Takatsuki-Ouji 4.5

Ryu-san, who was towering over me, grabbed my chin and tilted it towards himself.

“Your clothes, I’ll completely enter* you if you take them off.”

Where? He didn’t say. I understand that it’d be even more terrifying if he told me.

Seeing me trembling, a happy smile floated onto Ryu-san’s face.

That’s odd. To be smiling like that at a situation like this is odd. I wonder if Ryu-san had this kind of intention when he invited me from the beginning.

Someday, there’d be a container containing some mysterious liquid and a restraining belt at Ryu-san’s feet.

“Yuu-kun, surely you haven’t experienced it in the rear before.”

Ryu-san stroked my earlobe.

Even though since before, Ryu-san had been touching me, I couldn’t hear his heart’s voice. I think Takatsuki-kun had told me before, that if the heart’s voice and what you’re saying is your true feelings are the same thing, then I wouldn’t be able to hear the heart’s voice.

That being said, then this is Ryu-san’s true feelings…

“Having your first time with a dog would leave a lifetime trauma I guess.”

He breathed out into my ear as if he was whispering, before licking my earlobe. My whole body felt like it’d become fluffy, all my goose bumps standing. Why is it that I meet these kind of eyes? Why is it that Ryu-san is doing these horrible stuff to me? What’s going to happen from now on, can I even escape from here?! Anger and sadness and other various emotions made a mess out of me.

“…no way, Ryu-san. I, all this time, I’ve regarded Ryu-san as an older brother. You’re so awful…”

With tears falling from my eyes, I complained to Ryu-san.

“Older brother…?”

“That’s right. I’m an only child, so I’ve always thought that Ryu-san would be a wonderful big brother.”

That damned smile that had floated up Ryu-san’s face since a while ago vanished.

This could work! I believe if I complain to Ryu-san about being touched in a horrible manner will give me a shock while giving him a sadder look, he could probably stop Daigoro!

“…I trusted you…”


“I believed that Ryu-san is a gentle, wonderful person…!”


Ryu-san’s eyes were wide, and he showed a surprised look, before he closed them as he thought of something. Then he opened his closed eyes and gently smiled, his fingers stroking my cheek.

“I’m sorry Yuu-kun. I was mistaken.”

As I got up, Ryu-san pulled at Daigoro’s lead.

“Daigoro, stop. It’s over.”

Daigoro’s actions stopped. His excited state started to attack me, disregarding Ryu-san’s words, but when Ryu-san ordered in a strong, low voice, “Stop,” he stopped moving with a start, docilely listening to his words.

Yes! I’m saved!

“Oi,” Ryu-san called the person in charge of Daigoro’s rearing, who was awaiting for orders somewhere nearby, appeared in the room, and left the room bringing Daigoro.

That’s a relief. It’s truly a relief. Once I explained it to him, Ryu-san became such an understanding person, it truly is a relief. I knew it, Ryu-san is a gentle, wonderful person. The evil prank earlier has passed. It couldn’t be helped, because Ryu-san is somewhat of a scoundrel-like person. There are times when a bad prank passes.

I nodded to myself, ‘un, un,’ as I fixed my clothing. I got up in order to express my gratitude towards Ryu-san, who was seeing Daigoro off.

“Ryu-san, thank you for stopping Daigoro.”

“The bestiality play has stopped.”

With my words from before, “I did it,” Ryu-san slowly turned around, his gentle expression from earlier was nowhere to be seen. Instead his expression was one with a glint of sharp desire in his eyes. Then, with a bass voice that seems to resonate on my waist;

“From now on, it’s incest play.”

So he said.



Incest play?


Even if you say things like that, with a face that says, “Wha’cha mean? I don’t understand,” don’t expect me to understand anything.

“You truly are the best, Yuu.”

He stared at me with an ecstatic expression.

“I never thought of an incestuous setting.”

“Ryu-san? What are you talking–”

“I’m the older brother and Yuu is the younger. Sibling relationships are always, no matter how anyone sees it, is the ideal sibling relationship. But the pure and innocent little brother never noticed the growing greed in the big brother’s watchful eyes.”

Ryu-san sneaked closer and closer.

“Hey, Ryu-san?”

“Of course, they’re related by blood. Homogeneity, and not to mention the blood relation barrier, they are the obstacles that can’t be dealt with. Even though so, I can’t give up my little brother Yu.”

“He-ey, Ryu-san, can you hear me-?”

“But Yu never noticed my feelings at all, and heartlessly feel in love with a petite girl in the same class.”

“Ryu-san, are you okay?”

“I thought, if Yuu’s heart cannot be obtained by these hands, then.”

“Uh, Ryu-san. I don’t really understand what you’re telling me, and I have to go back home soon.”

“Then obtaining the body is alright.”

That said, he pulled my arms, and took them into his own.

“Wait a sec, Ryu-san!”

In that position, Ryu-san opened the sliding screen next door, a pair of futons were laid out, and threw me down onto the futon.

“I can’t hold it anymore, the little brother who was cruelly raped by the big brother. It’s the best.”

Ryu-san licked me with his tongue.

T/N: Poor Manaka… Did I put up a ‘mentions of rape and bestiality’ warning at the update announcement post? The *enter at the start is a bit ambiguous, because hai (入) this kanji, means entering rooms and stuff. In this context, I think he meant enter as in get under his clothes? Which sorta mean the same thing? Huh, sorta forgot what I was confused about there :v

…I really should’ve made these notes as I was (m)tl ing but :v Some kanjis have ambiguous meanings, I keep getting confused between those.

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