him.

Hauu, I let out a long breath, and shook my head to regain myself, ‘Nope, no. It’s useless (to get distracted right now).’

“Ta-Takatsuki-kun, th-that is, are you, like, my stalker…or something?”

The moment I asked, Takatsuki-kun’s mouth went ‘Pu~!’ and he burst into laughter.

‘Doki doki’ my heart pounded, and I was expectant, but I also felt a little foolish, so I pouted.

“Why are you laughing.”

“Sorry, sorry, I mean you said stalker…”

“Because you know a lot about me, and furthermore, I heard from Ryu-san earlier that the security buzzer had a transmitter and a listening device in it.”

Aah, I see, he narrowed his eyes for a moment, and in a flash, he returned to his princely smile and caressed my cheeks.

Also, somehow I can’t hear Takatsuki-kun’s heart’s voice. I don’t know why I can’t hear his hidden, true thoughts.

“Yes, true, that may be true, who knows.”

His fingertips that moved from my cheeks to my eyelids gently stroked my eyelashes. I listen to Takatsuki-kun talking in a whisper-like voice as if hypnotized. And then, everywhere he touched, no matter where it was, his temperature will stay and give me the tingles, and I could feel the sweet numbness.

“I am Manaka-kun’s stalker. It can’t be helped then, for you to say that, but who knows.”

His fingertips stroked my eyelids, my eyebrows, then back to my cheeks, before going to my lips this time.

“Manaka-kun, do you hate it? A stalker that looks like me, would you hate it?”

Hate? Though you ask that, wouldn’t I like it? Takatsuki-kun seemed to have full confidence that I can’t change. Certainly, the words “I hate it,” didn’t come out of my mouth.

Takatsuki-kun grasped my chin and his lips closed in on mine for a kiss, but I leaned back and avoided it.


That’s odd, he naturally should accept, Takatsuki-kun thought, tilting his head curiously.

“…. I’m not.”


“I’m not easy.”

I told Takatsuki-kun in a shaky voice.

“Because it’s Takatsuki-kun, because I like Takatsuki-kun, I feel good when we kiss, I like seeing Takatsuki-kun’s smiling face. But, that’s why, I don’t want to be scolded and have my kiss be misinterpreted.”*

I said seriously, looking straight into his eyes.

“Takatsuki-kun, you might’ve had a lot of romantic experiences. Maybe those people, compared to me, are somehow far, far easier (to capture), I wouldn’t know. But you see, I’m a guy. Because I like you, I don’t want to be easily swept away by the currents, Takatsuki-kun. In my opinion, I want to be equals with you, Takatsuki-kun. That’s why.”

I pushed Takatsuki-kun down onto the sofa.

“Don’t call me easy (to obtain) anymore.”

I pressed my lips (onto his).

I don’t know any kiss methods (techniques?). I’m not skilled like Takastuki-kun. Right now, my lips hurt a bit from the excessive force since I didn’t understand the sense of distance between us and my force-moderation. I’m sure that Takatsuki-kun also felt the pain. Not cool. But, I don’t want to be swept by Takatsuki-kun’s pace all the time. Isn’t it okay if I drag Takatsuki-kun into my pace?

Slowly, I released the lips that I seized.

“Takatsuki-kun. I like you. Please go out with me.”

Once the tradition is done, a sense of achievement welled up at Takatsuki-kun’s blinking (*blink blink what just happened*) expression, and I laughed, ‘hehehe,’ while smiling in satisfaction.*

T/N: *I don’t want to be scolded and my kiss be misinterpreted: I am super confused here O-O Raws: でも、だからってはぐらかされるようにキスされたり誤魔化されるのは嫌だif anyone wants to give it a try.

*The tradition Manaka-kun mentioned is the “Suki desu, sukiatte ni kudasai,” or the “I like you, please go out with me,” tradition. Often found in animes (imo, I watched a lot of shoujo animes back then… :v it’s like the only word I knew //jk).

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