Takatsuki-Ouji 4.3

The splendid manor was a Japanese-style house. We went through the gates with strict security, equipped with surveillance cameras. When we arrived at the entrance, the driver appeared and opened the door again.

Thank you very much, I said with my head lowered, and the driver bowed back.

When I got out of the car, Ryu-san, who had come down before me, stood next to me. At the same time…

“““Welcome back, young master.”””

Cute maids wearing maid uniforms raced to the entrance with smiling faces to greet us, dozens of men in a half-bowed posture, no, greeting us with their voices echoing each other.

Towards that kind of powerful force, I felt faint and cried out, “It’s as I expected yet it’s not!!!!!!!!” Thanks to Ryu-san’s hand on my back, I managed to avoid falling.

But still, this situation.

It’s perfectly perfect isn’t it. It’s not even a celebrity nor rich man genre. Some commoner like me shouldn’t even step foot into this place. I understand. I really do. Others had told me how dull I am, so I understand. These people were those with the same profession as that Shibasaki-san, who’d appeared in front of Takatsuki-kun and I back then. That was totally my fault. I have a feeling that I’m close to hitting myself. I wanna go home.

“Yuu-kun, it’s alright, you don’t have to get so nervous.”

Ryu-san. Please tell me, has there ever been someone who isn’t nervous when faced with a situation like this? Please tell me, who wouldn’t feel like they’re close to pissing themselves at this point? I mean, how do I say this, Ryu-san, why didn’t you tell me. Those handsome celebrities (the kind and handsome relative’s onii-chan version) faces who looks similar to each other.

“Well, come on. (Bestialitybestialitybestialitybestialitybestialitybestialitybestialitybestialitybestialitybestialitybestialitybestialitybestiality)”

Enough talk about your carpet, please, Ryu-san.

I was invited to Ryu-san’s house in such a way to be pushed by him. “Excuse my intrusion…” and I reluctantly yielded. Before my eyes, the golden folding screen was drawn, and I am overwhelmed by the power of the rising dragon.

“Cool isn’t it? This one is my favourite. I have the same dragon as this.”

He said in a boastful way while pointing at his own back. He promised me to not be too pleased, “I’ll show it to Yuu-kun later, okay?”

We walked for a bit and entered a spacious Japanese-style room with around 12 tatami mats. In this room was furnished with elegant hanging scrolls, vases, and other fixtures that seemed to have historical value. It’s like that but I wouldn’t say that this is a comfortable place to be called home.

“Wait here for a bit. I need to prepare a few things.”

With that said, Ryu-san left me in the room with a happy smile on his face.

I wonder what kind of things were needed to be prepared. I wonder what he’s planning to do. I can’t imagine. Even though the thoughts of adults are difficult to understand by people my age, which is still considered to still be childish, understanding the thoughts of people related to the underworld is even more difficult. Hear my words of advice, quickly play with Daigoro, then go home early.

While waiting for Ryu-san to come back, I thought about how to pass the time and decided to play a game in my smartphone, so I took it out of my pocket.

Huh? There’s no signal?

In this period, signals could reach subways and mountains, but why doesn’t it reach this place? I tried turning it on and off to repair it, but there was no improvement.

I wonder if it’s broken… No way… I’ll need to visit the smartphone shop on the way home.

Don’t tell me, is there a signal jammer equipment installed in this room? Though I wouldn’t know about it. I’m worried since I don’t have a backup for the game data.

“Thanks for waiting, Yuu-kun.”

Earlier, that driver came in to deliver juice and some confectionaries. It was delicious, thank you for the food, I alone was eating it when Ryu-san came back, apologizing for being late as he entered the room.

“Were you bored?”

“No. I ate some sweets that I got from the driver..”

“Did it taste good?”

“Yes! I mean, all this time, the cream puff I ate has never tasted so rich before, it was very delicious!”

“I see. That’s a relief.”

From now on, you could savour the richer and more delicious taste of mine and Daigoro’s cream with your body.

I didn’t notice Ryu-san’s low muttering, I was feeling impressed by the high-quality taste of the orange juice I’ve never drank before.

“Daigoro, come.”

Ryu-san called for Daigoro, and Daigoro was brought in. With the unique magnificence of a Tosa-dog, Daigoro entered the room on a sled*. The person holding Daigoro’s lead gave it to Ryu-san, then he bowed and left the room.

T/N: のそり nosori, idk the results I got for this one meant curvature or sled, and both are in kanji. As in 反り and橇轌. Idk someone help pls. Original: 土佐犬の堂々たる風格を醸し出しながらのそりのそりと部屋に入ってくる大五郎。And I need to sleep soon I swear…

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