Takatsuki-Ouji 6.11

I, who’d just entered the room, couldn’t stand the sharp gazes from the people around, looking at the suspicious behaviour, I turned my eyes here and there, as I moved to the centre of the large hall, in the direction of the executive people sitting formally. Right in front of me is Takatsuki-kun grandfather. The grey kinagashi* he wore oozes with dignity and smarts.

“You are, Manaka Yuu?”

A man to Takatsuki-kun’s grandfather’s right, who had a scar at the corner of his eye, asked.

“Y, yes. I’m Manaka Yuu.”

“You relationship with Young Master Ryo is…”

What should I say? Lover? Classmates? Or maybe, friends? I wonder if it’s okay to say the third option…

No, I’m fairly certain that summoning me at this time meant that he already knew about the relationship between Takatsuki-kun and I. Even though so, if my relationship with Takatsuki-kun is said majestically, it’d be no different. Because he’d thought about my future, and even properly spoke to my parents about it. But here I am, if I deceive them, it’d be both rude and wrong for Takatsuki-kun.

“We’re lovers.”

Trying to calm the trembling energy in my stomach, I declared so imposingly.

At my words, the people around began to stir. (T/N: Or talk? Began to whisper amongst themselves? Raws said, “Zawa tsuku” in which zawa meant the sound effect for hubbub, zawazawa.)

“How brazen…”

“The man’s such social standing is…” (T/N: (分際) bunzai, meaning social standing, but it’s usually said in a scornful way.)

“Forgetting his own position…”

Heartless words poured out mercilessly.

It scary. It’s really scary. It’s scary when ordinary people says thus, but the people here aren’t ordinary people, they’re the yakuza. To pinch and crush me would be as easy as killing an insect.

But, the words that pierced me are no doubt facts. “The habit of men,” “Forgetting their own position,” that’s certainly true. But, even though so, I don’t want to give up. Even if you oppose my association with Takatsuki-kun, even if you verbally abuse me of not knowing my position, even if you threaten me, I won’t give up on Takatsuki-kun. This is the first time I’ve liked someone so much, feeling pained, feeling happy, liking Takatsuki-kun had made every single one of my days truly sparkle. The day Takatsuki-kun and I break up will be the day when Takatsuki-kun stops loving me. Being instructed or ordered by someone to break up, I definitely don’t want to.

Gritting my teeth, I accepted the words of condemnation thrown at me.

“Shut up.”

The men’s words stopped, the one before my eyes was Takatsuki-kun’s grandfather.

“Very unsightly.”


“I do not feel readiness nor conviction in your words.”

Takatsuki-kun’s grandfather slowly got up.

“In comparison, there’s readiness and conviction in his words.”

“Th, that is…”

“He said it in front of each and every person in here. But even though he has guts, he’s still just a human.”

Step by step, the old man came closer and closer towards me.

Maybe he wants me to get their recognition…? Considerably*, Takatsuki-kun’s grandfather didn’t say anything bad about me. On the contrary, it seemed like he’s trying to protect me. (T/N: umm what? (Raws: 少なからず高槻くんのおじいさんは僕のことを悪く言ってはいない。))

The grandfather stood before me, squatted, aligning our gazes, and showed me a smiling face.

“But, this and that are two different stories.”


“I’ll take you away from Ryo.”

The smile he showed for a moment crumbled, and he looked at me with a strong, piercing gaze.

“Wh, why…”

“I’m sorry.” (T/N: Says (悪いな) which could mean wrong, hateful, bad, but could also mean I was wrong.)

“… I, I don’t want to! I, I’ll do my best! I’ll do my best to obtain your recognition! So, please!”

I definitely don’t want to. I definitely don’t want to break up with Takatsuki-kun. If it’s ordinary love, we could still hide the fact that we’re dating. But, we’re unique. No matter how we try to hide it, it’s impossible. That’s why, whether it’s unsightly or something else, as long as we get your recognition then it should be alright. If there is a chance to do so, then I can only cling to that chance.

I admit that it was rude, but I grabbed Takatsuki-ku’s grandfather’s arms and begged.

“Please, I beg you! I’ll do whatever it takes! I can’t do anything crime-like, but anything else, I’ll do it, even if it’s odd jobs, I’ll do it! That’s why please, let me stay together with Takatsuki-kun!!!”

Plop,a single drop of tear fell, landing onto the back of Takatsuki-kun’s grandfather’s hand.

“Haa, haa, MANAKA-kyun haah, haah, this is impossible, impossibly impossible, MANAKA-kyun haah haah…”

Suddenly, I heard irregular breathing, and… eh… and I tilted my face upwards and, Takatsuki-kun’s grandfather’s eyes had become bloodshot, his face coming nearer.

“Grandpa…. Eh…”

“It’s impossible, haah haah….”


“Earlier, you asked why I wanted to get you to break up, haah haa…”

Steadily coming closer, it’s futile, in front of such beauty, my heart began pounding.

“You see, haah haah…”

‘Gokuri’ he swallowed his saliva.

“My idol, Heartthrob MANAKA-kyun, I’ll keep you forevermore!!!”

‘Gabaa*’, and both my shoulders were caught, and I was pulled into an embrace. (SFX for collision.)

“Chairman, not yet! It’s far too early for that!”

“Agreed, Chairman! Isn’t it that right now, you’ll only get MANAKA-kyun to separate from the young master!”

“At this rate, the plan for us to abuse MANAKA-kyun, and then the Chairman defending and protecting him after MANAKA-kyun falls, after raising the Chairman’s shares, and after he breaks up with the young master, mellowing MANAKA-kyun even more with the Chairman’s kindness, is going to fall apart!” (T/N: I don’t think he breathed, poor guy.)

The executives behind Takatsuki-kun’s grandfather desperately tried to stop him, binding his arms behind his back.

Eh… what? What plan? What MANAKA-kyun? Eh what, what’s happening, ehh?

“It’s impossible! I knew it, it’s impossible for me! This isn’t the blog, this isn’t behind the screen, it’s the real MANAKA-kyun, the moment he touched my arms, I can’t hold myself back anymore! Because MANAKA-kyun is my idol!!!”

Eh, what’s with the ‘real me’, what’s with me being grandfather’s idol. I totally don’t understand the meaning of this, what is it exactly that you’re trying to say?

“G, grandpa…?”

“Stop calling me grandpa, haah haah. Just call me Shunichiro, no, calling me Shun wouldn’t pose any problem at all, haah haa…”

“Shun… san?”

“Guhoo…!!!” (T/N: I think he died, RIP Takatsuki-kun’s grandpa.)


“Are you alright, Chairman!!!”

“Pull yourself together!”

A lot of blood gushed out of Shun-san’s nose, and the executives were trying to treat it.

What the heck is this! What the actual heck is this!!!

T/N: Took a lot of liberties here and there, not completely accurate (since if it’s translated directly it’d cause a lot of questionable text :v) so some parts I translated the meaning but not the word. It makes better sense that way, and it will make you question life less. Maybe. 😉

*Kinagashi (着流し) which is some sort of casual suit or a kimono without hakama, from what I understand. Idk how to describe it, here’s a picture:

Related image

Please correct me if I’m wrong. uwu

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