Takatsuki-Ouji 6.4

When my mom came back, I asked her about Aoi-kun, and she said that his house was being renovated, and both my aunt and uncle thought it a great idea to go overseas to celebrate their 20th marriage anniversary. On that note, Aoi-kun still had school, so he’ll commute from our house, which wasn’t that far from school. The time would be around 2 weeks.

Hearing that, I let out a big, big sigh.

Aoi-kun will stay for a fortnight huh…. Ugh, no way. Today too, I couldn’t talk to Takatsuki-kun about it, recently it’s been gloom all around for me.

On the way from school, I let out a big, big sigh.

“Even though you have a depressing face, you have to stop your depressing aura.”

Aoi-kun called out to me from behind me.

“Welcome back, Aoi-kun.”

“You know what, can’t you say it with more enthusiasm? It’s embarrassing to walk beside you.”

Then, you shouldn’t have called out to me, then I would’ve been able to ignore you. In the first place, don’t you know who’s the very reason for my current depressed mood.

It would’ve been good if I could counter his remarks, but my opponent is Aoi-kun. For one word I say, it’s be returned 5 or 6 fold. As he’s smarter, any and all rebuttal would be deflected, so the best thing I could do is to ignore him.

“Also, who’s gonna want to be your friend when you’re like this. A girlfriend… I understand if I don’t hear anything about that. Even if it’s me, towards someone like you, I wouldn’t want to be friends with you.”

I do have friends, and while I don’t have a girlfriend, I do have a boyfriend. Everyone’s also nice people, we do have fun together, I really like them.

“I do have them.” (T/N: Chanto iru yo, meaning properly have them. Or I seriously do have them.)

I answered in a resolute manner. I just had to say that properly.

“Heeh, you do have them. But do you really think that they are your friends? It’s not like they pity you, so they reluctantly stay with you because there’s no other way?”

“If that’s so, then isn’t that funny,” Aoi-kun said snidely, and he let out a sarcastic laugh.

My body heats up and trembled. I don’t like this. I can’t stand it anymore.

I felt bad, since my beloved friends and Takatsuki-kun are being slandered, no matter what I couldn’t endure it anymore, my feelings of anger and sadness overflowed. Factors that made me anxious came up one by one, from being unable to see Takatsuki-kun, to Takatsuki-kun’s family matters, to future prospects, my tears naturally overflowed.

“… Aoi, kun, you… why.. would you say… such cruel things…”


Truthfully, I wanted to get angry, and yell in anger, but my voice trembled as my face turns downcast. I myself didn’t think that I’d cry, and I thought, I didn’t want Aoi-kun to see my miserable face.

I couldn’t stand staying here anymore, so I hid my face in my right arm and turned and ran.


Aoi-kun grabbed my hand and turned me around. I used my strength to wrench my arm from him to hide my face again, but was stopped by Aoi-kun.

“Let me… go, tsk.”

With my face filled with sorrow and tears, I looked up at Aoi-kun. My face feels like it’s being devoured by Aoi-kun’s gaze. A moment of silence passed, then;


I heard the sound of saliva being gulped coming from Aoi-kun’s throat.

The mysterious sound of saliva being swallowed was produced by Aoi-kun, eh…? I look at him in wonder.


The familiar, gentle voice of the person I wanted to see the most entered my ear, in a moment, everything about Aoi-kun vanished, and I turned around to where Takatsuki-kun’s voice came from.

Takatsuki-kun strode towards me. When he came, he took off Aoi-kun’s hand from my arm before pulling away slowly.

“You’re crying?”

Takatsuki-kun pulled me into his arms to hide me from Aoi-kun, gently wiping the tears from the corner of my eyes with a finger.

“Let’s go home.”

A calm and gentle voice flowed into my ear, as if to reassure me, at the same time he stroked my hair. Aah, it’s alright now, and his words filled me with a sense of relief.

I nodded my head, and Takatsuki-kun gave my hair one last stroke before he pulled my hand.

“Wait a sec. Who the heck are you.”

Aoi-kun walked around us to block our way.

“Me? I’m the one dating Manaka-kun, Takatsuki Ryo.”

At a glance, his voice seemed to be calm, but behind that calmness, it was like a sharp knife that could cut with just a slight touch.

After that, Aoi-kun made an acquaintance pronouncement, “Pleased to make your acquaintance hereafter,” towards Takatsuki-kun, and my panic originated from the surprise, ueeeh–!!!!

I can’t, my brain can’t keep up anymore.

T/N: Sorry for the weirdness in translation huwww ;o; I couldn’t make heads nor tails of a few of the sentences and I just cannot– :v

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