Takatsuki-Ouji 4.2

I ate my omurice at lunch energetically, stuffing my cheeks full, “Please slow down, or you’ll choke,” my mother said, I couldn’t help it, I was very excited to visit Ryu-san’s house that even she noticed it. I can’t wait to see Daigoro, and I’m looking forward to seeing Ryu-san’s home.

I’m guessing that Ryu-san is a very rich person. I mean, the clothes that Ryu-san wears is always a famous brand clothing, the collars and leads on Kojirou and Yuujirou were also distinctly different from the ones mass-produced at the nearby home centre, like the one Tamasaburo is wearing, they’re made of precious-looking materials.

Also, before that, two luxurious cars, unlike those that normally appear here, appeared at the entrance of this common park, and the one driving the car is someone with a good physique, but I remember that he was the one who quickly opened the car’s rear door. From inside, Ryu-san came out, and from the second car, each driver gently got Kojirou and Yuujirou down with lowered heads. I kept on watching until I couldn’t see Ryu-san and his people as they entered the park. This scene, I witnessed it by chance.

Even so, I kept on staring at Ryu-san who is comparable to a celebrity.

I’m not familiar with the details about these kinds of stuff since there isn’t any celebrities close by, but there are dramas and anime so, maybe there’s a possibility of meeting a real maid in maid uniform saying, “Welcome back, Master,” I can’t help feeling excited and look forward to it.

I can’t wait, so I headed to the park earlier than planned.

The time is 12.35 PM. I wonder if I’m too early.

I sat on the bench and waited excitedly for Ryu-san to come.



At 1 o’clock, the person I was waiting for arrived, I got up and approached him while stroking the back of my head.

“You’re early.”

“I couldn’t wait so I came early.”

‘Ehehe’ I smiled, and Ryu-san lowered his elegant eyes.

“Really, you…”

The words that Ryu-san muttered was carried away by the wind, so I never got to hear it. I only knew that Ryu-san said something due to his mouth’s movements, but I wonder what he said? And I tilted my head.

“No, it’s nothing. Come on, let’s go. (Yuu-kun so cute)”

Putting his hand on my back, he escorted me to the park entrance.

As Ryu-san touched me, I felt his favourable feelings towards me flowing. The feelings of Ryu-san thinking of me as cute is definitely those feelings of adults towards children and pets. I didn’t think too deeply about it and meekly rejoiced.

We arrived at the park entrance, the hazard lights on Ryu-san’s luxury car blinks on and off. The man with good physique saw Ryu-san and I, and he proceeded to get out of the driver’s seat and, like before, opened the rear seat door smoothly with his head lowered.

“This is my car.”

“I’m allowed to get on?”

“Sure, go ahead, princess.”


Ryu-san chuckled and smiled, and that made me realize that he was making fun of me. Really, I quirked my mouth. Ryu-san gave me a ‘sorry, sorry,’ and escorted me into the car. I bowed my head to the driver holding the door open before entering the car.

He confirmed that both of us were safely inside, and the chauffeur closed the door, and got the car running.

I restlessly looked around the car, because of the spaciousness and the interior design.

“Yuu-kun, you recognize this car? You don’t seem too surprised.”

“Ah, yes, I saw Ryu-san get off of this car a while ago.”

“Is that so.”

“But the inside is so spacious and luxurious, I’m surprised! Is this car Ryu-san’s car?”

“Yeah well, it’s more of my family’s than mine.”

I knew it, he’s a celebrity! A very wealthy one! This is a chance to meet a real maid!!

Feeling excited, I answered him with a, “Awesome,” and Ryu-san replied modestly, “It’s nothing, really.”

There’s such a thing! There’s nothing like a once-in-a-lifetime chance to ride such a luxurious car!

We travelled for a while.

“Huh, isn’t that Yuu-kun’s school?”

He said that and points to my window.

“Hm? Where? Where?”

I myself didn’t really understand it well myself, so I looked at the scenery from the window. Then Ryu-san came closer to me and his shoulder touched my back.

“There, right over there. (Bestialitybestialitybestialitybestialitybestialitybestialitybestialitybestialitybestialitybestialitybestialitybestialitybestialitybestialitybestialitybestiality)”


I tilted my head at Ryu-san’s unfamiliar words, I didn’t recognize what it meant.

Jyuukan? Jyuutan? Jyuutan(carpet)? What’s that mean?

Hmm, yeah, Ryu-san is definitely thinking about replacing his carpet, I concluded and went back to look out for my high school.


T/N: Bestiality (獣姦) is Jyuukan. In Ryu-san’s mind it went (獣姦獣姦獣姦獣姦) and Manaka didn’t say it in kanji (獣姦) but in Katakana. Then he just decided that Ryu-san said carpet (絨毯) which is Jyuutan. BTW Jyuukan (獣姦) also means Sodomy. I’m currently wondering how the heck Manaka-kun does not notice how the people around him are perverts.

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  1. ( ゚д゚) oh no not the dogsss
    Leave the poor dogs out of this you sicko
    Gosh darn it manaka did you forget your selective power of reading only romantic thoughts? How can carpets be romantic??

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