Takatsuki-Ouji 6.17

“Wait, Manaka-kun!”

I heard Takatsuki-kun’s voice as he chased me from behind. But right now I won’t turn back and have a talk about our feelings with Takatsuki-kun.

“I said, wait!”

Takatsuki-kun caught my arm.

“Let me go.”


“I don’t want to see Takatsuki-kun’s face right now. Let me go.”

“I’m sorry, Manaka-kun….”

What’s that ‘sorry’ an apology for, for eavesdropping? For knowing but not helping? For having a fetish out of me being attacked?

I’m not in the mood to accept it right now.

“Takatsuki-kun. I want to go home. But Hazama-san wouldn’t let me, he said that I need to get your permission, Takatsuki-kun.”


“You will let me go home, will you?”

Takatsuki-kun squeezed my arm tighter and shook his head. I let out a big sigh at his response.

“Takatsuki-kun, right now, I am super angry. Don’t make me get on my nerve any more than this. Don’t make me hate Takatsuki-kun any more than this.”

Takatsuki-kun, hearing those words of mine, released my hand with a ‘pa.’ And then, with a bitter expression*, Takatsuki-kun called Hazama-san.

“Go send Manaka-kun home.”


“It’s alright. I’ll go back by myself.”


“I’m not some weak girl nor am I a princess. It’s daytime, I’ll go home alone. If I could just get out of this house then I’ll be alright.”

Besides, right now, I don’t want to owe Takatsuki-kun’s related people right now.

“Also, the GPS attached to me, the wiretap, the hidden cameras, remove all of it.”


“Remove them right now.”

“…… Hazama.”


Hazama-san went for my luggage, and removed all sorts of bugs attached to it.

The matching key holder on the smartphone strap, on the bottom of the bag, there was a dummy bag bottom, and underneath it is a hyper-small camera contraption that I’ve never seen before, and the small device was removed.

“Manaka-sama, please excuse my rudeness.”

“Eh, wait!”

Hazama-san pulled up my cutter shirt, and set his hand atop my belt. And then, the decorative buckle part, which I thought was stylish, was removed with a special screwdriver. This is a belt which Takatsuki-kun gave as a present the other day since he said that I might like it.

…….. My jaw dropped.

Takatsuki-kun uselessly tried to explain as he tried to explain with a bad expression on his face.

“… Is this everything?”

“Yes. There’re also 3 different types of GPS connections that your smartphone is emitting.”

Really!! Takatsuki-kun, you idiot!! How much do you even like me!!!

If it had only been the strap or the key holder, I’d still be able to laugh it off despite being astounded. But, as expected, this is too much!! Even a national-level VIP wouldn’t get this treatment!!

I, like in mangas, whistled at Takatsuki-kun, who was trying to gloss over it (all the bugs exposed), spared him a glance, before turning towards the exit.


Towards Takatsuki-kun who’s trying to reach for me;

“Don’t come over.”

My expression turned -40 degrees cold. Takatsuki-kun stopped in his track, not coming any further, and I didn’t look back. Afterwards, Hazama-san led me to Takatsuki-kun’s house’s gates and outside.

“Hazama-san, thank you very much. You saved me.”

“No, I apologize for not helping you. Please take care on your way back.”

“Yes, thank you for everything.”

I bowed towards Hazama-san and, with Tamasaburo (in tow), walked in the direction of our home.


Hazama-san came running towards us.

“I know that I’m repeatedly being forward. But, please, let me just say this. Ryo-bocchan seriously keeps Manaka-sama in his mind. He might be a bit overbearing and he has his greedy parts, but he truly does think seriously of Manaka-sama. On that point, at least on that point, please do understand.”

Hazama-san gave a deep bow.

Hazama-san…… Really, Takatsuki-kun is actually pretty awesome. Such wonderful people are worried about Takatsuki-kun.

“Hazama-san, please lift up your head.”


“I understand. I really do understand. While Takatsuki-kun does think about me seriously, but he also thinks about me in a far too unreasonable manner.”


“Today’s a punishment (for him). I mean, if one goes over the line, it’d be necessary for their partner to properly scold him, no?”


“It’ll be fine. Once Takatsuki-kun properly reflects upon himself and apologises, only then will I make peace with him. Well~ I’ll give him about a week to reflect upon himself, it should be enough, right~”

I smiled like a mischievous child. Reassured by my words, Hazama-san’s expression softened somewhat. “Thank you very much,” he bowed.

“Then, I’ll be heading home.”

“Yes, please be careful.”

I returned his bow with my own and turned to the direction of my house.

“Tamasaburo, it’s a bit far, but let’s slowly walk back, okay?”

Bark bark! Tamasaburo wagged his tail happily. I smiled at the sight.

Let’s give Takatsuki-kun a while to reflect before reconciling with him. Surely, he must be feeling pretty down right now.

Thinking of Takatsuki-kun’s rare depressed expression made me chuckle and smile.

“Tamasaburo, you must be hungry, right~, it’s a bit late for lunch right now, but let’s find somewhere to eat.” (T/N: Not sure about this sentence actually.)

As I was talking to Tamasaburo, I felt a presence behind me and looked over my shoulder. But, something covered my mouth, and my consciousness blurred.

Tamasaburo’s barking voice was the last thing I heard, before I, for the second time today, lost my consciousness.



Prince Takatsuki And House Troubles


A/N: Abducted and received MANAKA-kyun.

Thank you all for your thoughts and assessment (feedback?). It’s encouraging! And finally, the next arc is the last. The last spurt!


T/N: Yes I’m back~~~ More liberties has been taken in the translation of this chapter! And I’m finally done ~(\ToT/)~

*…with a bitter expression…: Here in the raws it says as if Takatsuki-kun is chewing a bitter insect, the general idea is like the words, as if he swallowed a bitter pill kind of expression, but idk how to word it since it’s so wordy…

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