Takatsuki-Ouji 7.1

Prince Takatsuki And Manaka Yuu

“… Nn.”

As my consciousness returned, I slowly open my eyes. I could see an unfamiliar western-styled room’s ceiling, as my vision is still dim and hazy, it’s uncomfortable, and I move my hand to rub my eyes.

Kacha, the sound of metal clashing rang out, and I realize that I couldn’t move.

“Eh… What’s this…”

My left and right wrists had been handcuffed, and the long chains were connected onto the bedhead pipes. I traced my memory to have a better understanding of my current situation.

If I remember correctly, as I left Takatsuki-kun’s house and headed towards my own with Tamasaburo, someone attacked from behind…. But who would…? and where is this….?

Moving my head, I look at the interior of the room, there’s only pure white wallpaper, a simple glass table, a pure white sofa, and this bed right here. It doesn’t feel like it’s lived in. From the unfamiliar inorganic* feeling, fear struck. Besides that, anyone could see that this is a kidnapped, chained, and confined situation. In such a situation, where one is kidnapped deliberately without knowing the purpose or reason, it is natural for one to be scared.

(T/N: inorganic feeling, meaning inhuman feeling, cold feeling, but inorganic is more accurate kanji-wise but idk :/)

For the time being, I don’t think I’m able to work myself out of these chains. Fortunately, my feet weren’t chained up, so I firmly planted my feet, and twisted my body, trying what I could do, like twisting my arm. The sound of chains clanking against each other resounded within the otherwise quiet room.

“It’s impossible. Those chains and handcuffs are made of metal so they won’t break no matter how much you struggle. If you don’t understand even that then you truly are an idiot.”

The owner of the voice came into the room bringing a tray of mineral water in a plastic bottle and onigiri*.

(T/N: In case you don’t know, onigiri = rice balls.)


“Aoi… kun….”

Aoi-kun put the tray onto the table and, taking the mineral water, sat down onto the bed while opening the bottle’s lid.

“Ahahahha, that’s the usual foolish look.”

Stroking my cheek, his face came ever closer, his breath tickling my ear, he whispers, “But it excites me.”

I couldn’t understand Aoi-kun’s words and actions, and panicked.

“Eh…! What….? Aoi-kun… why—”

“‘Why,’ you ask?”

Aoi-kun, who laughed inappropriately, took a sip of the mineral water.

“The reason? It’s simple, don’t you get it?”

If it’s his hate towards me then I’d understand. But I never thought he’d hate me to the point of handcuffing my hands and confining me. Considering that he attacked me after I left Takatsuki-kun’s front gate, he must’ve been shadowing me since this morning. Up until that point, I…

“Because… you hate me….?”

“Hate…. Huh, that’s right, I hate you. I’ve been thinking like this for so, so long, ten years and I thought you’d notice, yet you never did. I even turned into such a black-bellied rascal. So yeah, I hate you.”

Aoi-kun chuckled, smiling at the thought, anger distorting his face as he hit the bed.

“Thinking… like this…?”

“Yes, I’ve always, always been thinking about the time when I could confine you like this. When I was three, and you were, hm, I think you’d just turned one year old back then? I still remember when you held my finger, the feeling of your tiny hand holding tight and not letting me go. When I tried to pull back, your face turned red and you started crying, it wasn’t easy to get you to let me go. You were truly adorable.”

I have a lot of questions towards Aoi-kun, who was staring at his own hand.

“… Aoi-kun, you say that you’ve liked me all this time…? You’re saying that you don’t hate me…?”

“Mmhm, that’s right. I looooooove you.”

“N, no way! I mean, Aoi-kun, aren’t you always mean to me! Taking my precious things, saying bad things, those aren’t things you do to make someone like you…”

Aoi-kun tilts his head in wonder.

“What’s wrong? Isn’t it natural to want the precious things of your beloved child*? Isn’t it natural to want to see their cute crying face, or their cute, bitter expression?”

(T/N: Lol that sounds so weird. Aoi-kun used 子 “Ko” which means child XD instead of 人 “Hito/Jin” which means person in general.)

I love your crying face; it makes me shiver. And, his body trembles.

Wait. So Aoi-kun has been doing mean things just to see my troubled expression and crying face? That can’t be!*

(T/N: Sonna baka na!)

“Fufu, again, my favorite expression.”

He strokes my eyebrows, which were knitted in confusion, in a gentle manner, as if fond.

“That anxious expression, it’s alright, why do you worry? Nothing that could be a hindrance could come here. That’s why, let’s get along.”

“What do you mean by that… In addition, where is this?”

“That is how it is*. Here is my and your abode. Here, you see, is my completely renovated house.”

(T/N: Sono mama da yo (そのままだよ) means something like ‘That’s just how things are’. In this context, he means that the ‘that’ Manaka asked is just, well, that. Does that make sense?)

But you said that the renovation would take at least two more weeks. And since this is Aoi-kun’s house, both uncle and aunt should be here too, right…

“I forced them to finish the renovations in one week. My parents are abroad, they don’t know about it yet. That’s why for one week, this house will be ours.”

“No way…”

“Hn? Aah, after I got Tamasaburo back to Miyako-san, I told her that I’ll be helping Yuu-kun study in a quiet place for one week, and she happily gave her OK.”

Well, of course. Us getting along after all those times we fought for one reason or another, mom would be so ecstatic that she’d clap her hands. Furthermore, since Aoi-kun has always been an honor student since he was little, he had some credibility. She wouldn’t even think that he’d lock me up here.

“Another problem would be that black-hearted guy, I searched your personal belongings earlier but there seems to be nothing like a bug attached to you. Well, if you don’t say anything to Miyako-san, she wouldn’t know what happened in this one week.”


“When you were crying earlier, I’d absolutely thought that there was a bug planted somewhere as the timing was too perfect.”

As expected of the intelligent Aoi-kun. He must’ve taken into consideration all sorts of assumptions and calculated all sorts of situations when he kidnapped me.

Unfortunately, I’m currently in the middle of a quarrel with Takatsuki-kun. There are no bugs (planted), Takatsuki-kun would think that my lack of communication is due to my anger at him, so he wouldn’t take action. Hazama-san also wouldn’t tell me to make up with him in this one week… The school would also have a few days of holiday, and including the school’s founding day, it’d sum up to 4 consecutive days off….

Aah, damn it! If this was the case then I should’ve left Takatsuki-kun’s bugs alone!

“Well then, from now on it’s our sweet, sweet time together. To make you fall, in both body and heart, one week is enough.”

Aoi-kun gazed at me with a stubborn man’s eyes (*) that is inconsistent with his androgynous bishounen looks, caressing my lips with a suggestive hand.

(T/N: Idk, I don’t understand what this sentence wants to say aaaa >.< But I assume it’s like a determined man’s gaze or something. Raws: 雄々しく豪気な瞳 )

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