Takatsuki-Ouji 5.3

“So? What do we specifically do now?”

“Hmm I wonder what?”

“Don’t ‘I wonder what?’ me. You’re the one who suggested it, you should do it properly.”

“I mean, you don’t really do kindness consciously, you know. I don’t understand what to do.”

He’s the one who brought it onto himself, what an irresponsible fellow. Ryo glared at the young boy.

“Ah! How about helping someone in need?”

“There ain’t anyone around.”

Even though it’s a public park, there weren’t that many people around as evening is approaching, even the children who were playing has already returned. There was an old gentleman walking his dog in the distance that got into his field of view, but he didn’t look like he needed any help as he was smiling and playing around with his dog.

“Ah! How about picking up garbage?”

“There ain’t any garbage around.”

This park has volunteers from the neighbourhood’s elderly association* to pick up the trash in the morning.

“Fine! What a liveable and nice town.”

“Don’t care.”

The young boy held his head. Hmm, hmmmm, was heard as he tried to think up of a good idea, while the other just watched on silently.

“I know!”

A-ha! The young boy raised his head, his eyes shining.

“Let’s discuss our good points!”


“Mom said that praise is also a form of kindness!”

“What praises, we just met a while ago. There’s no reason for you to know any good points.”

“You just have to find it. Surveying your companion isn’t a bad thing.”

The young boy nodded, un, un, agreeing to himself.

“Well then, I’ll go first.”

We’re actually, seriously doing it (like, seriously?). Ryo gave a long-suffering sigh with a dignified expression, then the young boy prompted him to face him.

“Hmmm you’re….”

The young boy examines him from top to bottom.

“You’re hairdo is so cool.”

Even though he’s in elementary school, he’d given up on his hairdo, and just set his light-coloured hair to the side.

Ryo is very cool, are words that his classmates and the people around him tell him every day. But being told that while being looked at really, really hard made him feel embarrassed. Seeing that his face turned slightly red, the young boy pointed it out, “Ah, you’re embarrassed,” and he, in return, kicked the young boy’s leg, “Shaddup.”

“It’s your turn next.”

Ryo nervously observed the young boy, who was urging him, go, go.

“Aah… your… shoes look gaudy.”

“…aah, hm, well, my turn, you’re… stature is tall and cool.”

“You…. Your T-shirt is red and cool.”

“…ahh, hmm, your… voice is beautiful and easy to listen to.”

It was the first time that his voice was complimented like so. It’s said that the dossy voice that he uses sounds powerful, but this is the first time someone said that it’s beautiful. Once again, he could feel his face getting warmer as heat gathers there.

“… you, the wristband you’re wearing looks stylish.”

“….um, mmhm, you’re… you have a beautiful row of teeth.”

Ryo is becoming more and more shy.

“Your…. Half-bread pockets camouflage design looks good.”

“Hey wait a sec, you’ve been complimenting my clothing. These are all the stuff mom bought on a bargain you know. That’s like, the same as complimenting my mom.”

“Ah, I see. My bad.”

Please do it properly next time. And the appearance of the boy lowering his head with a ‘pekori’ gave him a pleasant feeling, and Ryo laughed “Hahaha”.

“Uwah! That’s awesome!! You, you’re like a prince when you smile!”

The young boy, whose eyes were sparkling, surprised him.

A prince…? That can’t be. Towards a usually displeased-like expression, people with good spirit would choose to let sleeping dogs lie.* He’d be that kind of prince.

“Hey, is there something wrong with your head.”

“No that’s not true! See, if you look closely, your clear eyes are sparkling, they’re very beautiful!”

The young boy closely observed Ryo’s eyes, peering right into them. That distance was way too close, and Ryo pushed the young boy’s face away, “Don’t look.”

“Hey, with your princely smiley face, I’m sure that everyone will listen to your wishes.”

“That can’t be.”

“Uun, if it were me, such a prince-like child who speaks kindly, says thanks and expresses his gratitude, I will definitely listen to their wishes..”

The young boy smiled, pleased with himself. Ryo, seeing the young boy’s happy face, thought, ‘How cute.’

…. Cute? This fellow? No way.

Up until now, even if it was the cutest girl in school, or the most beautiful woman, not even once would he think of them as ‘cute’. Even though so, he thought so towards the normal boy right in front of him.

… There must’ve been a mistake somewhere.

T/N: *Screams internally* I can die happy now ;w;

*Elderly association (老人会) not sure what to call it 😦 I mean it’s like this group of people? Social workers? Not sure.

*Let sleeping dogs lie (触らぬ神に祟りなし) like, don’t disturb the sleeping dragon. It’s an idiom. It literally means ‘Don’t touch the fearless god’ lol XD.

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