Takatsuki-Ouji 6.15

Shun-san deftly unbuttoned my cutter shirt as he kissed me, his hands stroking my sides in a sexual manner.

“… nngh.”

I try to twist my body away from the sweet sensation, but Shun-san pulls me back every time, saying that it’s punishment, I am thrown out of the Shonai*. I was then placed on top of his knees and we sat face-to-face. I pushed Shun-san’s shoulders to resist. But my hand was taken and controlled in no time. (T/N: No idk what this Shonai means. Search results show Kounai, which is the name of a place, a prefecture? If anyone knows please do tell. Kanji: 咥内)

Shun-san’s tongue licked the nape of my neck, and gradually went downwards. Arriving at my nipple, his pinched it between his lips, as if pecking on it (like a chick), and proceeded to play with it, rolling it around with the tip of his tongue.

“Ah… aah… nngh, sto…. Oh…”

I arched my body, trying to escape the pleasure, but Shun-san stuck on and mercilessly attacked.

“Aah…! Dammit… release… nn, nngh.”

“Delicious, you’re delicious no matter where.”

Jyuru, jyuru, purposefully-made obscene sounds flow into my ears, attacking me from my hearing.

“Nngh… ah, nn… No more, I don’t want…. Nn…”

“That’s good Yuu-kun. Your expression has become truly ecchi.”

Looking behind Shun-san, Ryu-san pointed a small equipment towards me. (R) Coming closer as he (S) licked me all over, I found that it was a small video camera which was featured in a variety show which introduced the latest home appliances the other day. Surely, with 4K video, voice control, simple one-button, with waterproof and dustproof design, you can shoot a more dynamic video than before anywhere you want, the point was that the person introducing the item was confidently appealing that it’s as powerful and as easy to operate as ever. But of course, the price is an amount of money that made it unable to be purchased easily, so I clearly remember, as I was watching the TV, I had a chat with my mom, “This cutting-edge, high-class camera is purchased by someone, then that person must have something they want to capture so badly.” “I wonder what they’d want to shoot?” (T/N: Orz)

Who knew that such cutting-edge, high-class video camera would be used for this kind of thing…

“Chairman, you’re too sticky. I mean, you’re not a virgin in the peak of adolescence, so…”

What adult technique, and Shun-san was punished. Unbothered by Ryu-san’s words, Shun-san gave my nipple a big lick, and proceeded to give it play-bites.


“Of course I’m gonna be sticky. If you have a feast called MANAKA-kyun right before your eyes, I can’t afford to not be sticky. His sole existence is erotic.”


The only ones who’d say that would be you guys. My existence is simple, is what I’ve been told who-knows-how-many-times, but telling me that it’s erotic, your thoughts are as expected, dangerous.

“Truly erotic. From the tousled cutter shirt, Yuu-kun’s red and ripe small grains can be seen, I can’t help it. Are you seducing us?”

“Ryu-san, don’t record…!”

I turned my body away in an attempt to escape Ryu-san’s camera. However both of my hands are restrained, and I could only change my position a little bit, so I could only glare at Ryu-san.

“Aah that look in your eyes, I can’t… Chairman, swap with me. Please hold the camera.”

“Hah. Don’t kid with me. I’m gonna make MANAKA-kyun sticky and sloppy, you point your camera over there.”

“Chairman. Between chairman making Yuu-kun sticky and sloppy now, and afterwards I’ll make Yuu-kun sticky and sloppy, and Yuu-kun being sticky and sloppy inside as chairman thrusts inside, scraping out my sperm from inside him and once again making Yuu-kun sticky and sloppy, which one do you prefer?”

This is verbal abuse. This is perfectly verbal abuse against me. I will absolutely never be in such a flour-cooking recipe-like state!

Shun-san stroked his chin as he thought about Ryu-san’s inquiry.

“….. Give me the camera.”

Lowering me onto the bed, he received the camera from Ryu-san.

The latter, wtf! There’s actually a maniac to this degree!! These two people are just too experienced! No joke! I can’t go along with this anymore*! (T/N: Funny, this part literally meant; I can’t date anymore!)

Taking the chance where there’s a gap between the two, I hastily ran towards the door. And then opened the door forcefully.


“…….. Takatsuki… kun?”

Standing before the door was Takatsuki-kun.

With headphones on, my eyes met his, and he pulled on his pants and tightened his belt in a flustered manner.

“Eh… what’s going on, Takatsuki-kun…. Eh….?”

Really, what was he doing? No, what is he doing?


“Ma, Ma-Ma-Manaka-kun, this, this is…”

He seemed to be uncomfortable with my question, his expression was bad, looking at the amount of tissue paper lying around on the floor beneath him, I was convinced.

“Don’t tell me, you’ve been here for quite some time?”


“Don’t tell me, you’ve been eavesdropping?”


“Don’t tell me, you were left alone as you listened to my voice as I was being attacked?”


“Don’t tell me, you’ve taken 4, 5 takes?”

With each and every question, his shoulders was increasingly raised as he jumped (from the questions), his facial expression becoming more and more pale.

So black. This is completely black.

A/N: Takatsuki’s house clan has all sorts of maniacs.

T/N: Black? Idk the raws literally used the word black, as in colour. Black-bellied or black-hearted? And yes, author-san. I’ve been thinking so since Ryu-san appeared. Also, this chapter was a bit confusing so I took liberties… a lot of them.

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