Takatsuki-Ouji 6.14

I was lowered onto a king-sized bed, and I quickly retreated to make an escape.

Since it’s come to this, I’ll have to do something myself.

After backing up in retreat, I paused, then jumped off of the bed, trying to escape through Shun-san’s side.

“Oop-sie, you’re not going anywhere.”

My arm was caught, and before I can say anything, I was trapped into an embrace. From the kinagashi’s chest area, I could see his bare body, caught between a sturdy chest and tight arms, I truly worried my head over how old this person is. (T/N: As in, worry about what age, not that he’s that old or anything.)

“Although I can’t say what his ideas are, it’s better if you prepare yourself.”

“Shun-san, please, please release me…”

Shun-san grabbed my jaw and turned it upwards.

This is the first time I see Shun-san’s face up close, when he smiles, there’re small wrinkles on the corner of his eye, on matter how I try to see it, I could only see him as a handsome gentleman in the middle of his 40s. If anyone told me that he’s an actor, prior to my meeting with him, I’d believe them without a doubt. In addition to that, due to the style that drifted in ages, the quality is poor. (T/N: ????? Five question marks. I’m very confused. Raws:それに加え年齢に伴う風格を漂わせているから質が悪い。)

I couldn’t stand it anymore and turned my gaze away.

“MANAKA-kyun is seriously cute hah…”

Coveting my head as if he wanted to eat me, breathing out a ‘fuu~h’ right into my ear after whispering those words, making my body jump and tremble…

…. Just like Takatsuki-kun. Very, very similar to him.

The nature of their voices and their vibes are similar, I feel as if I’m falling into the temptation known as Takatsuki-kun.

Dangerous…. This is dangerous.

“Watch. Look at me.”

As if I was being sucked in, my gaze was caught by Shun-san’s. As if he’s trying to hypnotize me.

While I was dazed as I watched Shun-san, from beyond the window I heard the sound of a dog’s bark-bark-bark. That bark resounded in my head, dispelling the hypnosis.

“… Tamasaburo? That’s right, Tamasaburo!!!”

I wasn’t able to know where Tamasaburo’s whereabouts were since I was kidnapped while taking him out on a walk. Due to the drug’s effects, my memories were hazy, and since things had been happening one after another, and my brain couldn’t keep up, I’d only noticed this now.

With all my strength, I pushed Shun-san away and rushed towards the balcony where Tamasaburo’s barks came from.

On the very large balcony, there was Tamasaburo and Daigoro. Tamasaburo was facing Daigoro, barking with all his might.


Between the shibainu Tamasaburo and the tosaken Daigoro, it’s obvious which one would win in this fight. Daigoro slowly, slowly walked towards Tamasaburo.

There is a lock on the window, preventing me from going outside, and it seems that it’d need a special key to open it. Wonderful, I can’t get out.

“Yuu-kun, he’ll be fine. Look closely, see?”

Ryu-san stood behind me, looping his arms around me, as if trying to encase me. I was resistant towards being this close to Ryu-san, but I’m more worried about Tamasaburo and Daigoro.

Right before Tamasaburo was a high-class dog food which wasn’t usually given at home. I felt relieved that he’s being taken care of while I wasn’t around. But Tamasaburo had a different mentality, as he continued to face Daigoro and barking at him.

Ah. I see. Tamasaburo, I’ll take away your dog food, okay….

He’s addicted to the feast that is rarely there. Tamasaburo growled menacingly at the approaching Daigoro.

Tamasaburo, this is a bit embarrassing. As your owner, I’m a bit embarrassed. For you to have such a huge appetite is embarrassing.

The other party, Daigoro, seemed to be more interested in Tamsaburo’s body than the dog food itself. Bata bata, he’s waving his tail. Moreover, I can see that his breath is chaotic and he’s very excited for some reason.

“Have you noticed?”

“Don’t tell me…”

Even if I wanted to forget how to get that Daigoro excited, I wouldn’t be able to.

“That’s right. Daigoro seems to really took a liking to Tamasaburo, you see. Though that is to be expected. Tamasaburo does have Yuu-kun’s scent after all.”

“… Eh! But Tamasaburo is a male!”

“You’re right. What’re you going to do, Daigoro?”

“Please, Ryu-san, please stop Daigoro?”

“Hm? Yuu-kun. Yuu-kun is currently worried about Tamasaburo, but wouldn’t worrying about yourself be better?”

Ryu-san slowly licked the nape of my neck.

“Nn… nnah…”

Even though I felt disgusted at his act before, why is it that for some reason just now I’d reacted with a jump. (T/N: Piku, as in jumping from pleasure…)

Eh, but, why?!

“Aah, we have to thank Ryo.”

From behind, my jaw was held so that I wouldn’t be able to move, fixed in place, and he licked my earlobe.

“To develop Yuu-kun’s sensitivity to this level…”

Ryu-san’s tongue ravished my ear. He gave it an exaggerated blow and sucked on it, stimulating it. Jyuru jyuru, the obscene sounds invited pleasure.

“…. Ah, ….nnnhah…”

“Yuu. My Yuu. Finally, you’re in my hands.”

“Nngh… ah, you’re wro…nngh…”

You’re wrong. I’m not anyone’s anything, and I only want Takatsuki-kun to be the only one to touch me.

Though I think and feel so, on the contrary, my waist feels as if it’ll give out under the sweet numbness Ryu-san is giving me.

No. I don’t want this. Since have I become this weak towards pleasure?

“Oi, Ryu. You, don’t hog all the fun for yourself. Hurry up and give MANAKA-kyun over to me.”

“I’m disgusted by this impatient man.”

Ryu-san licked the tears that had welled up in the corner of my eyes, whispering, “Sweet,” before carrying me under his arm. Then I was placed onto the bed, in which Shun-san was waiting, and before I could run away, my lips were stolen.


I tried to push Ryu-san away with both hands, but he wouldn’t budge. On the contrary, both of my hands were held down onto the bed by Ryu-san. I turned my face away to escape, but Ryu-san’s lips wouldn’t leave mine, and he took the chance when my mouth opened a fraction to forcefully insert his tongue into my mouth.

“Nngh–, don’t… wanna! Nnngh, uunn…”

Ryu-san’s tongue, which moved violently in my mouth, tangled itself with my tongue against my will, sending pleasure down my spine.

“… Nngnn…. Ah, ta… sa….”

“MANAKA-kyun, if you’re not obedient, you’ll bite your tongue.”

Shun-san moved above me, and pulled me off of Ryu-san and pulled me up, holding me tight from behind.

“This time, it’s my turn.”

He grabbed my jaw and forced me to turn towards him.

“Shun-san… release… mmn…”

Once again I closed my lips, it wasn’t like Ryu-san’s violent kiss. His pecking kisses on the corner of my mouth gradually changed to profound ones, which were enchantingly compassionate, raining down on me.

T/N: Been sick omigersh. I’m still kinda panicked about wth is wrong with my skin //am I becoming a zombie owo? Also this chapter is so long orz This chapter ended up 9 pages long and I went from orz to QAQ, since apparently the monthly assignment that I’d uploaded last week was lost due to technical stuff QwQ what is this….

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