Takatsuki-Ouji 6.7

My ear was sweetly bitten, and my body jolted.

“Taka… kun, sto…”

“Looking at me with those eyes, you’ll get the exact opposite results, you know?”

Chuckling and smiling, he once again dropped deep kisses. I feel like I’m being devoured by a wild, hungry demon, instead of being kissed by a prince.

“Nn… nnh, haah… nngh… guh…”

My head was held in place so that I wouldn’t escape, I don’t even have the chance to take a breath. I tried to turn away, to reject him pouring saliva into my mouth, but his lips persistently chased, and all resistance is in vain, and he did as he wished.

“Sto… p, alrea—nnh…”

I could feel Takatsuki-kun’s assertive thing on his lower abdomen through his clothes, and I found that my thing on my lower abdomen also started to heat up through my clothes, it was seeking something between happiness and shyness.*

“Manaka-kun, you’re so cute. Does this kiss feel good?”

“Stop it… already… Takatsuki-kun… Aoi-kun will hear us…”

“I haven’t heard of it though?”

Again, his lips come closer, at this rate I’ll be swept away by his kiss again, so I got up and grabbed Takatsuki-kun’s shoulders, pushing him away.

“Nngh, fine! It feels good. It feels good, so… any more than this will really be not good…”

You see, I do want to start doing ecchi stuff with Takatsuki-kun. My mom isn’t hanging outside so it’ll be alright, but Aoi-kun is right next door, and he might ask me questions. The walls seems to be thin, doing such embarrassing stuff is definitely impossible.

“I, I’ll grab us something to drink.”

I tried to escape from Takatsuki-kun, standing up and facing towards the door.


I thought so, as Takatsuki-kun caught my arm and pushed me against the wall from behind. That wall is the wall the borders my room with Aoi-kun’s.

“Takatsuki-kun, what, are you planning on doing…”

“Hm? Isn’t it obvious?”

Sex, he murmured from behind.

“Tsk… that’s not allowed… nn, ah…”

My neck was licked, and I couldn’t hold back a sweet voice leaking out.

“Shh, if you let out your voice, wouldn’t you be heard? Will you be okay with that?”

Due to Takatsuki-kun’s words, I hurriedly clamped my mouth with both hands.

I heard Takatsuki-kun chuckling in a smiling voice, and I looked over my shoulder to glare at him.

“Aah, that face too won’t stop me.”

My angry face seemed to have seriously stoked Takatsuki-kun’s fire, he grabbed my jaw and screwed his tongue into my open mouth. It feels as if, since my mouth had been plundered again and again from before, it had become an erogenous zone.


“You’re feeling so much from a kiss?”

From behind me, Takatsuki-kun reached into my underwear, directly touching my genitals inside my sweatpants.

“Nn, ah, no, sto… nngh…”

I unintentionally released the hand on my mouth, but then closed my mouth shut again.

“Hm? What’s wrong? It feels good, right?”

My lower body was met with the open air, and I realized that my sweatpants had been lowered. Takatsuki-kun’s hand that was touching there moved, front to back, up and down, giving it further stimulation.

Takatsuki-kun’s left hand circled my waist so I wouldn’t escape, and his right hand skilfully stimulated my genitals. I couldn’t speak out, to express my unwillingness, I could only shake my head.

“Manaka so cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute…”

Takatsuki-kun’s low voice murmured into my ear, and furthermore, his hand giving such stimulation–


The ever-increasing heat was released.

Losing my strength, I collapsed, Takatsuki-kun supported me. Afterwards, Takatsuki-kun raised his hand, covered in my semen, and licked it with a bewitching smile, saying, “Delicious.”

“Takatsuki-kun… that’s mean.”

Panting, I tried to catch my breath while bitterly looking at Takatsuki-kun, who was smiling gently, saying, “Sorry, sorry.” That smile made me feel the signs of release, and my shoulders sagged in relief.

Thank god. Like this, Aoi-kun shouldn’t have realized anything yet. It’s surprising, but I feel relieved, afterwards I’ll help Takatsuki-kun release his heat using my hands.

I thought, okay, let’s do this, and tried to turn to take turns on feeling good, or so I thought, but Takatsuki-kun’s left hand wouldn’t budge no matter how much I tried.

“Are you trying to escape?”


“Didn’t I say, let’s have sex.”

Takatsuki-kun groped my back, and pressed his lower body against my ass.

You, you’ve got to be kidding me…

T/N: Still procrastinating urgh… Been watching Tate no Yuusha hmm it’s good. _(:3//) It was bad at first, but it got good in a blink of an eye… Still loving it so far… Translated this while listening to Ghost Love Score :Q I’m in love again. And also, Marina’s To Be Human. How many times have I fallen in love this week, I have no idea…

*(Raws:下腹部に高槻くんの主張したモノを服越しに感じて、彼に求められている嬉しさと羞恥心との間で自分の下腹部も熱を持ちはじめているのが分かった。) Oof this is a difficult one. For me, at least, I couldn’t make heads nor tails from this sentence so _(:3//) Very confoosed.

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