Takatsuki-Ouji 4.13

The childhood play he just said had started, Takatsuki-kun got into his role and shot through, a sharp glint in his eyes as he looked at me.

“Takatsuki… ku–”

“That’s not right. It’s Ryo-kun, correct?”

“Ryo… kun?”

Calling Takatsuki-kun by his first name is somehow embarrassing, even if this is a setting, and my voice became small.

“Yuu, all this time I’ve always been in love with you.”

Takatsuki-kun said as if he truly did suffer a lot. The more I look at that earnest expression, the more my heart hurts.

This is, an act, isn’t it? This is a childhood play to that guy right? Takatsuki-kun, you really could do anything, couldn’t you. Why don’t you and become an actor.

“What are you thinking about.”

Takatsuki-kun deftly took of the belt from my jeans, and then he tied both of my hands with said belt..

Whether it’s Takatski-kun or Ryu-san, they like bondage, I swear;

“Since you could afford so much room, being somewhat rough sounds alright.”

When I thought that my chin has been captured and my lips touched, he forcibly twisted my tongue and stirred up the inside of my mouth.

“Tsk… nnh…”

His tongue thrust from the corners of my mouth to the deepest parts of my throat, changing its’ angle many times. I tried to escape by turning my head, but he persistently chased, forcibly held my face in place and attacked me. I don’t know whose saliva it was, it dribbled down my cheek from the corner of my mouth. My mouth was violated, it was so forcibly, violently violated that it’d not be weird to express it like so.

“Taka… Hurts… Stop…. Tsk.”

I can’t breathe properly. My hands are restrained, my body couldn’t move thanks to Takatsuki-kun’s body riding on top of me, the only part of my body that I could move were my feet, and to appeal resistance, I could only flail them.

When Takatsuki-kun released my lips, he caught the dribbling saliva by licking on my cheek and neck column, looking very satisfied as he looked down at me.

“Smells like an animal.”

Now that he said that, I do remember that I was thoroughly licked by Daigoro earlier.

“Ah, that’s right! Sorry, I must stink real bad, huh.”

“I can’t stop, I’m so excited.”

Ah, this is Takatsuki-kun’s real intentions huh. Earlier before, you did go ‘haa haa’.

With the whole childhood setting being blown over and his excitement uncovered, hitting my thigh was enough to put Takatsuki-kun’s assertion down.

“Takatsuki-kun, I want to go take a bath. I was drenched in sweat, and also Daigoro added his saliva.”

“Not-allowed. Also, you’re also not allowed to call me anything else other than Ryo-kun, alright?”

This setting is still continuing…

But, I, don’t want to continue like this.

“Takatsuki-kun. I somehow understand that Takatsuki-kun likes that kind of thing. I also somewhat understand a little bit about this weird fetish. But you know, I, for my first time, I don’t want it to be between childhood friends, nor between siblings, I want it to just properly be the usual Takatsuki Ryo and Manaka Yuu.”


“Is it, not allowed…?”

I told him my intentions. I cannot concede here. I decided that what was truly important will not be swept away.

“I surrender. It’s my defeat, Manaka-kun. (What’s with that request, it’s far too cute, aah seriously cute cute cute cute cute cute my angel angel angel angel angel angel angel angel angel angel angel angel.)”

Ah. It’s the usual heart’s voice. Eh but, earlier I couldn’t hear Takatsuki-kun’s heart’s voice even if I wanted to. Don’t tell me, Takatsuki-kun, you could manipulate your heart’s voice freely so that what you don’t want heard will not be heard? Don’t tell me, am I being played?

“It’s okay. I’ll listen to Manaka-kun’s request. But, no baths are allowed.”


“Please listen to my request too, please?”

Takatsuki-kun said that, and flipped my T-shirt and licked my side with a ‘perori’. (SFX)

“Wai… ngh… nn…”

Takatsuki-kun’s tongue travelled back and forth to my armpit many times, this time I started to insist a little bit, and his tongue crawled to my nipple, rolling it. Getting that body part twisted in such a way made tingles and tickles and a sweet stimulus, I tried to divert my senses from the stimulation. With the tip of his tongue, he stroked the protrusion, ‘korokoro’, and my body jolted a bit in surprise.

“Nn… ahn…”

For some reason, the voice that leaked out sounded sweet, like a woman’s voice, and the thought that the sound came from my mouth was very embarrassing, so I tightened my lips and tried to shut up.

“Nope, let me hear your voice.”

The mouth that I shut tightly earlier was easily pried open by Takatsuki-kun. And once again, he kissed me deeply.

“Manaka-kun, I like you.”


“I love you.”

“… so unfair, that’s so unfair… uhn.”

Even though I wanted to say something else, Takatsuki-kun continued the kiss.

“How is it unfair?”

He released my lips and said so.

“…Because… nnh, saying… ahn… those kinds, of things… tsk…”

As I try to speak, my lips kept being pecked on.

“Saying what kinds of things?”

Before the approaching lips came into contact;

“I don’t want to do anything, anymore.”

At the same time as I said that, I gave him an appealing gaze, he attacked me with a storm of kisses, with the sole purpose of devouring everything kiss. With that sole purpose, he sucked on my tongue, sucked out my saliva, licked on my teeth, it seems to feel like he wants to devour me.*

“Those words, don’t regret it.”

The low tone, resounding voice stimulated my brain.*

T/N: …I think I ate too much. Contemplating on buying clip paint studio hmm… I mean it’s either those pair of droolable boots or clip paint studio… D: R-18 warning for next chapter!

*With the sole purpose… Like, before every coma in that sentence, the words would have ‘the sole purpose of…’ Like, for the sole purpose of sucking my tongue, for the sole purpose of sucking my saliva, and it got really repetitive so I just changed it into that ^^

*The low tone resounding voice… Uh. Not sure how to structure (???) this sentence. It’s like, ‘His low voice resounded in my brain, stimulating it’ or something. Raws: (低音の響くその声が僕の脳髄を刺激した。) if you’re curious.

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