Takatsuki-Ouji 4.14

The arm restraint was released, he easily took me into his arms and brought me to the bedroom. Placing me on the double bed, Takatsuki-kun could not “wait”, and he greedily devoured my lips like a starving beast. Wanting to answer those feelings, I looped my arms around Takatsuki-kun’s back.

“(Manaka Manaka Manaka Manaka Manaka Manaka I like you I like you I like you I like you I like you I like you I like you)”

Takatsuki-kun’s feelings, which I thought of as madness before, now makes me feel happy. I slowly pushed away Takatsuki-kun’s face and with my freed lips;

“I love you too, Takatsuki-kun.”

There I said it. Not expecting my words, his face went ‘bowa~’ and turned deep red, aah damn! This is the first time I’m not gonna allow this, and Takatsuki-kun combed through his own hair. That appearance is cute, I thought, and touched Takatsuki-kun’s forehead with a kiss.

Our heat-filled gazes mutually met, again Takatsuki-kun’s face came closer and closer, after that he buried his face into the nape of my neck. A tongue crawls up my neck, and at the same time, a hand got under my shirt, pinching the protrusions without hesitation.


‘Piriri’ and I felt a sweet numbness making me arch up, my body lifting off of the bed’s surface.

The shirt was removed, and the upper half of the body was thoroughly licked. Takatsuki-kun’s tongue aimed at the parts of me as if in inquiry on which gave the most reaction, persistently licks and playfully bites.

“Taka… tsk, kun… ah…nn.”

“”No matter which part it is, your body is sweet, Manaka-kun.”

“I’m not… ah… sweet, there… no… nnnhaah.”

“Is your whole body an erogenous zone, I wonder?”*

He thrust a tongue into my ear, licking it, the strength left me and I couldn’t help but twist my body.

“I knew it, your ears seem to feel it the most huh.”

So cute, he whispered close to my ear, ‘zokuri’ and the body trembled in pleasure. I tried to escape by turning my face to one side, but then he’d just attack the other ear. “You can’t escape,” and his whispered voice made me react, making my panting voice even louder.

While his tongue attacked my ears, Takatsuki-kun’s hand finally reached my already-reacting genitalia. With his hand in my jeans, directly stroking, stimulating a certain part of my body, I try to escape by twisting my body away.

“I told you that you can’t escape, didn’t I.”

I was quickly stripped off of my jeans and underwear, finally I was as bare as the day I was born. Shyness welled up inside as my thin and pale body was exposed, I tried to hide it with the towelket* beside me.


Takatsuki-kun robbed the towelket away and threw it behind. His fingertips passed over my body, “Over here, and over here, and over here,” until he finally ended  it at the tip of my genitalia, thinking out loud;

“Everything, is mine.”

And he wrapped it around his mouth, holding it there.

“Wai, Takatsuki-kun! Don’t, it’s dirty so… nngh… aahnn, sto-oh…!”

I tried to pull Takatsuki-kun’s head away, but he gathered my arms and suppressed it on the bed. Every time his lips and tongue rubbed on it, pleasure ran rampant throughout my whole body.

“No way… enough… stop it… nnhaaah, gonna come…. Stop.”

No, no, I shook my head, but on the contrary, it made him speed up his rubbing.

“… nn…. aaaAH…!”

White semen was mercilessly released into Takatsuki-kun’s mouth. ‘Pikupiku’ there was a lingering finish, and Takatsuki-kun slowly released me from his mouth, and I got up in a panic;

“So–! Takatsuki-kun, please spit it out! I’m sorry!”

I took two, three sheets of tissues and hurriedly gave it to Takatsuki-kun, but Takatsuki-kun didn’t accept it and gulped with a ‘gokkuri’.

“Eh… no way…”


I was taken aback, surprised, while Takatsuki-kun muttered that looking satisfied.

There’s no way it’d be sweet! That kind of thing can’t be sweet, there’s just no way! Even I kind of know that! Before, every time Maeda-kun pushed me to watch those ecchi videos, those ecchi-onee-san would always say, “It tastes weird.”!* That’s why it’s weird when you say that it tastes good! (T/N: Sorry idek anymore…)

“Manaka-kun, I can’t hold back anymore.”

Takatsuki-kun who’d drank my semen, his excitement meters seemed to have been overcome, his eyes completely became silly.

From the bedside table, he took out a bottle of transparent liquid, wetting his own hands with it.

Eh, and before I could react, both of my feet were held and drawn (towards Takatsuki-kun).

“Manaka-kun, I’ll try to make it not hurt, but please stay strong.”

“Eh, what… nnh—Aah!”

I felt a shock and discomfort in my secret place, and it was too late when I understood that it was Takatsuki-kun’s finger. A fingertip was slowly inserted, inching it deeper and deeper in order to ease the inner part.


“…tsu, aaah…”

“Slowly breathe out, it’ll be alright.”

Unexpectedly, with the increasing number of fingers, there was an unexpected force entered, and I placed my arms around Takatsuki-kun’s neck and cuddled.

“Manaka-kun is so cute. I’ll make you feel good soon, okay?”

The lotion dribbling from inside made the secret place slippery, the fingers inserted moved violently as they rubbed.

