Takatsuki-Ouji 6.5

With me confused and Aoi-kun surprised, Takatsuki-kun pulled my hand and walked towards my house. After that, Aoi-kun who was slightly behind us caught up to us. I turned around to look at Aoi-kun, but his glare was scary, so I turned to face forward.

Surely, it must be unforgiveable for me to have such a beautiful boyfriend, huh.

After Takatsuki-kun sent me back, I could imagine Aoi-kun attacking me with a barrage of questions, and I’d be flustered and my appearance like a simpleton, and my mood sank.

Arriving at home, I wanted to tell Takatsuki-kun, “Come up if you want,” but considering his recent busy-self, it’d be unreasonable so ended up I restraining myself.

Probably he heard from the wiretap or something that I was in trouble, so he came to help me. Just from that, it was enough to make me feel happy.

“Thank you, Takatsuki-kun.”

When I tried to retrieve my hand, Takatsuki-kun seemed to have no intention of letting go, instead, gyu~ he gripped it tightly.

“Well now, let’s study hard.”

Smiling, he took a step forward and entered my house.


“No way, Manaka-kun, didn’t you say that there are mid-term tests soon so we should study together?”

I couldn’t remember promising something like that.

“Manaka-kun, didn’t you say that, ‘Maths is your weak point, so please teach me’?”

Match the story, he seemed to say with his wink at an angle where Aoi-kun couldn’t see.

Maybe he’s worried about Aoi-kun doing hateful things, now that you mention it? Maybe he meant to say that he’ll accompany me for a little longer?

I don’t really worry much about Aoi-kun’s hateful things, but I am relieved to have even little more time to be with Takatsuki-kun.

“Mmhm! Let’s study!”

I became so happy that I gripped Takatsuki-kun’s hand strongly.

Ah… But, wait. How am I supposed to tell mom… Takatsuki-kun had previously told Aoi-kun about our relationship, to tell her that we’re just friends would definitely be odd. There’s also the possibility of Aoi-kun exposing us to my mom… Even if I wanted to properly explain, talking about it with such momentum lacks too much common sense.

What should I do…

Seeing me thinking so deeply, Takatsuki-kun tilted his head. Aoi-kun also seemed to be irritated by me staying at the front door.

Mmhm, it can’t be helped here. Even though it’s been a while since I last saw Takatsuki-kun and have so many things to talk to him about, I have to first come clean with my mom about Takatsuki-kun. And I didn’t want to hide Takatsuki-kun, I wanted to introduce the brilliant Takatsuki-kun afterwards. That’s why, let’s make him go home for now.

“Takatsuki-kun, sorry, today is–”

“Huh, Ryo-kun. Welcome.”

Noticing the sounds that we were making in the front door entrance, I thought my mom would open the door, and then she spoke to Takatsuki-kun.

…Eh? Ryo-kun? Eeh?

“Good afternoon, Miyako-san.”

“Oh dear. If you’d told me earlier that you’ll be coming, then I’d have prepared a cake.”

“Please excuse me. Yuu-kun wanted to study together, so I suddenly bothered you. But I also wanted to eat Miyako-san’s homemade cake again, so it would have been better to contact you first.”

“Ah~ Your flattery is as good as ever~. It’s alright~. Ryo-kun is always welcome. At this rate, you wouldn’t mind if you live here with us, would you?”

“Really? That’s a very pleasant suggestion!”

Wait a sec. What’s with this friendly feels.

“Eh? What’s the meaning of this? You know Takatsuki-kun?”

“What are you talking about? Of course I know, isn’t Ryo-kun your future husband?”

Up until now, what are you talking about, and while I’m astounded by your words but, what just happened?!

“Eh, eh, mom, you knew about my relationship? Eh, eh, what, why? Eh? Don’t tell me, dad also knows?”

“He knows. Last Sunday, when you went out to play with Maeda-kun and the others, Ryo-kun came to our house and greeted us, telling us about your relationship and feelings. He even gave a presentation of the Manaka family’s future plans.”

He even brought a projector. And at that time I was very impressed by Takatsuki-kun’s fine and persuasive speech.

My mom seems to already have complete confidence in Takatsuki-kun.

So you’re saying that last week, Takatsuki-kun was busy, gota gota, doing things at my home? The time when his grandfather found out about me and made me into that weak state, that time right?

That is, because I was thinking about Takatsuki-kun, it may be the belated act of grandfather relationship*, or it may be due to looking far, far into the future, I didn’t know, but even though so, maybe, maybe….

….I, have all the obstacles in front of me been removed?*

Takatsuki-kun, who has been smiling all this time, looked as if his smile had overflowed.

A/N: This will be the last update for this year. Thank you for always reading! Well then, Happy New Year…!

T/N: Huee. Takatsuki-kun came prepared… A/N roughly translated. Ah, even the mother is in on this whole marriage with Takatsuki-kun thing ahah /w\

*… it may be the belated act of grandfather relationship…: I admit this is one of the weirdest sentences I’ve ever tried to translate (not really) I think it’s because I’m kinda sleep-deprived… Huww (Raws:そりゃ高槻くんの考えることだから、そのおじいさん関係の延長故の行動かもしれないし、先の先を見据えての行動なのかもしれないけど、これってもしかして、もしかして) for anyone who may have better suggestions on this sentence.

*All the obstacles been removed (Raws: 外堀を埋める): means buried in the outer moat, but it means to remove obstacles in the way of one’s objective (src: Jisho) This gave me a headache like, Manaka feels like he’s been buried under a moat? _(:3//)_

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