Takatsuki-Ouji 6.6

Afterwards, my mom invited Takatsuki-kun in with a warm welcome, now we’re at my room, textbooks spread everywhere.

I explained that we were going to study, so Takatsuki-kun told me about the points that I don’t understand for the mid-term tests.

“Takatsuki-kun, you’ve already properly explained it to mom and dad, huh.”

“Mmhm, I was selfish, I’m sorry. No matter what, I needed to tell your mom and dad, I wanted to express my gratitude to them.”

“Express your gratitude?”

“Mhm, that. I wanted to thank them for giving birth to you, Manaka-kun, for raising you into such an honest and kind person.”


“I said I wanted to be together with Manaka-kun, I think that I’ll always be able to show you my cool side. That’s why I went to talk to them alone. Even if I was rejected, I thought that I’d still try to convince your parents if needed without you noticing.”

“I see…”

It seems like Takatsuki-kun thinks about me more than I previously thought. That really makes me happy, but in regards to something like this, this time I feel a little bit sad.



“From now on, if something like these matters appear, let’s discuss it together and find the solution together?”

“What do you mean?”

“Surely, Takatsuki-kun would worry about me and wouldn’t let me handle these hardships, but I want to think about it together with you, Takatsuki-kun. I’d like to think about these worries together. If my mom and dad at home was opposed to us, it’d be weird for you to think about it alone, Takatsuki-kun. Because, aren’t we an item?”


“Didn’t you say that we’re dating? Or am I wrong?”

I placed my hand above Takatsuki-kun’s, who was sitting right beside me.

“…That’s true. It’s just as Manaka-kun said. If I were in Manaka-kun’s position, that’d be what I’d also think. Mm, from now on, we’ll think of an answer together.”

Takatsuki-kun tugged my hand and buried me to his chest.

“Manaka-kun, thank you.”

“Mmhm, I too thank you. Today I am really happy. Are the things regarding your grandfather alright? Aren’t you busy?”

“It’s alright to do this today. Grandfather still wouldn’t show his weakness* but, I’ll show him absolute proof. I won’t let him disturb me any more from now on.”

Hm? Weren’t you trying to persuade your grandpa? With the way Takatsuki-kun spoke just now, it seems like he’s trying to drive his grandpa up the wall… I don’t know, maybe it’s just me. It’s a difficult family business.

“Stop doing dangerous things. Later, if there’s anything I can do, please tell me.”


Takatsuki-kun grabbed my jaw and tilted it upwards.

“Well then, shall I ask Manaka-kun of something that only you can do?”

“Something that only I can do?”

“Yes, if it’s not Manaka-kun then it can’t be done.”

Takatsuki-kun said so, and stroked my lips with his finger.

“Finally, I can touch you.”

“Takatsuki, ku…”

Narrowed eyes on a well-shaped, beautiful face, oozing sex appeal, approaching the limits, Takatsuki-kun’s lips occupied mine.

Grabbing my jaw, he opened my mouth wide as if he was about to give me CPR, and his tongue, which penetrated my mouth, caught and coiled around my own.

“…nn, nnh.”

As expected, I couldn’t respond well, in any case, I’ll just imitate Takatsuki-kun’s movements lots and lots.


I thought that my tongue would be sucked and pulled, but then he shoved his tongue inside and it became painful, I hit Takatsuki-kun’s back.

Reluctantly, Takatsuki-kun’s tongue retreated from my mouth, saliva running down his lips.

So erotic. It’s so erotic that I feel like swooning.

“You really can’t hear it, huh.”


“My heart’s voice.”

“Ah, yeah. Today too, I absolutely can’t hear it.”

“Seems like so. You won’t run away.”

That’s about thinking something along the lines of running away, huh.

Takatsuki-kun was stroking my hair, when a ‘gata’ sound came from the room next door.

“Is there anyone in the room next door?”

“Yeah. Aoi-kun is staying for 2 weeks, so he’s using the available room next door. Ah, Aoi-kun is the one I was with earlier, he’s my cousin.”

“I see. So he can hear the sweet noises from next door huh.”

‘Gata gata’ reverberating sounds could be heard, as if Aoi-kun was organizing his luggage around.

“You’re right. The walls are thin.”

I’d never noticed it up until now, but maybe the walls around the room is thin.

“I see… Well then, I wonder if he can hear stuff like Manaka-kun’s voice.”


Just as Takatsuki-kun said that, he pushed me down, grinning. After that, he pushed his hand under my clothes and stroked my sides;

“Why don’t we make Aoi-kun hear Manaka-kun’s cute voice.”

He whispered breathily into my ears.

T/N: I ate ice cream while drenched in rain the other day, yay. How am I supposed to live now I’m dying crying ahh. Takatsuki-kun is a big perv :v //procrastinating on my assignments even tho the deadline is tomorrow… (or next month, actually, idk, haven’t even checked yet, but rumours fly…)

*Grandpa’s middle tail: Idk what middle tail means tbh, maybe foundation or something. The author used the kanjis (中々尻尾) nakanaka shippo, nakanaka meaning central, middle, and shippo which basically means tail (though if dissected per-character, then it’d be tail and tail bone (?) or buttocks or something.) Or maybe that meant he’s not showing any weakness… let’s go with that, actually, lemme go edit…

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