Takatsuki-Ouji 7.2

I looked away, unable to stand Aoi-kun’s hungry gaze.

“Oh no you don’t. There should only be me, reflected in your beautiful, straightforward eyes. I want to always look at your eyes as they contract with each one of my words.”

He caught my chin and forcefully turned me to face him.

Compared to Takatsuki-kun, I felt a different kind of madness from Aoi-kun. What made him do that? That thought has been in my mind since long ago, so I wonder if I’d always known about it? 

I think back to the look in Aoi-kun’s eyes.

…Hmm, but you know. I’m not at fault, after all? There’s just no way I’d know the reason behind why he’s so mean to me, right? Up until now, his actions are the complete opposite of what people would agree to be ‘the things people in love will do’, right? The things Aoi-kun did were all due to his egoistic, self-centred way of thinking, so it definitely wasn’t my doing, right? Is it weird to only think about it now, when I’m in such a situation?

Now that I know that the one at fault is Aoi-kun, my fear diminished and made way to mounting anger thanks to the situation.

“Aoi-kun. Take these handcuffs off. It’s weird. I mean, for instance, if what you said about loving me earlier was true, then what you’re doing right now has the opposite effect; this method isn’t how you make someone fall for you Aoi-kun.”

“… Weird?”

“Yeah, it’s weird.”

Aoi-kun smiled.

“The weird one is you. Did you listen to the story earlier? I didn’t say that I want your love. I only want to hog your bitter and tearful expressions all to myself. I’ve always wanted you to be mine, and only mine.”

“But earlier, you said to make me fall, in both body and heart…”

“To forcefully convince you have feelings for me is a valid method no?”*


“Fear and dependence are more than enough to make you surrender.”

*(T/N: Okay so this is actually a play of words, I think. (落とす) ‘Otosu’ generally means to fall (for someone) (ochite is usually used for this meaning), or to make someone submit, to lose, etc. So Aoi-kun basically said, “I’ll make you surrender both your body and heart” and Manaka takes it as, “I’ll make you fall for me in both body and heart.” Misunderstanding due to the usage of one word that means far too many things imo.)

Aoi-kun’s voice was deep. His voice reverberating in my heart was enough to stir up my fear once again. My throat suddenly felt dry, and I gulped. I then glanced at Aoi-kun’s mineral water.

“Aah, sorry, sorry. You must be thirsty… Are you also hungry? Here, I was waiting for you to come to so I drank a bit.”

Sorry, he shrugged, apologizing so innocently that I question whether this innocent Aoi-kun is the real him, or if it’s the super-blackened* Aoi-kun.

(T/N: The raws say dosu-Kuroi (ドス黒い) Aoi-kun, and I think I’ve made a note about this before? I can’t help but think it’s like the term ‘Do-S’, which means something along the lines of ‘Super-Sadistic’. I might be wrong tho, take this with a grain of salt, danke.)

But, it seems like he’ll still give me food and water, so I was a bit relieved.

“Yeah, I’m hungry and thirsty.”

“Makes sense, you haven’t had lunch yet, have you? Contrary to how you look, you’re actually quite the glutton aren’t you…”

Aoi-kun’s expression softened, so I decided to ask again.

“Say, these handcuffs are really annoying. I can’t eat nor drink with these on.”

I lifted my hands, pulling the handcuffs exaggeratedly as I appealed to him.

“Hm? Why? Drink if you wanna drink?*”

“I can’t drink it.”

(T/N: Took some liberties here.)

What are you saying, Aoi-kun? I can’t even drink from a plastic bottle like this. At least I can still drink from a straw though.

“See, if you do this then you can drink.”

Aoi-kun drank the mineral water, and then sealed my lips with his.

“… Nngh–!”

Holding my chin, he forcibly opened my mouth. Afterwards, water flooded in.

“Nngh–! Nn—nmh–!!”

I kicked my legs, struggling to get him off, but he pressed me down in a way that I was locked in place, unable to resist.

After all the water was transferred, he thrust his tongue and entwined it around mine forcibly.

“… Mn, un—nngh…”

I couldn’t drink the water properly, and coughed when I felt it went down the wrong pipe. After I was finally released, Aoi-kun licked the water that stained my lips, and reached towards the remote control to the side, and raised the bed. It’s like a patient’s bed.

“See, if you don’t get better at drinking, you will die you know?”

“That, that was your fault! You caught me off-guard! What were you even trying to do?!”

Out of breath, I shouted angrily at him.

“What, you ask, I’m just trying to help you. Didn’t you want to drink water?”

“I can do that myself! Take these cuffs off of me!”

“No need. Because from now on, I’ll be helping you in every aspect of your life.”

Aoi-kun, who stared at me as if entranced, is strange.

“Well then, let’s practice drinking a couple more times.”

Saying that, he overbearingly gave me more water mouth-to-mouth.

“Uuhm… mnn–…”

I turned my face away, twisted my body, resisting with all I had, but Aoi-kun’s relentless French kissing technique weakened me.

Dammit! Why is everyone kissing me like this?! Is there some sort of training class for this?! Let me take them too!

Maybe because I’m now upright, I could drink the water properly. As a result, Aoi-kun pet my head, saying, “Good job.”

I got praised, but I’m not happy at all.

“Aah, fuck. Your bitter expression is making my dick energetic.”

Ehehe, Aoi-kun laughs innocently. Is it wrong of me to want to give him a flying dropkick?

T/N: Hi. Happy New Years.

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