Takatsuki-Ouji 6.3

A few days after that, everyday Takatsuki-kun really became busy. Even at school, Takatsuki-kun would call someone during break time, always talking quickly. Then, after school, he apparently goes straight home. Sometimes, there’d be a luxurious car parked in front of the school, and I thought that, that must be Takatsuki-kun’s ride home. On holidays like the weekend, Takatsuki-kun would go back to the main house, where Ryu-san and his grandfather were.

Because of that, I could only contact Takatsuki-kun via SNS and call him through the telephone.

But, seeing as he’s so well informed of what I do and the places I go to by saying, “You went to the bookstore on the way back, right? Let me read that book too, okay*,” or, “Another one came to you for Love God’s consultation right? You can’t hear the heart’s voice anymore, will your consultation be alright? Ah, today Class 2’s Yonekawa-kun bumped into you while walking in the corridors between classes, that guy, touching Manaka-kun in passing, isn’t the skinship too much? Next time, don’t get close to him, alright?” maybe he’d planted another hidden camera or placed a wiretap somewhere, I don’t know.

It might’ve been good, since on one hand, Takatsuki-kun could see me, but on the other hand, I’m Takatsuki-kun-deprived. This time, if I asked Takatsuki-kun, I wonder if I could also monitor him through a hidden camera. Maybe he’d hate it. No, he’d definitely be happy, but he’d also be conscious of it that he’d be so annoying with, “Hey, hey, have you seen me today?” or, “Am I cool today?” every single time that I’d stop. (T/N: Like I was yaoi-deprived back in high school ;w;)

“I’m home~!”

Arriving home, I didn’t hear mom’s usual reply of, “Welcome back~!” Even though the front entrance was unlocked so she should be home. As I took off my shoes and lined them up, I wondered if the laundry on the veranda has been brought in.

“Welcome back~!”

I was greeted by a voice that didn’t sound like mom’s, and turned to look.


“What do you mean, ‘geh’? It’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other, what’s with that attitude of yours?”

The guy who stepped on my back, Manaka Aoi-kun. My cousin who’s two years older than me. My dad’s younger brother’s son. We don’t see each other often, only at Obon Festival and New Year’s*. Ever since I was a child, for some reason he’d see me as an enemy and would always bully me. That’s why I’ve always disliked Aoi-kun.

“It’s been a while, Aoi-kun. What brings you here today?”

“Is it not okay to come over when I don’t have any business at all? Do I need your consent for every time I come over?”

There, see, already he’s picking a quarrel with me.

Aoi-kun, who’s scrutinizing face comes closer, resembles my aunt instead of my uncle, making him have a beautiful appearance. In the past, he was often mistaken for a girl, and because of his loveliness, a kidnapping attempt happened. But as years passed, that kind of beauty was left behind, and now he’s grown up into a bishounen.*

“You dimwit. Your stupidity hasn’t changed at all, get the tea and snacks ready, already. Miyako-san went out to shop so there’s no one else around right now.”

Miyako is my mom’s name. Ugh, until mom comes home, I’ll be alone with Aoi-kun, no way. Let’s just prepare the tea and snacks then escape to my room.

I prepared the black tea and cookies that Aoi-kun liked and placed them on the table.

“Well then, make yourself at home, okay?”

Though I wanted for him to quickly go home.

I quickly head to my own room.

“Hey, what’s that?”

The kuma character keyholder on my school bag was pointed at. The other day, Takatsuki-kun and I went to the game centre, Takatsuki-kun took the UFO catcher. Coincidentally, we got two at the same time, so Takatsuki-kun and I have a match.

“This? It’s a keyholder. I got the UFO catcher, I’ve taken a liking to it.”

I spoke up until then and thought, oh shoot.

Aoi-kun has done various mean things, I remember that one time I treasured something of a bad quality, and he took it away from me.

Erasers, notebooks, pencils, clothes, and even toys were taken. I’ve also gotten angry and told my mom and aunt, but Aoi-kun showed them his specialty, showing them his frail side while boldly crying, “I wanted the same thing that Yu-kun has… sorry…” and the adults would say that it couldn’t be helped, and gave it to him. And my aunt would say, “Yu-kun, sorry, I’ll buy you a new one, okay?” and apologise and even prepare new ones, but that wasn’t the point. Even though those items that held sentimental value to me, once Aoi-kun acts sweet then everyone would be on Aoi-kun’s side.

That’s why, just from my earlier words, it’s enough to rouse Aoi-kun’s evil side.

“May I see it?”

Sure enough, he immediately locked onto my favourite keyholder.

“N-no way!”

“Why not? It’s just a look.”

“No, no way. It’s a set with my friend’s. I can’t hand it over to you.”

“How stingy. It should be okay, shouldn’t it?”

“I won’t hand it over!”

“Aah, maybe I’ll ask Miyako-san for help~”

Aoi-kun got up from the sofa and came over. Then, he tried to reach for the bag’s keyholder.

“No! No matter what, regarding this, is definitely a no-no!”

I pulled the bag from Aoi-kun, and, holding it tightly, I ran to my room.

Passing this on to Aoi-kun is a definite no-no. Because it’s full of the memories of Takatsuki-kun and I playing. I’ll definitely not hand it over.

I unlatched the keyholder from my bag, and placed it into my treasure box and locked it with a key.

T/N: I feel so overdosed from caffeine _(:3//)_ Even though it was just one glass with a few shots… hmm, it was bitter but I find myself liking that bitterness of coffee. Anyways, what’s up with Aoi-kun? :v my overloaded brain is dying from excessive kanji…

*You went to the bookstore on the way back, right? (Raws: 今日本屋さん寄り道してたでしょ?僕にもその本読ませてね) The raws said that the bookstore is bookstore-san, and the translation is more like, today the bookstore-san dropped off on the way, right? But that didn’t make sense. Bookstore-san is like, Mr. Bookstore, and I’m like, am I taking this way too literally or what?

*Obon Festival, or Lantern Festival and New Year’s are two holidays in which usually families gather. Obon is a festival to honour the dead.

*Bishounen: basically a pretty boy.

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