Takatsuki-Ouji 6.1

Prince Takatsuki And House Troubles

I went to school in the morning, and was in the middle of taking out my textbooks from my bag on to my desk when, bam! Takatsuki-kun who came in from the open door walk up and stood in front of my desk.

“Ah, Takatsuki-kun, good mo–”

“Manaka-kun! Please marry me!!”

“Mmhm, yeah, let’s calm down for a bit, Takatsuki-kun.”

“Please marry me!!!”

“Mmhm that’s why I said, calm down for a bit Takatsuki-kun. This is a school and everyone is looking at us.”

“I’ll make you happy! That’s why, please marry me!!”

“Sure, I’m glad that you’ll make me happy, but is that what our relationship is? Is it? Normally there should be a tacit understanding about our privacy, no? There are various difficult problems, you see? Even if you wanted to come out, shouldn’t you do it slowly and gradually?”

“I, Takatsuki Ryo will swear to always love and stay together with Manaka Yuu, forever!!”

“Aah, did you just swear on it? Aah, shouldn’t you swear like, at a beautiful place near the sea, or a room at night with a beautiful view and yet, aah you swore, in a languid morning in the classroom, you swore?” (T/N: This is as much sense I could put into the sentence in English tbh Orz How do you speak… Idek who’s speaking XD Manaka?)

Aah it’s over.

Takatsuki-kun and I, the other day we were able to safely associate and meet up with each other. Suddenly it becomes impossible, telling Maeda-kun and the others about our relationship, telling my parents about it properly. I wanted to know more about Takatsuki-kun, and to talk further about our relationship, deepening it further. Even though so, it’s still such a sudden coming out.

I turned my eyes towards Maeda-kun’s somewhat fearfully.


“Congratulations, Manaka!”

“Takatsuki-kun is good!!”

“Your feelings finally came through!”

“Manaka-kun! I won’t acknowledge you if you make the prince cry, okay!”

Maeda-kun gave a GOOD* pose with his two thumbs up, a girl was crying while pinching her nose with her handkerchief, and other classmates were clapping their hands, pachi pachi pachi, making a racket. (T/N: Written in English.)

“Eh? Why is everyone…”

How come they knew? Have they always known?

“Anyone would know as long as they see the blog that Takatsuki-kun set up.”

“The whole class, no, I think the whole school knows about it.”

“The blog URL was written on a print Takatsuki-kun handed out before I think?”

Blog? Print? What the heck. I didn’t know anything though. I knew absolutely nothing.

Takatsuki-kun shyly showed me his smartphone.

[Today’s Manaka-kun]

Manaka-kun’s mornings are early, he gets up at 6 AM on Mondays and Thursdays to walk his dog. Manaka-kun sporting his bed hair is truly precious. Ah, looks like he’s still half-asleep that he went down the wrong path. An upset Manaka-kun is cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute. (3 images attached.)

This is it, right. This is how I was earlier this morning. Maybe I was stalked again? Well, even if I said that it’s okay, selfishly uploading it on a blog should be an out, right. You’ve done various infringements (by doing this) right.

Scrolling down to earlier posts, the site was established around one month ago, and is updated almost daily. The worst is three times a day.

Is he a pro blogger.

“Ah, it’s okay. All the pictures have cute Manaka-kun’s face mosaiced so to not get involved in any crime or abduction!”

That is absolutely not okay. It’s absolutely not okay, because for some reason, at some point of time, it’s too late since the whole class, no, the whole student body of this high school, already knows of the relationship between Takatsuki-kun and I. First, this is not a blog that is written to tell others about a friend. The blog’s name, which the title says briefly, [Footprints Of An Angel~ The Wonders Of Heartthrob Manaka-kyun*] is not okay. (T/N: Supposed to rhyme, raws says; Tenshi no Ashiato~ Mune-kyun MANAKA-kyun no Kiseki. Mune-kyun is like, mune is chest, and kyun is the sfx for throb, so like, heartthrob. Hm. :3)

Luckily, maybe it’s thanks to Takatsuki-kun’s charisma, our classmate accepted our same-gender relationship, so I’m relieved. I’d braced myself but, as expected, having Maeda-kun and the others put a distance between us and point his fingers behind me would honestly be heart-breaking. That’s why, Takatsuki-kun’s astounding behaviour, while not what I expected without repercussions, being able to stay as I am, I’m glad.*

“That’s why, please, marry me!!!”

“Do you understand the significance of that reason? Though I also don’t understand marriage. What’s wrong, for you to do this all of a sudden?”

“…It seems like, I’m going to get an omiai*…”

“Eh?! Omiai?!”

“Yeah… It seems like, my grandfather somehow found out about Manaka-kun, so…”

Even though I forbade my big brother, and everyone in the house, to speak about it… Said Takatsuki-kun dejectedly.*

“Who the heck is MANAKA-kyun. He’s a man. I will not tolerate you being in a relationship with a man! …is what he said.”

“Mmhm, Takatsuki-kun. Delete that blog site, right now. Just delete it immediately.”

I sighed and placed my hand on Takatsuki-kun’s shoulder.

T/N: Okay some more stuff that I roughly translated because, again, more disclaimer, I don’t speak Japanese, nor have any formal education on the language, so everything is a rough translation.

*…while not what I expected without repercussions… (だから、突拍子もない高槻くんの行動で予想していた僕たち報告ではなかったけど、こうしていつも通りにいられることは嬉しい。) Raws said ‘report’ but, like, what. So maybe it’s like getting reported, so I thought, maybe he was predicting some sort of repercussion for coming out so spontaneously like that. _(:3//) Huehue who knows.

*Omiai: If you’ve read enough shoujo mangas, you would know what an omiai is. It’s basically two potential marriage partners meeting up to see if they truly match. Basically match-making? Eh, I wouldn’t know, though. :3

*Said Takatsuki-kun dejectedly: I took liberties here, so as to not confuse you guys. The translation is actually: And Takatsuki-kun is depressed. But the previous sentence was said by Takatsuki-kun. Alternatively

Takatsuki-kun who became depressed: And I told my big brother, and the people at the house, to not speak of it at all….


**Oh and by the way, MANAKA-kyun; the MANAKA part is written in caps lock. Not in Japanese, but caps lock English. See the emphasis XD

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