Takatsuki-Ouji 4.4


I approached Daigoro and put out a hand for him to sniff.

The proper way to stroke a dog is not from the head, but from their neck, to show them that you’re safe, and that it’s alright to sniff your smell, it’s what I learned from the member of the public health care’s breeder when I first met Tamasaburo. That’s how I treated Daigoro, stroking his neck with both of my hands.

Daigoro seem to be feeling comfortable, being stroked like an adult.

“Daigoro, how have you been?”

As if in reply, Daigoro licked the corner of my mouth.

“I knew it, Yuu-kun is amazing.”

Ryu-san said with some admiration.

“You know, Daigoro, he, Daigoro and I, with the exception to those who look after us, we won’t let anybody else touch us.”

“Eh?! So it’s like that?!”

“Anyone who carelessly touches will get a big chomp from us.”

“Eh, but that time, when Daigoro and I first met, I casually touched you, didn’t I?”

“True. That’s why I was also surprised.”

“Even though you’re a grown-up…”

I can’t believe it. This gentle-eyes Daigoro, to react in such a way when other people touched him…

I pet and tubbed Daigoro’s cheeks. Daigoro was also smiling and he licked my cheeks. At first, his licking was gentle, but then, it steadily became stronger and stronger, his mouth was relentless as he licked.

“Daigoro, that tickles!”

I turn my face without much hesitation, but he still won’t stop licking. The act escalated, and Daigoro advanced forward, and I couldn’t bear Daigoro’s weight, so I fell flat on my back. A Daigoro-shaped weight pushed me down.

“Wai—hey… tsk, Daigoro, stop it.”

Furthermore, Daigoro lick not only my cheeks, but my mouth and neck were also attacked.

“Really, Daigoro… I told you to stop.”

I can see that Daigoro’s breath was getting rougher, his condition getting more and more excited. What are you getting so excited for?!

“Isn’t that a relief, Daigoro. You love Yuu-kun, isn’t that right?”

Being loved makes me happy, but if he continues on licking, this’ll challenge my physical fitness*.

“Ryu-san! Don’t.. don’t just laugh, please… help me.”

I can’t speak well due to being licked by Daigoro.

“Ah, it’s alright~ this is the best~”

What do you mean, ‘the best’! Quickly stop Daigoro!

“Ah, but if it goes on like this, then it’s no good. I have to take it off.”

Ryu-san muttered something and started to get up, holding Daigoro’s collar, he commanded to restrain him, “Daigoro, stop!”

As expected of (Daigoro’s) owner. Daigoro obeyed Ryu-san’s command, though his excitement didn’t go away, his ragged breathing went ‘haahaa’ and his gaze was locked on me, capturing me.

I was finally released, I crawled away on all fours from Daigoro’s side, taking the chance to remove myself to a certain distance.

“Hey! Daigoro!”

I heard Ryu-san’s rough voice, and felt a strong impact on my hip. On all fours, Daigoro got onto me, covering me with his burden.

It seems like Daigoro threw off Ryu-san’s restraint to come see me.

“Daigoro, wai—don’t!”

So absorbed he was on striking(humping?) my hips, Daigoro didn’t listen to my words.

“Aah, he’s started mounting!”

Mounting. It’s a behaviour of a male animal straddling its’ partner during copulation.

Tamasaburo is also a male, so at the time of taming him (as a pet), he tried to mount occasionally, but my family had trained him so it’s impossible for him to do that now.

“You know, mounting is also an act of wanting to be the stronger one during the act of copulation, and it also shows this act of wanting to protect you.”

Ryu-san spoke about the act of mounting with a calm, composed appearance.

“Daigoro’s sexual desires and the act of wanting to protect you through breeding, Yuu-kun is the best~”

You praise me about such things, I don’t feel happy at all!

Daigoro continues on humping at my hips without any change whatsoever, as his excitement draws onto its’ climax, his drool keeps on dribbling from above.

“Ryu-san, please, stop Daigoro! I really… don’t wanna…!”

“Hahaha Yuu-kun, you’re so cute it turns me on.”

“No! Enough of this…”

“Ah, hey, look, Daigoro’s d*ck made it out!”

I can’t expect anything since my whole body was covered and I couldn’t see anyway, but I definitely don’t want to see and genitals in heat!

“Yuu-kun, arriving in these clothes is a relief, huh. I wonder what happens if you’re naked…”

Ryu-san’s terrible words gave me the creeps, and tears form in my eyes.

“Hahaha a teary-faced Yuu-kun is also cute. At this rate, it’ll fall.”

T/N: これ以上舐め続けられるのは結構体力的にもツライNo I don’t understand what the tsurai part meant. :v MTL says that it’s try, but I don’t think so? Also, omg bestiality. I don’t think anything much fazes me anymore tbh. But who knows /w\

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  1. The tone of this novel makes me unable to take it seriously, I’m usually sensitive to those dark genres but this is just absurd.
    Other hand, this dog seriously couldn’t get any bitches? That’s sad…

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