“Nnha… Sto… it’s ripping… su, ah… don’t move, please…”

“Feeling good?”

“I don’t… understand… aah.”


“Damn it… Ah… nnhaa! It, feels good… so-oh, stop alrea… nnh.”

Cute Manaka, Takatsuki-kun muttered in a whisper, right into my ear, and he slowly took out his fingers and removed his pants, exposing his genitalia.

There was a vague knowledge. I do have some knowledge, but this is the first time I’ve seen Takatsuki-kun’s thing, and I felt an imposing feeling of fear. It’s huge, it’s gonna go in? That thing, will I be alright if that thing goes into me? Won’t there be a huge, bloody, terrible accident?

“Manaka-kun, is it okay?”

I wish I could say NO.*(NO is written in English.)

No, I’m also a man. I don’t want to become a pathetic man who turns his back on something once he decided on something. Whether it’d become a bloody catastrophe or a feeling of sharp pain, this is for the sake of my beloved Takatsuki-kun.

“It’s okay, Takatsuki-kun. Please come with a ‘bakon’.” (T/N: Idk, Sfx? Bam?)

Takatsuki-kun chuckled and smiled at the determination I expressed, he aimed his genitalia and slowly entered.

“….nnah… nhnnn.”

I feel an unexpected mass enter, one that cannot be compared to fingers alone.

“…tsk, ease up, Manaka-kun.”


“Ease up Manaka, are you going to stop eating me?”

“Bu…t, it hurts….ss—ah, nngh.”

To distract my senses, he descended to give me a deep kiss. I knew it, kissing Takatsuki-kun is very pleasant, and the nature and power escaped. Seeing the chance, Takatsuki-kun pushed himself further inside. (T/N: ???)


“Here, see, the whole thing is in.”

It’s… in? That thing?

Thanks to the solution and lotion earlier, there was no pain. It seems like it hasn’t expired yet.

“Haah, this is inside Manaka-kun… it really is the best.”

Takatsuki-kun skilfully moved his hips (and stirred) inside me.

“Aah… nnh, please don’t… move yet… ahn.”

“What’s wrong? Does it not feel good here?”

Takatsuki-kun pulled back a little bit and pushed in aiming at my inner parts, ‘pikuri’ and more pleasure boiled more than ever.

“Naaahh! What… ahn, sto-ooh….tsk.”

“Here? Is this the place that makes Manaka-kun unravel the most?”

Takatsuki-kun moved his waist to aim and hit at that one place vigorously. Every time, there were sparks from the pleasurable stimulation given.

“No… already, sto… p—aahnn, aaah.”

“Feels good?”

“Taka… ku, hn… feelsh goo-ooh…”

“I can’t stop, Manaka, more, want me more.”

“Takatsuki-ku, h… I like you.”

Holding me in his arms, Takatsuki-kun’s movements became even more violent, and in accordance to that, my pleasure peaked.

“Ah… nnaaaah…”

“…tsk, kuh!”

We both finished. Takatsuki-kun’s was thrust deeply into me, and he finally, finally released the heat.

“Tsk… already… don’t push… any more…”

“Nope, I won’t, not yet.”

Inside my stomach is warm, and my body also has lingering sweet numbness as I stare at Takatsuki-kun.


“Manaka-kun, so cute.”

Finally, he’s stopped ejaculating. I thought that he’d pull out but;

“Ahn… eh.”

Takatsuki-kun’s genitalia inside me that had just ejaculated wasn’t pulled out, it once again became plump and energized, aiming my inner parts.

“No way… why…”

“Didn’t I tell you already? Don’t regret it, I said.”

Supporting the me who was about to faint, this time he kissed and held me in his arms in request, the second round to begins, and then followed by a third round where I was taken from behind like a beast in copulation (doggy style?), afterwards I let my consciousness slip from the continuous pleasure given as I kept on having sex with Takatsuki-kun.

Afterwards, Takatsuki-kun, who did the aftercare, stroked my hair as I slept.

“Manaka, I’ve always been in love with you, from way before.”

As if he’s the childhood friend from the childhood friend play, his pained murmurs, ‘suya suya,’ and I, who’d already fallen asleep, wouldn’t know.

Prince Takatsuki and the Manaka Recapturing Operation


T/N: Sometimes I just give up on sentences, like. I give. For tonight. But then continue tomorrow. 😛 This chapter took me longer because in a bout of stupidity, I fell ill. Like 😀 going to pizza hut on foot, it rained, and walking back to the dorms, it kept on raining, and took a shower with no hot water (becoz it doesn’t exist in this freaking place I swear) and went to sleep and viola.

*Erogenous zone. Ah. I just made the sentence to what I do understand. Raws: (「全身性感帯なのかな」)

*Towelket: I was tempted to write this as towelkette… It’s basically towel and blanket put together, making a towelket. It’s warm and dries off easily (?) and like, here’s some more info; https://futontokyo.com/glossary/s-z/towelket/


XD the moment I entered a sentence into Google translate and it has the words ecchi… it went like, “Ohh no no no no no no no no way nope no no this is impossible” like literally, in Japanese, and I was like, what. Just. Happened.

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