Takatsuki-Ouji 5.1

Young Takatsuki and Young Manaka

The Prince and Manaka’s Encounter


Only those emotions did not rise up. Irritated by everything projected in his field of vision, he flew right out of the house. “Young master!” “Don’t go!” He understood that he was being chased when those attendants called out from behind. Ryo ran as fast as he could so he was not caught. He skilfully ran through narrow paths and thickets which adults couldn’t go through. Somehow, the pursuers lost him and scattered, and Ryo let out a sigh, sitting on a bench in a children’s park.


Ryo scratched his head, his words accompanied by his emotions.

That person is still a kid.

Ryuuya is perfect in everything, and his future path is reliable, compared to him, Ryo is…. That mistress’ child, there’s nothing that I could do for his competence. I don’t even want to breathe the same air as he, it feels dirty.

Now that the leader* is dead, the old man’s successor should be Young Master Ryuuya. It’s the story of every lower-tiered members wanting Young Master Ryuuya to become the leader rather than Young Master Ryo.

He flashed back on the words of his grandfather that the executive members, the legal wife, and the other members heard on the dinner gathering after his father’s funeral.

Screw this. Ryo repeated the words again and again.

His father died due to his right hand man’s betrayal. Four days before Ryo’s 11thbirthday, they’d prepared at night.* That night, Ryuuya, Ryo, and their father were supposed to eat dinner together for the first time in a while, he was waiting for his father’s car at the front door, looking up at the rainy sky, when Ryuuya and two other people came out. The sun fell, but his father hasn’t come at the promised time, Ryo clicked his tongue, what a pain. Let’s check back for a bit, Ryuuya suggested, but then, “Young Master Ryuuya! Young Master Ryo! The leader is…!” From the house, the executive assistant, Hazama, hurriedly jumped out.  Ryuuya, who reacted quickly from Hazama’s strange appearance, ran over to where he came from. Ryo also wanted to rush over, but he couldn’t move a step because someone had caught his ankle, only the sound of rain violently hitting the asphalt echoed in Ryo’s ears. (T/N: I finally got through that orz ;w;)

“Listen up, Ryo, the strong man is someone who stands up tall. Utilise the weak ones, kick those who creeps up. Do not be underestimated. Make them bend with force. Always be a strong man,” sometimes Ryo would hear his father say.

Hah, even though you say that, you lost to your subordinate’s strength.

Until now, Ryo had always believed in his father’s words. In order to acquire strength, he mastered fighting skills and martial arts skills, so that he would not be underestimated even by children themselves or by anyone else, any bluffs would be countered. But his father, who was a symbol of strength, was stabbed unexpectedly and died. Due to the words he heard at the funeral seat, he viewed everyone, his relatives/friends and the group members at enemies. The only ally he had was his mother, who fell ill a year ago and was not in this world anymore. Ryo didn’t know who to trust anymore. (T/N: Miuchi means both relatives and friends and also the whole body.)

That’s why he ran away. He wanted to be alone anyway. That’s why he ran away.

Ryo sat on a bench, looking skywards, he breathed out a murmur in a shaky voice, “Motherfker.”

But, what now? Ryo sat profoundly on the bench and felt an out of place feeling on his thigh. He groped around and found a kuma keyholder. Did someone forgot this? Ryo lifted the kuma keyholder. (T/N: Kuma means bear)

“Ah, that’s mine!”

A young boy around the same age as Ryo stood nearby. Ryo proudly clicked his tongue at the young boy who ran over towards him.

“I’ve been looking for that. I lost it when I was playing with my friends earlier. It’s a souvenir from my dad when he went to Hokkaido on a company trip, you see.”

There was no shyness in the young boy’s expression, finding what he was searching for he showed a face filled with happy smiles. Ryo threw the keyholder to the young boy without saying anything. He’d run so far away to be alone. Having the company of a guy like this would be such a pain. Now that you’ve accepted the keychain, I want you to go ahead and disappear from this place.

“Thank you.”

The young boy received the thrown keyholder and happily put it in his pocket.

“Hey, why are you here?”

Contrary to what Ryo expected, the young boy sat right next to Ryo.

“Didn’t the 5 o’clock chime ran earlier? You’re not going home?”

“Not going back home.”


“What’s it to ya. Beat it.”

Ryo had only just turned 11, with his not-yet-seen dossy voice he threatened the young boy.

“Fu~un, then I’m not gonna go home too~”


If the children around Ryo’s age heard that, they’d immediately find him to be threatening. Although it might not be the power of the house, Ryo’s intensity could still make them feel like submitting. Even so, the young boy wasn’t afraid of Ryo, but instead told him that he was also there.

“The thing is, my younger cousin who’s not really fond of me came over to my house to stay. It’s only two above, but he always gets so mean to me. That’s why I don’t wanna go home.”

That’s why I don’t wanna go home. The young boy smiled with a, “Hehehe,” and used his tiptoes to dig into the ground, playing with it. Ryo let out a huge sigh at the young boy who didn’t have the appearance of not wanting to go back home at all.

T/N: So wait what. Takatsuki-kun was only 11 y/o and he’s already swearing. I mean. Huh. I guess? Whatever makes you happy??? //I don’t like swearing so it’s all somewhat toned down :v Also, Ryuu-san’s name is Ryuuya 😮 I actually

*(若頭): The leader to a yakuza or a syndicate or something. I’ll just say leader here coz idk a better word for it.

*Four days before Ryo’s 11thbirthday….: I don’t really understand whether it’s the preparation night or at night they prepared. Raws: それは亮の11歳の誕生日を四日後に控えた夜だった。

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