Takatsuki-Ouji 6.8

Whenever he used his tongue to lick and suck at my ear, I feel my waist go weak. Then, Takatsuki-kun’s lotion-covered finger slowly loosens my secret part, at the same time stimulating it.


Not wanting to let my voice be heard, I desperately put a hand to cover my mouth, but Takatsuki-kun’s left hand was free, and he sweetly pulled at the protrusions on my chest.

“…tsk, tsngh…”

“Manaka-kun, no matter here or there, you’ll still feel it, huh.”

“You’re so cute even when you’re disgusted,” were Takatsuki-kun’s words, and again I shook my head. (T/N: I translated it as disgusted, but it could also mean unwilling.)

I’m not disgusted, everything is Takatsuki-kun’s fault. It’s just that I can’t handle the amount of pleasure Takatsuki-kun gives to me.

Though I want to say that, if I open my mouth now then I’d let out unintended voices, so I could do nothing but bite my lip and try to endure the pleasure given.

“Hey, Manaka-kun. Let me hear your voice?”

What are you talking about, Takatsuki-kun. I’m desperately enduring because I didn’t Aoi-kun to hear. That’s nno reason to let out my voice.

Again, I shook my head.

“You really won’t let Aoi-kun hear to that extent?”

This time, I nodded my head, mhm, mhm. (SFX)

“Manaka-kun. You know, I’m angry.”

In response to his words ‘I’m angry’, I turned to look at Takatsuki-kun’s face.

“Aah, aren’t you Manaka-kun? Of course you’re him.”

His hand released my nipple, and pulled away the hand covering my mouth, grabbing my jaw.

“My cute, cute Manaka-kun crying, so his crimes are very, very big, right? Don’t you think so? Manaka-kun…”

He thrust several fingers into my rear hole to indicate his anger.

“Nngh… Nnn—ah!”

“So let’s punish you.”

“… p, punish me…?”

“Yes, a punishment that’ll let us hear your voice.”

“… No, don’t, that kind of… thing… no, you can’t… nnngh.”

Takatsuki-kun seized my lips forcibly to prevent me from saying any more. I had no choice but to accept the storm of rough kisses that halted my train of thoughts.

After that, Takatsuki-kun pulled out his fingers from my rear hole and replaced it with his own thing.

“I love you, Manaka-kun.”

He said in a sweet, sweet voice, in a gentle tone, and thrust right into me with a force that didn’t match with that tone.

“Nn—ah, nngh–!”

Defeated by the force of that thrust, I put both of my hands on to the wall with a ‘don’. I wondered if Aoi-kun felt that vibration, and I was covered in cold sweat.

“It feels good inside of Manaka-kun. You’re so tight it feels good.”

“Nngh… nn!”

Because both of my hands are on the wall, I couldn’t cover my mouth to prevent any sounds from escaping, so I could only bite my lips to suppress it.

Whenever Takatsuki-kun’s genital rubs at the walls inside me, a gasp escapes. And once he’s pinpointed the weakest part inside of me, he surges forward and grids on it.

“Tsk… nngh, uuunnnngh!”

“Hey there, if you bite so hard, blood will flow you know?”

Takatsuki-kun’s finger strokes my lips.

“Really, Manaka-kun is stubborn in weird places.” (T/N: Idk, raws: 真中くんは変な所で頑固なんだから)

“Nngh, nnn…”

“Well it can’t be helped. I can’t allow Manaka-kun’s lips to be hurt, how about I seize that mouth of yours?”

I agreed to Takatsuki-kun’s proposal with a nod. Then, Takatsuki-kun used his right hand to cover my mouth, while his left hand encircled my midsection and pulled me to himself.


Because I was pulled towards him, Takatsuki-kun’s genitals drive even deeper inside of me.

No… Any more than this, inside won’t….

Takatsuki-kun’s waist movements became stronger, and I was swept away by the waves upon waves of pleasure.

“Nngh, uuu… nngh, nnn—ah…”

Sweet breaths escaped through my covered mouth, from my eyes that seemed to have melted from pleasure, seemed as if psychological tears were flowing, and;

“Oh fk, this is bad, this looks like rape.”

Takatsuki-kun, whose breath seemed to have become erratic, bit my neck.

“I can’t stop anymore, Manaka Manaka Manaka Manaka Manaka Manaka my Manaka.”

Takatsuki-kun, who was in an excited state, let go of his hand covering my mouth, and forced his fingers, except for his thumb, into my mouth.

“Nn, uuuhhh—uu!”

Takatsuki-kun’s fingers inside my mouth spread apart, moving to pinch my tongue between them and moving deeper inside, making me feel like I want to get them out.

“Lick it.”

The command-like words said in a low tone, which to me sounded like it was said in excitement. Awkwardly, I licked Takatsuki-kun’s fingers with my tongue. His fingers persistently became more and more entangled with my tongue, and I could only give in and carefully licked in-between the fingers.

“Aah, I seriously can’t stop, Manaka Manaka Manaka Manaka Manaka Manakaa”


Takatsuki-kun lost himself into his hip’s motions and his hand thrusting into my mouth, releasing his heat into me.

When Takatsuki-kun pulled out his fingers from my mouth, he used both hands to grasp my waist, and shoot his long, long ejaculation deep into me.

“… no way, ngh, enough… don’t move… nngh.”

“Manaka my Manaka… love you love you love you love you love you love you love you love you love you love you love you love you love you love you love you love you love you.”

“Takatsuki… nngh, please… pull out… already… tsk.”

Takatsuki-kun’s genitals, which was soaked in the lingering fluid inside of me, became stiff;

“Eh…? No way… no… no more…”

“Manaka’s insides are dangerous, it feels so good I can’t stop~”

“Nngh, ah… No way, sto–… please, no more… nnngh…!”

“This time, let’s come together.”

Instead of wilting, Takatsuki-kun’s genitals became even bigger than before, penetrating deeper, I already forgot about my voice as he rocked his hips, becoming a piston. The semen that Takatsuki-kun released into me made ‘kucha kucha’ sounds as he moved, making this act even more obscene, which fanned the flames of excitement further. Takatsuki-kun’s hip’s movements gradually accelerated, becoming faster and faster, as he attacked the sensitive place inside of me that he knew well about. We managed to climax at the same time from the repeated pleasure stimulus, without either of us having to withhold our own pleasures.

“Manaka Manaka Manaka Manaka Manaka Manaka Manaka Manaka Manaka Manaka Manaka Manaka Manaka Manaka Manaka Manaka-kuuuh”


After that, we changed positions, and did it once more. After that, Takatsuki-kun, who became excited over me being drenched I semen, did me until I fell unconscious. We did it 4 times in total.

It’s too much. I can’t take it anymore.

Amidst my hazy consciousness, I murmured so.

T/N: Idk how many times I ran away from translating this, it’s too hot for me to handle :Q___ This was a bit difficult tbh, so again, not an accurate translation.

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