Takatsuki-Ouji 4.7

Eh… I thought as our lips touched. If this is a kiss, then such thoughts shouldn’t come, what is this? Only, it doesn’t seem like so. But then, seeing my moment of carelessness, Ryu-san took the chance to twist his tongue. Intertwining my tongue with his, my mouth was invaded.

“…Nnh, fuuh…”

When I finally realize that this is a kiss, I’ve already been driven to the point in which resistance is futile.

I couldn’t stop trembling from the panic. There isn’t any consent in this kiss, but there is revulsion.

But it’s weird. Because when Takatsuki-kun kissed me… at that time, my whole body was ran over from the numbing sweetness, from the fluffy feeling, as if I was pleasantly floating up, my legs and crotch was stained with overwhelming pleasure that I couldn’t feel them. Furthermore, what’s happening right now is the act of two pieces of flesh hitting and meeting each other.

It doesn’t feel pleasant at all, when it was with Takatsuki-kun…

Thinking up to there, I finally realized.

I, I finally understand the feelings I have towards Takatsuki-kun.

Normally, a kiss without one’s consent wouldn’t feel comfortable, I don’t think. Better yet, it seems like the only one who could make me feel pleasant by blowing his breath into my ear is only Takatsuki-kun.

Aah, so it’s like this. Towards Takatsuki-kun, I like him.

The next thing I realized, the prickling sensation I’ve been feeling all this time, fell with a suton~, and it feels like a weight off my shoulders.

“What a bad kid. Even though we’re kissing, what’re you thinking about?”

Ryu-san’s lips left, and this time he wiped away the tears accumulating in the corner of my eye with his tongue.

“Ryu-san… I knew it, I can’t do it. I, I, I want to be with someone I like…”

“Then if you fall for me, then it’s alright.”

“I can’t. I just can’t. I, already have someone I like…”

“Fu-n, are you going out with someone?”

Um, no, I shook my head.

“I, have been an idiot all along, realizing it only now. I like that person. When Ryu-san kissed me, I didn’t feel comfortable at all. But when that person did it to me that time, for some reason, my heart starts thumping wildly, and I feel very fluffy.”

“You felt happiness.”

“Yes! That’s it. That’s definitely it!”

“Don’t tell me, it’s your friend who gave you the security buzzer?”


Recalling Takatsuki-kun’s embarrassed expression when he bought the security buzzer for me, my face also heats up a little bit.

“I’m jealous. For Yuu-kun to be making that kind of face.”

What kind of face, I wonder. I myself don’t understand but, Ryu-san is stroking my cheek with a smile on his face.

Such gentle eyes. I like Ryu-san’s gentle eyes which seems to accept everything.

Aah, fine, it’ll be alright. Ryu-san understands. Perhaps, I may have acted ambiguously that Ryu-san misunderstood before I knew it. But I want to state my intentions clearly. There’s no mistake, these gentle eyes of Ryu-san’s must’ve understood my intentions.

“I see… Yuu-kun already has someone he likes…”


“Besides that, since they passed the security buzzer on to you, it seems like the other party also likes Yuu-kun a lot…”

Takatsuki-kun has told me over and over and over again, how much he likes me and how cute I am.


I also want to quickly go tell Takatsuki-kun. I want to meet Takatsuki-kun right now and tell him, “Sorry,” “Thank you,” and also, “I love you Takatsuki-kun.”

“Ryu-san, I want to go ho–”



While I was talking a lot, Ryu-san squatted.


“Yuu is in mutual love with someone… Only realising it after kissing me, Yuu will probably go out with them once he tells them.”

“O-i, Ryu-san?”

“But, I will not allow it, so I will forcibly violate Yuu.”

Hm? Deja vu much? Wasn’t there a similar situation earlier?

“Ryu-san, can you hear me? ”

“At the start, you frantically resisted from revulsion, Yu. However, such an immature body is weak to pleasure, you couldn’t help but accept the stimulus given by such an adult technique. Gradually, my adult technique and fiendish d*ck sent Yuu into a debauched delirium.”

What’s this adult technique and fiendish item and its’ accomplishments.*

“Um, Ryu-san. I, should be going home, see it’s been a pleasant time spent. Ah, I’ll be returning this belt too. Thank you very much for toda—”

As I was saying the word, “today,” I was caught by both shoulders.

“It’s the best setting for establishing close-relation correlation netorare*!!!!!!”

I swear, can I hit this person already? I can, can I?

I don’t know the significance of establishing netorare but, I understand that it’ll eventually be a lewd/debauched and unscrupulous establishment.

Ryu-san’s excitement seemed to have reached an all-time high, and he shook my shoulders vigorously.

“Aah, Yuu. I didn’t think you’d get even better.”

I never thought that Ryu-san was such a pervert.

“Leave it to me, Yuu. Your development will be my responsibility, I’ll do it for you.”

I refuse. I firmly refuse.

“Yuu! My cute little brother!”

With bloodshot eyes, Ryu-san started rushing towards me (to attack me). This is dangerous, as I was thinking so;

“Could you please hold yourself back. Onii-san.”

Bam. And suddenly the folding screen unfolded and a person entered, and gave Ryu-san’s back a good kick.


To have the person I wanted to see the most appear right in front of my eyes, unexpectedly nausea rose as I breathe-called out his name.

T/N: Took lotsa liberties here too /w\ The raws gave a capital, alphabet N somewhere up there ^^ and another one would be the whole ‘Whaz dis adult technique and fiendish thingies’ like, after the word ‘fiendish’ the raws said (ほにゃららって) and I was like what the hell is honnyararatte -_-“ so yeah. Hope it’s still readable by the end of this…

Raws: 近親相関からのNTR(寝取られ)設定とか最高だろ; Netorare, or NTR (I only found out about this word last year I think) is when your lover is stolen by another, its’ equivalent saying would be the Chinese term ‘green hat’. (Additional note, according to my friend, this is also a hentai tag lol)

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