Takatsuki-Ouji 5.4

“Hey, let me see it again. Your smile from earlier.”

“No way, that’s impossible, you can’t force it.”

He himself didn’t know how he smiled. Showing it once again is impossible.

“Eeh, pleeeease? It’s so beautiful, I wanna see it once more.”

The young boy who wanted to see it so badly that his feet went wild, swinging with a bata bata, gave Ryo a weird feeling.

“I said it’s impossible didn’t I? Give it up.”

His expression became a smile.

“Uwaah! I knew it, so good! Very cool! Beautiful!”

Once again, it seems like I smiled without knowing it.

“It’s definitely alright. It’s definitely better for you to smile like this than your scrunched up face you were doing.”

The young boy said here, pointing at the space between his eyebrows that showed his scrunched up expression.

Ryo felt as if it may really be true if the young boy said so.

“You, would you truly think it’s better? If it were you, would you like a prince’s smiling face…?”

Up until now, Ryo wasn’t really confident, he asked for confirmation in a timid voice.

“Mmhm! I’d like it!”

The young boy unhesitatingly turned towards Ryo with a carefree smile.

Ryo’s heart pounds faster than before. He watched the young boy with a hot and fluffy feeling inside him.


The young boy’s sudden exclamation pulled Ryo back to himself.

“It’s mom.”

The young boy looked at the woman who was looking around, kyoro kyoro, standing at the park entrance. Perhaps she came to look for the young boy. True, if you’d told your parents that you’d go out of the house to search for something you’ve forgotten in the evening, your parents would be worried about you if you haven’t come back after 30 minutes. When the woman came, he became aware of this. “Aah, I’ve been found,” the boy said, dropping his shoulders feeling unfortunate.

“Well then, I’ll be going home. You too, quickly go home okay. Bye-bye!”

The young boy stood up and ran towards the woman’s side.

“Hey! What’s your name!”

Ryo asked at the running boy’s back. The young boy turned to look back at him.

“Manaka. I’m called Manaka.”

The young boy dared to only give him his last name. The reason was that the villain character from an anime which was popular to elementary school kids at that time was also named ‘Yuu’. It gave his classmates a bad feeling. That’s why the young boy would only give his surname.


Ryo thought that that’s his first name and not his last name. Even though it’s his given name, he frankly felt that it’s a cute name.

“What’s your name?”

This time, it was the young boy’s turn to ask. Ryo raised his voice as much as he could.

“Ryou! Takatsuki Ryou!”

Unfortunately however, his impressive voice seemed to betray him due to his nervousness.

“See you later! Takaseki Syou-kun! Let’s play again sometime!”

The young boy had subtly misheard his words. Even if he wanted to correct it, the boy had already gone to his mother’s side and was waving his hands bye-bye with all his might.

Ryo kept his gaze on the young boy until he could see him no longer. This was the first time he’d ever had such a fun and uplifting time. This was also the first time he’d met someone who he’d consider to be cute.

Ryo stayed sitting on the bench, savouring the lingering memory of Manaka who had sat beside him not too long ago.

“Young master.”

Hazama was the one who called. He knew that he couldn’t escape, and that they’d sooner or later meet each other.

“Let’s go back.”

At Hazama’s words, Ryo slowly exhaled, determination filling him as he stood up.

“Thank you for coming to pick me up, Hazama-san.”

Ryo took Manaka’s advice on being kind and expressed his gratitude, smiling the smile that Manaka had seen.

Was his smile good enough? Could he express his gratitude properly?

Manaka, I’ll be whatever you want me to be, if it’s to become a prince then so be it. If I think that it’s what you want, then I’ll do it. And once I’ve become the perfect prince, I’ll come to pick you up.

Wait for me, Manaka.



“Also, that night was also the first time I masturbated and ejaculated. Of course, I was thinking about Manaka-kun you know?”

Takatsuki-kun delightedly reported with a thick album with the words ‘Manaka Memory~ Angel’s Miracle~’ engraved on the cover. Takatsuki-kun’s first masturbation material was also me. I felt both happy and horrified by it.

“Ah, look at this, look at this, Manaka-kun’s middle school entrance ceremony picture.”

Takatsuki-kun. Both of us got into the same school in high school, right. We were in different middle schools. I didn’t even know about Takatsuki-kun’s existence. Actually, we did meet back in elementary school seems like, but the atmosphere now is completely different than before, and it seems like I even remembered the name incorrectly. Ah, the picture of my entrance ceremony here is better than the one at home. It seems like a pro photographer took this picture. Besides, I wasn’t even looking at the camera, it’s definitely a sneak shot.

“Ah, this one too, look, look, this one is a picture of Manaka-kun’s 3 school trips. That’s Nezumi Land right, since you were wearing the character’s head band* and you looked so cute, I made a life-sized panel.”

Takatsuki-kun brought the life-sized panel of me from his own room.

Yeah, I understand. It took me 12 minutes to understand that Takatsuki-kun is a hardcore stalker, and the one he stalks is me.

“Manaka-kun, look at this one, look. Ah! This one too, this one too!”

The day after my first time, Takatsuki-kun (victoriously) boasted about how he was my stalker the whole day through.

“Ah, this eraser is the one Manaka-kun brought on your exams, and also, this one and this one and this one…”


Young Takatsuki and Young Manaka


T/N: Hmm more new vocabs HMM OwO; Should I go and change all the Ryo’s and turn it into Ryou? Hmm I’m too lazy so _(:3//)_ This was far overdue :”3 But I was procrastinating XD But Beast In Black made me go and complete this… Huww.

*Katchusha (カチューシャ) it’s an Alice band? Head band? Bando? Idk what you call it, but it’s the thing you wear on your head to keep your hair off of your face. It’s shaped like a U, or a horseshoe shape. It’s the thing Sonoko (from Detective Conan, the rich girl) wears I think. Head band?

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